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Women's Day and Men's Day - airsoft gift ideas


Women's Day and Men's Day are holidays that are practically right next to each other in the calendar, but they differ in that the former has been known for years, while the latter still needs to be promoted. That is why today we will discuss these two occasions for celebration together and present the best airsoft gifts that will work well for both Women's Day and Men's Day.

8 March Women's Day - a gift for an active girl

The price of a gift usually depends on how close the woman is to us. Our partner would probably like a more personal gift than the gift we give to our mom, grandma, mother-in-law, or work colleague. Let's first discuss gift ideas for a woman who holds a special place in our life.

Woman in military outfit

If we want to make her happy, we cannot limit ourselves to flowers and chocolates alone. A more thoughtful and personal gift will certainly be better received, so we will give you some interesting gift suggestions for women who love sports, the outdoors, and maybe even shooting activities. In many cases, tactical clothing will certainly be useful, as it is designed for various outdoor activities. Tactical trousers, hoodies, and shirts are perfect for sports because they provide comfort in any thermal conditions. A tactical jacket, on the other hand, can be taken on a mountain hike. Similarly, a backpack is useful during hiking trips. This is not only an original gift for International Women's Day but above all, a very useful gift that can be used in various situations.


 sweatshirt with pocket and print
black tactical trousers with pockets
 tactical backpack in olive green
shoulder strap bottle bag

Hydro Bag Nanora


Gadgets that can be given on Women's Day

If you are looking for a smaller gift for Women's Day, e.g., for work colleagues, we recommend that you look around our gadgets section. You can find beer mugs, bottle openers, and even office accessories there. Such a gadget can be a unique gift, provided you choose an interesting design, and only such items are available in our store. They are original and funny, and well-made, for example, from real ammunition shells. Such gifts stand out from the rest, even though they are simple and budget-friendly.


beer glass with inscription
pink bullet-shaped bottle opener

.50 Cal BMG Bottle opener


The best gifts for Men's Day - for men who are passionate about shooting activities

We've already discussed Women's Day gifts, so now we'll focus on gifts for International Men's Day. If he is a fan of airsoft or shooting in general, the best gift for him may be an airsoft gun. It's probably the most masculine gift you can choose for Men's Day, but if it's going to be successful, you need to get to know the preferences of the specific man. There are so many airsoft gun models available that it's worth knowing which one to get for him beforehand.

specna arms core airsoft gun

SA-J71 CORE™ airsoft carbine

In addition to the airsoft gun, we can also definitely recommend shooting accessories, which come in a variety of categories, including different price ranges. No airsoft enthusiast will ever say no to a supply of BBs or green gas (if they use an airsoft gun that is gas powered), and if on Men's Day, he unwraps a box containing a red dot sight, chronograph, or a transport bag, his joy will surely be even greater.

gun case with pockets

Gun case 96cm


An original and universal gift to celebrate Men's Day

The best gifts for Men's Day are those that are primarily used in everyday life. Very often, they also make a good gift for different men - regardless of their age or profession. An example may be tactical gloves, which will come in handy when participating in shooting activities or using weapons at work, doing cleaning work - on a construction site or in the garden, or using dangerous tools - professionally or casually. In the category of useful and universal gifts for Men's Day, tactical clothing should be included - we already mentioned it in the Women's Day section, so we won't repeat ourselves. However, we cannot stress enough that backpacks, bags, belts or harnesses also work great during work, sports, and other activities that men often perform outdoors.

black printed men's sweatshirt
 Armored Claw tactical gloves fingerless
black tactical braces
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