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Airsoft toys for big boys

Airsoft toys for big boys

Even though the carefree days of childhood are long gone, we often like to revisit them. We go back to those childhood days when we dreamed of gifts and eagerly awaited what our parents or grandparents had bought us. Luckily, now we're no longer dependent on gifts from others. We can take our dreams into our own hands, so let's get to work!

Gifts for big boys

In our adult lives, we still have many toys from our childhood days, but they're usually in a more modern and upgraded version. We still play games, whether board games or on consoles/computers, buy exclusive and expensive LEGO sets, and full-size versions of toy cars, motorcycles, or ATVs. These devices and gadgets are often dismissively referred to as big boys toys, but the truth is that even the most masculine men wouldn't be ashamed of them. After all, games require strategic thinking and incredible reflexes - skills that the best commandos must possess. No big boys toys are a reason for embarrassment, and we have a few more suggestions for adult versions of children's toys.

Big boys toys airsoft for those who used to play shooting games

If you used to run around the yard with other boys and play war games in your childhood, know that you can continue doing so in your adult life. All you need to do is join an airsoft game, and you'll feel like you're back in your best childhood days. Of course, you'll need gadgets and big boys toys - airsoft guns and various accessories.

Airsoft guns that look like real firearms

During childhood, a stick or a cheap plastic gun served as our weapon. It took a bit of imagination to feel the realism of the game and get deeply engaged. Nowadays, we don't have to imagine anything because increasingly advanced accessories are available. Airsoft guns look very realistic and often operate similarly to firearms. They require reloading or are equipped with a Blow-Back system that mimics the bolt's recoil. Thanks to them, we can truly feel like in the old days and spend whole days playing shootouts with friends.

Sniper rifles allow us to feel like a lone wolf on the battlefield, supporting our team from a distance. This gear is for special task players, for whom hitting a distant target is a piece of cake!

Airsoft gun Specna Arms SA-S12 EDGE™


An assault soldier cannot do without their carbine, which serves both to defend positions and to launch attacks. CM028 - replica of a well-known Russian design will work not only when looking for a versatile model but also if we are fans of military classics.

CM028 assault rifle replica


Parts and accessories your airsoft gun will love

Even in its basic version, an airsoft gun provides great fun, but we can always enhance it further. Equip it with parts and accessories that will allow us to shoot farther and more accurately, ensuring our gear is always reliable—even in the heat of the biggest battle. Upgrading an airsoft gun should start with choosing a quality charger and battery.battery ensures efficient operation, and a charger provides safe and fast charging. This inseparable pair is always a good choice, ensuring their compatible cooperation.

Specna Arms Easy Charger


Replacing the motor of an airsoft gun is the next step in improving its performance, provided we choose a model like the High Torque Dark Matter™, which will give it more power, better rate of fire, and efficiency. It can be used with strong springs like M190, allowing for a power upgrade.

High Torque Specna Arms Dark Matter™ motor


Airsoft optics are tools we eagerly choose to improve our skills on the battlefield. Red dot sights enable quick and precise shooting, and with the Theta Optics Rugged A1 model, we can do this in any condition because it is shockproof, waterproof, and resistant to light reflections, fogging, and scratches.

Red Dot Sight Theta Optics Rugged A1 Mini


Once we have polished and fine-tuned our airsoft gun, the next step is to ensure its safety and the best storage conditions. The Gun Case meets IP67 waterproof standards and IK08 mechanical damage resistance, making it ideal for transporting not only airsoft guns but also firearms.

Specna Arms Gun Case


Other gadgets and toys for big boys

Now let's move on to tactical equipment that will also be useful during airsoft games, but some of them have other, more universal applications.

Hearing protectors are a useful tool during intense shootouts, which are also worth having during hunting, at the shooting range, or when working in a noisy environment. Although they dampen sudden and loud noises, they do not completely muffle us—we can still communicate with our surroundings. We recommend the Earmor M31 MOD. 4 model.

Active hearing protectors Earmor


tactical flashlight is designed to be mounted on an airsoft gun or firearm, but the Theta Light TT45 model can successfully be used as an EDC flashlight—in a very wide, everyday application.

Tactical flashlight Theta Light TT45


Outdoor gloves can be used however we want: at work and after work. One thing is certain—they provide protection and comfort, and also a firm grip. They perform well in demanding tasks and harsh conditions, giving us some freedom in their usage. The ideal choice would be the Essential Seeker gloves from Armored Claw.

Outdoor gloves Armored Claw Essential Seeker


A Molle system panel is dedicated to tactical vests, but it can also serve as an organizer in our backpack. These are two independent pockets for carrying smaller accessories, allowing us to easily organize everything.

Back panel with MOLLE system for V5 PC Wosport


Childhood entertainment in an adult version is equally exciting and even more realistic. Just restart your imagination and let yourself be carried away by the airsoft game. As adults, we don't have to give up our dreams and pastimes, and sometimes it's even worth returning to childhood times—Children's Day is a great occasion for this. We will definitely encourage this by proposing gadgets and accessories that allow us all to feel like in our childhood, but in an adult and modern version.


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