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Popular Airsoft Awards - Gunfire is the best airsoft store in Europe for the 13th time!

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This year's Airsoft Players Choice Awards have already been given out! Who won in the category of "Best Airsoft Retail Store in Europe"? Find out in our latest post. Welcome!
Review of the Primal Gear Tactical Belt Set - The Gunslinger

Review of the Primal Gear Tactical Belt Set - The Gunslinger

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For decades, tactical belts have been the primary equipment platform.  With the dissemination of tactical vests and chest rigs, their dominant role has changed to a supporting one. The main goal of all modern tactical belts is to carry key equipment elements and short firearms. The most desired features include high ergonomics and a low profile. The Gunslinger set works perfectly with chest rigs and tactical vests.

Specna Arms J04 Edge 2.0 – review of airsoft gun

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Sometimes it doesn't take much for an airsoft gun to make a difference. The J series from Specna Arms had a difficult start on the market, but over time it has gained a group of supporters. However, the manufacturer does not rest on its laurels and tries to introduce interesting innovations to its many product lines. It is no different with the described constructions, which have gained the Edge 2.0 designation, so let's find out what this means.

How to make a silencer for an airsoft gun from car filter

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Computer games are a deep source of inspiration for airsoft styling. With the growing popularity of certain titles, new trends emerge, which over time find their way to skirmishes. An example of such a procedure is the more and more frequent placement of car filters by players in place of the muzzle devices of airsoft replicas. How to make such an accessory yourself?

How to age an airsoft gun - DIY

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The topic of airsoft gun aging is close to many airsoft players. First of all, people interested in reconstruction may feel that they need it. There is nothing to cheat. The materials and method of manufacturing replicas differ from firearms, so they may also look different. So how to make our toys look realistic?

TDC Mod – how to improve your hop-up?

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The TDC Mod is a modification that allows us to significantly increase the precision of our hop-up system. It is used in sniper replicas, but also gas-powered pistols without blowback. Although performing such a modification requires skill and confidence in servicing airsoft replicas, even novice technicians can succeed if they know the basic assumptions.