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Sight defect and airsoft games


How to reconcile corrective lenses with airsoft?

When I started playing airsoft, I was young and beautiful. Now I have a lot of equipment for the game, but unfortunately time flies and my needs change with its passage. I am probably not different from most players in this regard. At the beginning of my adventure with this sport, I didn't even take into account that the topic of using corrective lenses in airsoft would apply to me. However, now with richer experience, I can help other players.

Although the technology is moving forward, in the vast majority of cases, corrective glasses do not protect our eyes to the same extent as protective glasses used in airsoft games. No wonder, because their functions are different. They are supposed to aid our vision. Tactical glasses sometimes do the opposite, especially when dirty. So how to reconcile these two worlds? In my experience, it is best to use two layers of glasses. The ones closest to our eyes are corrective and external ones are protective. We can look for protective glasses with the possibility of making corrective lenses in one or undergo laser sight correction procedure. However, these are not very universal options. Not everyone can afford eye surgery, for example from medical reasons. On the other hand, it is difficult to find an optician who will make safety glasses for us so that they are corrective at the same time.

airsoft player

However, when using two layers of glass, we encounter three fundamental problems. The first is convenience. Anyone who has ever tried to fit prescription glasses under airsoft tactical goggles probably knows what's going on. Sometimes it is difficult to manage such a set. The glasses move every time and their temples hurt us. In a moment our nose gets itchy under the goggles and misfortune is guaranteed. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. The second issue is steaming. By wearing two sets of lenses, we double the surface that can fog up. And the last thing, which probably does not surprise anyone - the cost. When analysing individual solutions, we will also consider how they fare in terms of the funds needed for their implementation.

What are our options?

Now that we have considered the most important features of combining eye protection with vision correction. We will analyse the presented solutions in terms of convenience, resistance to fogging and potential costs.

No corrective lenses. The first of the proposed solutions may seem strange. Here in the article about the vision defect on skirmishes and I write not to use anything to improve this situation? That's right. With a low level of visual impairment, we may not worry about it at all. Of course, this is an individual matter and, in every respect, if you find that you have a problem with noticing your opponents during the game, look for a better solution. In my case, however, when the ophthalmologist recommended the use of glasses only for computer work, I did not bother using them in airsoft. In terms of cost and resistance to evaporation, this procedure is ideal. However, I subtract a bit from the convenience criterion, because we still limit our effectiveness in the game to some extent.

tactical mask

Wearing glasses under the mask or goggles. Some models of more complex eye protection products offer the possibility of putting on corrective glasses under them. My favourite example here is the Dye i4 paintball mask. It even has special cut-outs in the sponge around the visor, into which you can fit the temples of the glasses. In terms of convenience, this solution is more or less in the middle of the rating scale. If our mask or goggles are adapted to the use of glasses, there will be no problems with it. However, if the designers did not think about it, it will be difficult for us. The glasses will be able to shift and may start to hurt over time. When it comes to cost, it is not too bad assuming that we have both the airsoft mask and the corrective glasses. When we have to buy one of these elements, it may not be so colourful. However, the worst grade, in my opinion, is in terms of protection against fogging. Even when I put on prescription glasses under the Dye mask, which in itself does not steam up too much, they immediately became a fogged, which practically eliminated me from the game.

glasses and airsoft goggles

Using corrective overlays for safety glasses. When buying safety glasses from brands such as, for example, Wiley X or Swisseye, we have the option of buying additional special frames for them, enabling the use of corrective lenses. Depending on the model of glasses, they are attached to the frame or to the nosepiece of the safety glasses. In such a case, we have to go to the optical store and ask for the insertion of corrective lenses into them. This pushes up costs, because we buy an additional frame and new lenses. However, this solution has its advantages. The anti-fogging protection from my experience is basically the same as with the safety glasses themselves. In addition, this type of set is easy to additionally secure with an anti-fog solution. In terms of comfort, it is also comparable to the use of airsoft glasses alone.

protective glasses

Contact lenses. This solution has one advantage over the previous two. It does not limit us when it comes to choosing eye protection. If we sometimes use glasses and sometimes a mask, we may not want to incur additional costs related to the adaptation of corrective lenses to both solutions. However, contact lenses are an additional cost, especially when it is not our default method of dealing with visual impairment. Moreover, not everyone can or wants to use them for various reasons.


More and more of us must find a solution to combine eye protection with good vision. We should not underestimate this point. I can see from myself that since I use good corrective lenses that suit my needs, both optical and tactical, the comfort of the game has increased significantly. The situation when my friend shows me the direction from which the opponent is attacking and I cannot see anything there leads to a lot of frustration. Fortunately, the market of optical and airsoft accessories provides us with several solutions from which we can choose the one that will satisfy us.


Author: Boreq

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