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How to start tuning an airsoft gun?


Introduction to airsoft gun tuning

This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but in my opinion, we are currently dealing with an almost pathological situation. Looking through various airsoft groups on the Internet, I see that people ask for suggestions for improving replicas even before the courier with the package containing the ordered AEG arrives. I will repeat it many more times, but currently most of the replicas, even the budget ones, are perfect for playing right out of the box. So, what does this mean in a tuning article? I'm already translating. The first step we must take before upgrading our airsoft gun is defining our requirements. The simplest criterion is the division into assault replicas and those for CQB. These structures must meet slightly different assumptions. For this reason, we will choose other parts and bases for them. And this is the second part of this first step, i.e., the base. Do we want to use a replica we already have? Are we ready to buy a new one? If we are tuning an airsoft gun, what condition is it in? A lot of questions and we didn't even look inside the replica.

Defining our requirements also has a third component, which is no less important than the two mentioned so far. It's about the budget. Only by specifying these three parameters, i.e., the purpose of the airsoft gun, what is the basis for our tuning and what amount we are going to spend, we can start looking seriously. Why is he so insistent on specifying our requirements so precisely? For the reason I mentioned earlier. Factory airsoft guns are good enough. For fun, it's enough for them to be functional and just not broken. The quality of a skirmish is determined by many factors such as organization, game mode, place or team. Replica is one of them. I am convinced of this every time I test new airsoft gun for the purposes of a review for this blog. They often deliver a lot of hits and shock other players to find out they are completely factory grade.

Parts for airsoft tuning

So how do we find specific parts for our makeover? We have several options. The first is independent research. We can learn a lot about the compatibility of parts from the descriptions in online stores. However, it is not a 100% reliable source. Unfortunately, sometimes product information is incomplete. However, we can learn a lot from reviews and product videos on the Web. We can also rely on recommendations. At airsoft groups, there are sometimes proposals for complete tuning kits, and more often there are even questions about the selection of components. Similarly, when we decide to use support of a service technician, such a person will often select the proposed components based on our requirements and budget.

Tuning yourself or with a service technician?

Let's put our requirements aside for a moment. Let's just say we've already done that thought process. Another dilemma that arises before us is whether to work on the replica ourselves or to commission the tuning to a professional? Before giving my recommendation, I will try to summarize the pros and cons of both approaches. The first way is definitely closer to my heart. When we decide to tune the airsoft gun ourselves, we have complete control over this process. We choose the type of improvements ourselves; we see immediately how our toy works after installing new parts, and possibly we have a chance to change our assumptions during work. We also gain knowledge. It will be easier for us to diagnose a defect and eliminate it in the gearbox that we assembled ourselves. Is it difficult? It depends. If we want to do it right, tuning airsoft guns becomes an extremely complicated topic. Working on AEGs is very much trapped in the Dunning-Kruger curve. When we learn the basics, it seems to us that we are able to do everything. Unfortunately, our ideas can be quickly verified. Self-tuning replicas may seem like a cheaper option. However, taking into account the fact that it is very easy to break something when trying to improve, the final bill may not be so favourable.

Piston pinion and piston

By choosing the support of an experienced service technician, we can count on the services of a professional dealing with ourairsoft gun. We don't have to worry so much about something going wrong. In theory, we give it to someone who knows what they're doing. Well, that's mostly theory. Having a car to repair, sometimes we have to work hard to find a trustworthy workshop. The more interesting it is to look for a proven airsoft service technician. There are a few people who have a reputation in the environment but they are not known to a wide range of airsoft players. Especially if we live in a small town and do not want to send our toy, finding the right person can be difficult. In addition, like all services that are performed professionally, we have to pay for a well-done tuning of an airsoft gun. So how do you recognize a good airsoft technician? It's hard to say generally, but we'll know a good service technician by the fact that before he offers us parts and services, he will have a conversation with us to find out what our needs and conditions are.

What to remember before starting tuning an airsoft gun?

It doesn't matter how much money we spend on improving our replica. We should not get into complexes if we decide to use parts from budget manufacturers. The same is true if a basic replacement of the hop-up bucking is enough for us at all. If someone wants to spend a few average pay-outs to improve their airsoft gun, they also have the right to do so. It is important that our choice in this matter is conscious and depends on our conditions and needs.

airsoft piston pinion

Preparation for tuning an airsoft replica should start with answering the questions from the list below:

1. What airsoft replica will be our basis for tuning? Are we going to use the airsoft gun we already have or are we buying something new? How is our base?

2. What is the purpose of a tuned replica? What type of game suits us? Is our goal to fight in the forest or maybe in buildings or arenas?

3. Do we decide on high-end tuning or rather act on a budget? It has to do with which manufacturers of parts we choose.

4. Do we decide to work on our own or will we hand over the airsoft gun to an experienced service technician?

5. The last question concerns the specific internal parts of the airsoft gun that we have selected. We can create a list of components that we will use when looking for information on our own or rely on the help of other, more experienced people.


Author: Boreq

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