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B.L.A.S.G. – airsoft shooting in the desert


What is B.L.A.S.G.?

B.L.A.S.G. is a Battle LARP with airsoft elements played in the Błędowska Desert. And this sentence contains the most important information about the entire event. It already gives us some picture of this event. It is worth developing what Battle LARP is. It's a combination of airsoft battle and LARP. In this way, participants have the opportunity to focus on the regular exchange of the composite or more on playing a role in the scenario. The proportions are basically arbitrary, but most of the game in this case was focused on airsoft battles played in the field. This event, organized by ASG Kraków Arena, is therefore something more than a Sunday skirmish scaled up to a larger area. The whole thing is set in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, which perfectly fit into the place where the event took place. What caught my attention the most was the multitude of different teams participating in the game. We have more conventional factions like the Army of Steel, Nomads, Knights of Source and Terraformers, but also clans represented by, for example, Assassins, on whose side I played myself. Major factions competed for which of them would collect the most diamonds. Clans served to make the competition dynamic and introduced additional layers to the gameplay mechanics. The scenario also includes fictional characters with their unique features.

Jackal Clan flyer

1. During the briefing we were given a leaflet inviting to visit the Bar. For non-polish speakers is says that they serve beverages and snacks. It is located at Jackal Clan base distinguished by a flag. They accept both real money and in-game currency.

One of the groups - Jackal Clan - had a bar in its base where you could have tea or coffee. They were quite handy on a cold day when the game was set. In the bar, you could get interesting data or even a job. My group, the Assassins, got their first tasks here, which changed our gameplay from guarding our own base to more active contract execution. Contracts themselves were given by other parties to the conflict. The overriding goal of the main factions was, as I mentioned, to get as many diamonds as possible. They can be extracted from the mines located on the map, which had to be conquered and guarded. The excavated treasures were deposited with a trader. Players may encounter a desert ghost on their way, which could eliminate them from the game and force them to return to respawn. The Assassin Clan had their ace up their sleeve in the form of a Juggernaut that was triggered for a specific period of time. Everything was watched by the figure of a thief, whose task was to introduce dynamics to the game by helping or cheating factions and players. As you can see, a lot has happened. In addition, offroad vehicles moved around the game area, the role of which was transport, so apart from purely airsoft experiences, we had the opportunity to see some offroad.

costume for battle

2. Costumes were part of the scenario. Mine was quite basic.


Bledowska Desert area

3. Vast open spaces are characteristic to this event.

How was my day at B.L.A.S.G.?

When we were going to take part in game at the Błędowska Desert, we set ourselves up for an early morning. I was going there with Maniek44 and our task was to complete the composition of the aforementioned Assassin Clan. Due to our role, we showed up early and even though we had to wait a bit for our turn to leave, I do not consider this time to be wasted. We had the opportunity not only to watch the preparations of other teams, but also meet with friends and exchange impressions. Finally, after a short briefing, it was time for us to go to the base. We walked a bit in the designated direction, but after a while we found ourselves transported by an off-roader. There was a moment of planning and the Assassin base was created. The mechanics of our group assumed that other teams could rent us for diamonds. At the beginning, each faction was given a certain number of valuable stones to be able to work with the Assassins from the beginning of the game. As it turned out later, restraint won and only later in the scenario did they decide to use our services. The secret weapon of the Assassins was the immortal Juggernaut. Its rental cost was higher because diamonds were needed to activate it at all, but because it was armed with a powerful airsoft microgun it was a big advantage in the field.

Juggernaut helmet in the field

4. Juggernaut helmet at the entrance of our base showed people that we mean business.


Assassins base

5. Assassins base waiting for job offers.


Initially, little happened. After some time, however, we decided to send a small group for reconnaissance. They found a nearby bar where they received their first order. We did not participate in this mission with Maniek, but thanks to radio communication we lost little, because we heard everything that was happening thanks to the reports of our teammates. From that moment on, orders came much more often. Personally, I completed three more missions. Once, I helped my team drive unfriendly players out of the merchant's camp. Another time, together with Maniek44, we secured a convoy of the Army of Steel during the transport of valuable goods to their base. Eventually, we participated in another battle near the merchant's hut, but this time we were unable to win. As for the whole day, it may not seem like much, but it is worth remembering that one such mission is at least several dozen minutes and often over an hour of time to implement.

cooking soup in the open air

6. When waiting for some work from fractions we had some time to make soup.

The Błędowska Desert is an interesting area to play. On the one hand, large open spaces create a false sense of closeness. After all, I can already see the camp to which I am going to go. Unfortunately, in fact it may be a few hundred meters away from me and I can see it because everywhere it is relatively flat and visible. So walking is a long time, but not without attractions. Often you can meet other players or fictional characters. Each time it is accompanied by a thrill. The encountered person can be eliminated and returning to respawn. It can be friendly because it belongs to the faction with which we have an alliance. It can also be an NPC that does not seek conflict with players. And finally, they can be opponents. Usually, meetings start with an attempt to identify and only end with the exchange of BBs. This is an interesting change compared to traditional gameplay and definitely builds the atmosphere of uncertainty enhanced by the unique surroundings of the desert.

spirit of the Bledowska Desert

7. During one of the jobs we encountered a desert ghost. Luckily, it decided to leave us be.

Battle LARP ASG - was it worth it?

I guess you don't have to be a big fan of post-apocalyptic climates to get interested in B.L.A.S.G. This is just a story background, which is a kind of justification for interesting mechanics. Of course, if someone likes such an atmosphere, the more fun they would have. Finally, there were also interesting disguises and stylizations tailored to the surroundings and the plot. In my report, I focus on the gameplay from the perspective of the Assassin clan. Our role in the game helped me to have a chance to see what the event looks like from the different sides. We had a lot of freedom to move around and interact with other factions. However, to have fun, we do not have to be very serious about the entire storyline. All we need to do is read the rules and follow them. Of course, feeling the role helps the most. So, the game is first and foremost affordable. If we have different expectations, we will find something for ourselves. People who want to shoot will find many opportunities for fire contacts. Those who are more interested in the location in an interesting area will not be disappointed with the Błędowska Desert, and people who like camping will certainly find themselves in the camps perfectly.

Bledowska Desert

8. Desert skirmish will last long in my memory.

For my part, I recommend. B.L.A.S.G. It is an event for which experienced organizers stand, the mechanics of the game are well thought out and the area is full of interesting facts such as special characters or unique camps with their features. There was no shortage of attractions such as awards from Gunfire, which were given to the authors of the best stylizations. I will definitely try to participate in the next editions and I hope to see you there.

Author: Boreq

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