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Gift for Boyfriend's Day 2023

Gift for Boyfriend's Day 2023

As this unique holiday approaches, it's the perfect time to show appreciation to your husband, friend, or work colleagues. As we do every year, we remind you that Boy's Day is nearing - a day when men, their needs, and dreams take center stage. Usually, smaller or larger gifts are exchanged on this day. We have several suggestions for the perfect gift that many guys will love, and we've decided to share them with you. Our selection ranges from fun gifts to more original, creative, and practical ones. While men often receive humorous presents, ours also offer everyday utility.

When is Boyfriend's Day celebrated?

For those who might be unaware or simply forgot, in Poland, we celebrate Boy's Day on September 30th. This isn't an international date, but in our country, it's a long-standing tradition that at the end of September, men are celebrated and showered with gifts. The best gifts often align with the recipient's passions and dreams. For instance, many boys have played war games or dreamt of being commandos. As adults, they can realize these childhood fantasies through airsoft. Airsoft gear and gadgets are among the most exciting and creative gift ideas for Boy's Day. Remember September 30th and gift a unique token of appreciation to that special man in your life.

Fun Gifts for Boy's Day from Lucky Shot

Here are a few suggestions for a fun, yet useful daily gift. Products such as the Revolver-shaped shot glass are sure to stand out. For lovers of strong liquors, we also have a whiskey glass imprinted with "Gun Permit," referencing the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Those passionate about shooting will surely understand the reference. These are perfect gifts for firearm enthusiasts and alcohol connoisseurs alike.

revolver-shaped shot glass Lucky Shot

From such gadgets, you can easily assemble a gift set, where individual items complement each other. The .50 BMG beer glass, for example, pairs naturally with a 50 Cal BMG bottle opener. Add a bottle of quality beer, and you have a unique gift ready to go.

Gun Permit whiskey glass

Simple Gift for Boyfriend's Day - Tactical Accessories

Many men's wardrobe staples include their belts. Today, we'd like to recommend a tactical belt. Made of durable materials, it's designed to attach pouches and pockets, like the Utility Tricon belt. Simpler models can be worn daily and look no different from athletic belts, such as the Serpent tactical belt. It's metal-free, making it ideal for airport security staff or when traveling by plane. If the aim is camouflage, then the Cobra model is your best bet.

Cobra tactical belt

Gifts for Boy's Day Useful in Winter and at Work

Tactical gloves are an original gift idea that will come in handy for various tasks and outdoor activities. Regular gloves often need to be taken off for touch screen use or intricate work. Not the case with the Armored Claw Accuracy and Armored Claw BattleFlex models. These gloves offer a secure grip thanks to their thin material coverage. The Mechanix Original™ gloves are durable, oil, and water-resistant, making them perfect for car repairs. The more reinforced yet lightweight Mechanix Material4X Original™ are ideal for professional use and DIY tasks.

Armored Claw Accuracy tactical gloves

Gift for an Airsoft Enthusiast - Airsoft Gun

For an airsoft enthusiast, Boy's Day is a great opportunity to expand their arsenal. It's worth considering an airsoft rifle, such as the SA-E12 EDGE 2.0™ model from Specna Arms. If your boyfriend is looking for a new airsoft sniper rifle for his collection, the SA-B16 ONE™ rifle will certainly meet his expectations. A reliable gas pistol, such as the UMAREX ELITE FORCE 1911 Tac Two, will also come in handy in battles.

specna arms rifle Above: SA-F01 FLEX™ Carbine Replica

Gifts for Boy's Day to Protect a Beloved Airsoft Gun

For every airsoft enthusiast, the airsoft gun is their most treasured equipment, deserving utmost care and maintenance. A case where one can safely store and transport their airsoft gun is a thoughtful Boy's Day gift, showing understanding and appreciation of his passion. The Specna Arms Gun Case V2 is a simple, robust option, accommodating the airsoft gun and other shooting accessories. The Gun Bag V1 is equally spacious with additional compartments, suitable for airsoft guns up to 1150 mm in length.

Specna Arms case for an airsoft gun

Professional Gift for Boyfriend's Day

Now let's talk about a fascinating gadget allowing for shooting practice under any circumstances, even at home. The Virtual Shot pistol mount comes with a smartphone holder and a dedicated app. Once launched, a virtual world appears on the phone screen, showcasing various shooting targets. It feels like a console game, but using an airsoft gun or even a real firearm, as the mount fits both. This is the perfect gift for professionals or hobbyist shooters.

mount for the gun Virtual Shot

Protective Boy's Day Gift – Glasses

Protective glasses are another cool gift for Boys' Day, which will prove useful in everyday use. They can provide protection from the sun, like the Bollé TRACKER Smoke glasses, which will also come in handy during tasks, e.g. when using a soldering iron – as they provide thermal protection. On the other hand, the protective glasses Rush will shield against impacts of solid objects, which is useful during cutting or grinding various materials. The protective goggles PILOT II (PILOPSI) have a similar functionality - they are equipped with an Anti-Scratch coating, which increases the lenses' resistance to scratches. Such goggles can be worn for many years – also over corrective glasses.

Bolle safety goggles
Bolle safety glasses

Universal Gift for Boyfriend's Day - What will every guy be happy with?

Now let's move on to Boy's Day gifts that many guys should appreciate. They are universal and on one hand, can be used daily if the gifted guy prefers a sporty style. On the other hand, they will also be useful during trips or various sports activities.

Functional Gift for Boy's Day – Backpack

Tactical backpacks are very durable and designed to hold as much as possible while maintaining compact dimensions. For urban use, the 3-Day Assault Pack is a sure choice – accommodating a large number of items, or the Kanga waist bag – perfect to store keys, wallet, and a few other small items. The military-themed Plesio Mini Map backpack and EDC backpack, both in camouflage, are essential in the forest during airsoft or paintball games. Each of these models can be taken on hiking trips in the mountains or on a short trip.

Kanga olive hip bag

Comfortable T-shirt - to spend Boy's Day in comfort

A T-shirt can be a very safe and creative gift for a boyfriend – depending on its designs or prints. Such a T-shirt is versatile for everyday use, e.g., for sports or sleep. If it's a tactical Specna Arms T-shirt, we are sure that we're giving a high-quality gift that provides comfort in various situations. Double stitches enhance its durability in critical areas, and the material ensures good air circulation and comfort during wear.

Specna Arms tactical T-shirt

Daily or special gift for Boy's Day - hats or caps

For a guy who likes to wear headgear, you can also give a cap or hat. The Base Hat cap or tactical Assaulter Cap are typical models for city wear or to take on a trip. They protect the head from the sun while ensuring good air circulation, comfort, and functionality. The Tactical Boonie Hat, made from durable Rip Stop fabric in camouflage, serves a more specialized purpose. It has a wide brim and provides camouflage in forest terrain. It's an ideal gift for an airsoft player, paintball player, hunter, and survival enthusiast.

tactical Boonie Hat
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