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A gift for Boyfriend's Day 2022


There is a very special holiday just around the corner - a great chance to show appreciation to your husband, friend or work colleagues. As every year, we remind you that the Boyfriend's Day is approaching fast - a day when men, their needs and dreams are the most important. October 3rd - don’t forget this date - give a guy you love / like a dream gift for Boyfriend's Day.

The best gifts for Boyfriend's Day and International Men's Day

It has already been accepted that smaller or bigger gifts are given on the Boyfriend's Day, so we have prepared a list of interesting gifts that many guys are bound to appreciate. It’s a common tradition to give funny gifts, but our suggestions are more practical - so that they will prove useful in everyday use. They will be great not only as gifts for Boyfriend's Day, but also for the International Men's Day - which is a few months later, but why now prepare now? This holiday is celebrated in many countries and is gaining more and more popularity in Poland. And so, today we’ll kill two birds with one stone - here’s a list of our suggestions of gifts suitable both for Boyfriend's Day and the International Men's Day.

A personalized gift for Boyfriend's Day - for an airsoft enthusiast

A gift offered in celebration of men should be related to the passions and desires of the recipient. Every boy once played “war” or dreamed of becoming a commando - and now, in his adult life, he can fulfill his childhood dreams - by means of airsoft. It is worth supporting him in this, as such hobbies give us women a lot of opportunities when it comes to ideas for gifts - including for Boyfriend's Day and Men's Day.

Gadgets for Boyfriend's Day from Lucky Shot

Finally, we have some suggestions for fun gifts for Boyfriend's Day that will also be useful in everyday life. These are very original products that are distinguished by an unusual design, such as a beer mug with a .308 bullet, with a real cartridge in its side! The 50 Cal BMG corkscrew also keeps to this theme - a real BMG caliber bullet was utilized for its production, as used by the United States Armed Forces. For the enthusiast of stronger drinks, we have a whiskey glass with a funny inscription. These are all perfect gifts for enthusiasts of weapons and amateurs of alcoholic beverages.


This type of gadgets can help us to easily create a whole gift set for Boyfriend's Day, with the individual gifts complementing each other. Together, they will create a more elaborate gift. The 50 Inch BGM bottle opener is an obvious addition to the beer mug, and the aforementioned corkscrew in the form of a cartridge can be completed with a carafe with a cartridge. Add a bottle of good beer or wine and we have the perfect set for the Boyfriend's Day.

Tactical accessories - a simple gift for Boyfriend's Day

An inseparable element of the image of many guys is their belt, and today we will propose, as a gift for Boyfriend's Day, a more specialized tactical belt. It is made of durable materials and compatible with all sorts of pouches and pockets - just like the Tricon Utility belt. Simpler models can even be worn on a daily basis, because they do not differ in appearance from sports trouser belts - and this is what the Serpent tactical belt is like. It does not contain metal elements, so it is perfect for airport security personnel, as well as when traveling by plane. If the belt is to be an element of camouflage, it is worth choosing the CQB Tactical Quick Release model, which is also equipped with a quick-release buckle.

tactical beltTactical gloves - a great gift for Boyfriend's Day - for winter and for work

Tactical gloves, very useful in many lines of work and outdoor activities, are also a good idea a Boyfriend's Day gift. Ordinary gloves usually need to be removed because they get in the way of using touch screens or performing precision work. The situation is different in the case of the Armored Claw Accuracy and Armored Claw BattleFlex models, in which the fingers are covered with thin material. Thanks to this, we have a firm grip even when wearing gloves. Mechanix Original ™ gloves are very durable, as well as resistant to oils and water - they will definitely prove themselves during car repairs. Even more sturdy, yet light and breathable, are the Mechanix Material4X Original™ gloves - ideal for use at work and DIY in one’s spare time.




tactical gloves


An airsoft gun bag for Men's Day - to protect their beloved airsoft gun

The airsoft gun is the most important piece of equipment for every airsoft player - it must be taken care of and cared for. This is made much easier by a gun bag, in which the airsoft gun can be safely stored and transported. A gift like this for Men's Day will show our guy that we understand and appreciate his passion. The Vasak gun bag is a light and simple, but very durable model that can accommodate an airsoft gun with a length of 1000 mm. The Gun Bag V1 is more extensive, featuring additional compartments and pockets and being able to accommodate an airsoft gun with a maximum length of 1150 mm. The Laser-Cut 100cm gun bag does not have as many additional pockets, but it is equipped with a Laser-Cut panel, to which we can attach them.

gun bag for an airsoft gun

A professional gift for Men's Day

Let us start with a very interesting gadget that allows you to practice shooting in all circumstances - even at home. The Virtual Shot pistol mount comes equipped with a smartphone holder and a special, dedicated application. When launched, a virtual world is displayed on the phone screen, with targets popping out of everywhere. It's like playing on a console, but with an airsoft gun or even a real weapon, as the assembly fits those as well. Therefore, it is the perfect gift for Men's Day, for guys with typically male interests or working in typically male professions, in which weapons are used on a daily basis.

Pistol mount

A protective gift for Men's Day – eyeglasses

A gift for Boyfriend's Day can also be an expression of care. How about a pair of eyeglasses? They can protect against the sun and its reflections on water - like the Polavision sunglasses, which are perfect for sailing or fishing. On the other hand, Rush safety glasses will protect against the impact of solids which makes them worth wearing when cutting or grinding various materials. The Bollé Contour Metal Smoke model is very resistant to damage - it is equipped with an Anti-Scratch coating, which increases the resistance of the lenses to abrasion. Such glasses can be worn for many years.


safety glasses


A universal gift for Boyfriend's Day - what can make every guy happy?

Now let's move on to the gifts for Men's Day that should satisfy the tastes of a larger male public. They are universal and - on the one hand - they can prove themselves useful on a daily basis, if the gifted guy prefers a sporty style. On the other hand, they will also be useful during trips or practicing various types of sports.

A functional gift for Men's Day – backpack

Tactical backpacks are very durable and designed in such a way that they can contain as much kit as possible, at the same time retaining small dimensions. As a city backpack, the 3-Day Assault Pack model or a tactical shoulder bag will be a sure shot. They are black, so they match a variety of styles and can be worn both to work or university. The Laser-Cut backpack and the EDC backpack are much more military in style - both in camouflage, which is necessary in a forest, during airsoft or paintball battles. Each of these models can be taken mountain hiking or on a short trip.

tactical backpack

A leisure T-shirt - to spend the Boyfriend's Day in comfort

A T-shirt is a safe gift for Men's Day, because it can be used every day, for sports or for sleeping. The Specna Arms tactical t-shirt ensures that we are giving a high-quality gift that provides comfort in various situations. Double seams increase its durability in critical spots, and the material ensures good air circulation and comfort while wearing.

Specna Arms t-shirt

An everyday - or special - gift for Boyfriend's Day - caps or hats

A guy who likes to put on hats can also be given a cap or a hat. The baseball cap or the tactical Assaulter Cap are typical models to be worn about town or taken on a trip. They protect the head from the sun, while ensuring good air circulation, comfort and functionality. The Boonie Hat, made of durable camouflage Rip Stop fabric, is a more specialized type of headgear. It has a wide brim and provides camouflage in forested terrain. It is the perfect gift for an airsofter, paintballer, hunter or survival enthusiast.


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