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Women's Day and Men's Day - airsoft gift ideas

Women's Day and Men's Day - airsoft gift ideas

Men's and Women's Day are practically next to each other on the calendar, so at Gunfire, we celebrate them together. It's a great opportunity to appreciate each other, for example, by giving both small and more substantial gifts. We will present our gift ideas for Men's and Women's Day shortly. If you still don't know what to give your loved ones, you will surely find a few interesting inspirations among them.

When do we celebrate Men's Day, and when is Women's Day?

Women's Day has been celebrated since 1910, but it gained popularity in Poland only during the communist regime in the 70s. Back then, women were lavishly given flowers and stockings, which the older generations fondly remember. This tradition is still continued today - on March 8th every year. What has changed is that stockings are no longer considered the dream gift - at least we hope so. Men's Day has a much shorter history, and when we check its date on the calendar, we might feel slightly confused. International Men's Day is celebrated on November 19th, but this date is not widely known in Poland. Here, Men's Day is celebrated on March 10th.

Gift for a man who is passionate about shooting

On Men's Day, it's worth giving a man a gift that relates to his interests. If he is passionate about airsoft or shooting in general, the best gift for him might be an airsoft gun. This is probably the most masculine gift you can choose for Men's Day. However, if it is to be successful, you must first know the preferences of the particular man. There are so many airsoft gun models that it's worth knowing which ones to aim for. The Specna Arms SA-J71 CORE™ rifle is a fairly universal choice. It allows for power adjustment, so it will work in very different shootings - both those organized at long and short distances. It is also very durable and functional, and its capabilities are appreciated by both beginners and advanced players.

specna arms core airsoft gun

SA-J71 CORE™ airsoft carbine

In addition to an airsoft gun, we can certainly recommend shooting accessories, which vary greatly - also in terms of price categories. No airsoft player would disdain a supply of bullets or green gas (if they use a replica on green gas), and if on Men's Day he unpacks a box with a red dot sight, chronograph, or transport bag - for a weapon or its replica, his joy will certainly be even greater. From our side, we can suggest, for example, a GFC Tactical cover, which can accommodate two types of weapons: a smaller model with a maximum length of 65 centimeters, and a longer weapon/replica up to 110 centimeters in length. Additional pockets are used to store accessories and smaller equipment. We can fit sights or spare magazines in there.

gun case with pockets

Gun case 96cm

A universal gift for a man

Other gift ideas for Men's Day can be more universal. Equipment and accessories that are mainly used in everyday life will be a good gift for many different men - regardless of their age or profession. An example can be tactical gloves, which are useful in shootings and in the work of uniformed services. They can be used for cleaning work - on construction sites or in the garden, and also provide protection when using dangerous tools - professionally or amateurishly. An example of such gloves are the Armored Claw Accuracy Cut Hot Weather tactical gloves. This model is specially designed for summer, performing best during hot days. It absorbs and wicks away moisture very well, and ventilation perforations prevent hands from sweating. They are made of Spandex and neoprene, so materials that are resistant to stretching and at the same time very flexible.

 Armored Claw tactical gloves fingerless

Armored Claw Accuracy Cut Hot Weather Tactical Gloves

In the category "useful and universal gift for a man", tactical clothing should also definitely be included. It is designed for various outdoor activities. Tactical pants, sweatshirts, and shirts are perfect for sports, providing comfort in any thermal conditions. A tactical jacket can also be taken on a mountain trip, just like a backpack, which is useful during hiking trips. We highly recommend high-quality clothing from the Polish manufacturer Durabo, although you will also find many other tactical brands with us. The Super Hoodie sweatshirt is primarily a very comfortable and practical model. The man who receives it can use it not only in various activities but also in ordinary, everyday use.

black printed men's sweatshirt


Bags, belts and harnesses are other accessories that work well during work, sports, and other activities that men often perform outdoors. On Men's Day, you can give, for example, 4-point tactical harnesses LH. They are compatible with tactical belts, improve the comfort of their use, and the whole set allows for convenient carrying of additional accessories in the field.

coyote tactical harness

4-point LH Tactical Harness

A special Women's Day - a gift for an active girl

On Women's Day, very different gifts are given - cheaper and more expensive, personal and more universal. A lot depends on how close we are to a given woman. Our partner, who certainly expects a personalized gift, expects a different gift, and we want to give another to our mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, or work colleagues, because such a custom exists in many companies. Let's discuss the proposals for a special gift for a woman who holds a special place in our lives first.

Woman in military outfit

If we want to make her happy, we cannot limit ourselves to flowers and chocolates. It's worth thinking it through well and giving an original gift, which will certainly be received much better. With us, you will find several interesting proposals for gifts for women who like sports, outdoor activities, and maybe even shootings. In such cases, tactical clothing, whose advantages we discussed on the occasion of Men's Day, will work very well. It's an original and above all useful gift that has many applications. The mentioned brand Durabo also has a line of clothing for women, which includes the Super Hoodie sweatshirt. It's the female version of the model described earlier - together they will create a coherent styling for an active couple.


 sweatshirt with pocket and print


The sweatshirt will be perfectly complemented by the Wayfaress X women's pants. Cordura® material, highly resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage, was used for their production. It not only ensures the durability of this model but also makes the pants comfortable. Meanwhile, a large number of pockets significantly increase their practicality and functionality. The pants are designed to accommodate many different small accessories.

black tactical trousers with pockets

Wayfaress X Women's pants

The Mini Map Plesio PRIMAL GEAR backpack or the GFC Tactical shoulder tactical bag are gift proposals that will work perfectly during one-day urban excursions and trips outside the city. They are light and therefore provide comfort of use, and additional compartments and pockets allow for good organization of content. The backpack also has the option of increasing its volume - after unzipping the zipper.

Mini Map Plesio Backpack

Mini Map Plesio Backpack PRIMAL GEAR

tan tactical shoulder bag

Tactical Shoulder Bag

Gadgets to give on Women's Day

If you are looking for a small gift for Women's Day, e.g., for work colleagues, we recommend looking around our gadgets department. You will find beer glasses, bottle openers, and even office accessories there. If you choose an interesting design, such a gadget will be an original and funny gift worth keeping as a souvenir. It will stand out from the rest, even though it is simple or budget-friendly. A gift for Men's Day or Women's Day does not have to be big or expensive. These are occasions when symbolic gifts are usually given - to show one's sympathy and memory. A Lucky Shot whiskey glass with a weapon engraving or a FAST helmet-shaped bottle opener fits this idea very well. At the same time, they are original, interesting, and related to the interests of the person awarded them. This is how Women's Day and Men's Day should be celebrated.

Lucky Shot Whisky Glass

Lucky Shot Whisky Glass

Helmet bottle opener

Helmet Bottle Opener

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