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LMG. What type of airsoft gun is it?


Support gunners or LMG operators is a very interesting topic that allows you to prove yourself in a completely different, more demanding but equally, if not more rewarding role than a sniper or stormtrooper. In the following article you will learn about the tactics of playing as a support gunner and models of LMG-type replicas. Enjoy!

Light Machine Gun (LMG) in airsoft

To begin with some theory. LMG or Light Machine Gun or SAW -Squad Automatic Weapon. The LMG is a weapon that is designed to increase the firepower of an infantry unit without loss of mobility. Compared to the HMG -Heavy Machine Gun, it does not require a special mount and is operated by a single soldier and uses a bipod mounted under the barrel as its firing stand.

Due to the fact that Airsoft most closely resembles the combat of infantry assault troops, it is rather rare to encounter HMGs, which can be seen in fortified positions or as weaponry of off-road vehicles at larger events. Mainly we meet with replicas of LMGs, which are used to support players equipped with replicas of assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, etc.

In the following article I will introduce you to the most popular models of LMGs, armament configurations and the role of the support gunner on the composite battlefield.

airsoft player with LMG airsoft gun

The most popular models of the light machine gun

The main task of the LMG gunner is to put up suppressive fire, not allow the enemy to move and accurately return fire. For this reason, most Airsoft LMGs are equipped from the factory with a high-capacity electric drum or box magazine. Taking into account the number of BBs that the gunner fires, the interior of the airsoft guns is usually an M249-type gearbox, which is one of the most durable gearboxes capable of long, uninterrupted, flawless operation. In addition, due to their size and weight, LMGs are most often equipped with a bipod, a carrying handle and a stock that allows the airsoft gun to be comfortably laid down for shooting in a prone position.

The most common support weapon airsoft guns are M249, RPK and PK based designs.

The RPK, due to its design based largely on the AK, which allows interchangeable use of magazines with AK airsoft guns and, despite its dimensions, is quite manoeuvrable and light.

RPK NV machinegun replica

The PKM, thanks to its long barrel, very capacious box magazine and gearbox known from the M249 design, is also a very common choice of airsoft kaemists.

The M249 series is the most popular platform used by gunners because it combines both a high-capacity magazine, a very sturdy gearbox and a relatively small size with high ergonomics.

SA-249 PARA CORE™ machine gun replica
SA-249 MK2 CORE™ machine gun replica


The range of airsoft machine guns not only includes the above models and their versions. There are also other, much rarer RKM models and models for players who value efficiency more than reconstruction, such as the M23 from the Specna Arms Core series.

AQUILA VII LMG Light Machine Gun Replica
Airsoft rotary machine gun Specna Arms SA-M23 CORE™


Configuration of the LMG operator gear

An airsoft LMG operator must comfortably carry a large amount of ammunition because he has the most firepower in the entire team and it is on his shoulders to gain a fire advantage over the enemy. Taking into account the dimensions of box or drum magazines, the weight of the ammunition and the fact that the gunner will often shoot from a prone position, the best choice for him will be to locate the pouches on a tactical belt with suspenders. The belt-kits allow more weight to be comfortably distributed and expose the user's torso. As a result, shooting from a laying position will be much more comfortable than if the equipment is placed on the chest. Also, be sure to choose the right thickness of the harness and belt. In addition, due to the longer reloading time compared to other types of airsoft guns, it is worth to remember to equip yourself with a pistol.

Equipment Suspenders
Battle Belt


Role of the LMG gunner in airsoft

The LMG operator's role is to support his teammates by providing them with a fire advantage, i.e. covering the enemy with supressive fire allowing the rest of the team to maneuver. It should be remembered that the LMG must always be close to his squad, and not, as is usually the case due to the dimensions of his replica, sticking to the rear. Therefore, the gunner's place in the formation is on point or in the middle of the formation, which allows him to react quickly in case of contact.

The mobility of the LMG operator is also a key aspect of his playing style. “Everywhere is good where there is no gunner". Therefore, the LMG gunner must always be close to the formation and change positions quickly if necessary, due to the fact that he is the primary target of enemy snipers and in order to react to the changing situation and pave the way for the stormtroopers.

Only the LMG gunner can force the sniper to change position or stay down. He can also replace several stormtroopers with his firepower and only he can comfortably deal with a large number of opponents in a quick manner. Because the gunner is so important and victory during the game often depends on the efficiency of his replica, it is worthwhile for the rest of the team to support him by covering his flanks and carrying extra ammunition and batteries.

Is an LMG right for you?

Is the role of an airsoft LMG operator for you? Are you strong enough to handle the size and weight of replica light machine guns? Are you fit enough to always be there when your team needs you? Most importantly, are you ready to single-handedly shift the balance of victory to your side?

Author: The BB Sprayer

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