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Comparison of SPR and DMR airsoft guns


SPR and DMR airsoft guns

It has been known for a long time that we have a lot of rules in airsoft. Depending on the local legal conditions and the power limits introduced by the game organizer, we can come across different categories of airsoft guns. We often deal with replicas for fighting in buildings. These are those that have relatively low power, because they do not operate over long distances. We will also meet with assault constructions. They are the most universal group. They can often fire with continuous fire; they already have a lot of power and range. Then there are, for example, replicas of support rifles. Here we allow either more power or the amount of ammunition that can be carried at a given moment. The strongest groups are usually DMR and airsoft snipers. Their limitations are the ability to fire only with single fire or the use of a bolt action mechanism. However, they are characterized by a large range and accuracy. The constructions discussed in this article are rather on the side focused on accuracy and power at the expense of rate of fire. However, we have a few differences between them.

Before we move on, it is worth emphasizing that the described markings come from the world of firearms and various types of equipment used by military or police formations. In this context, the need to balance the game with the use of different types of weapons does not exist. There, factors such as calibre, and more broadly speaking, the type of ammunition used, weight, accuracy, reliability and ease of use are taken into account. Logistical issues are also important, such as the interchangeability of parts and accessories in comparison with other elements of equipment. Therefore, sometimes the division known from the army may not perfectly match the airsoft games.

Characteristics of SPR airsoft guns

SPR stands for Special Purpose Rifle. As the name suggests, such a weapon unit has a unique, specific task in the team or squad. Most often, it is about making it more accurate and precise than standard equipment. It is usually assumed that these are carbines with a barrel length of about 18 inches. To ensure adequate precision, it must be embedded in the so-called free float system, i.e., so that it can work freely without interacting with the front grip or the front set of mounting rails. It also seems important that they are loaded with the same type of ammunition as standard infantry rifles. Probably the most frequently cited example of the SPR carbine is the MK12. In addition to the features already mentioned, it is worth mentioning a few other determinants. The described constructions often have more precise barrels than their standard counterparts. They are often of a heavier profile and more complicated technological processes are used in their production. Optics is also important. It usually has a higher magnification than standard solutions. Often it is simply better quality with a more extensive adjustment system to maintain precision.

Specna Arms black airsoft rifle

The MK12 has many counterparts in the airsoft world. There are also airsoft guns that, at least to some extent, are inspired by it. No wonder. This is a fairly simple unit to build. In fact, most of the replicas available on the market can be used as a basis, provided that we provide ourselves with a suitable front rail and a matching stock. Relying on the v2 gearbox and other standard parts of the AR platform that are readily available only simplifies our challenge. Often, however, the organizers apply restrictions based on the calibre of live firearms. For this reason, an airsoft gun based on the 5.56 NATO and related cartridges will often be classified as an assault rifle. However, this does not prevent us from using it with a long barrel, a good quality hop-up system and optics that will facilitate long and confident shots.

How to spot a DMR airsoft gun?

Umarex black airsoft rifle

Another of the described types of armament is DMR constructions. This abbreviation expands to Designated Marksman Rifle. This is an element of the squad responsible for long, accurate shots, but not yet a sniper. In my opinion, a good distinction lies precisely in the fact that while snipers operate rather in isolated, often two-person teams of a shooter and an observer, sharpshooters are included in a larger unit. Slightly confusing in the context of our discussion today is also that they can use SPR carbines. However, a distinction can be made at least by convention between SPR and DMR. It seems that the factors that distinguish these two designs will be the length of the barrel and the type of ammunition used. While the SPR will rather be based on intermediate ammunition, the DMR will be powered by rifle ammunition. In this case, it can be assumed that structures intended for sharpshooters will operate at a slightly longer effective range. However, in practice it is difficult to say unequivocally here. Much depends on the adopted doctrine and the organization of the branch.

ASG AceVD GBB shotgun

The world of airsoft guns gives us a lot of examples of replicas based on live DMR counterparts. Probably the most popular, at least in the sphere of online discussions, is the G28 from Umarex. Other designs based on live firearms powered by 7.62 NATO ammunition are also popular. A good example is the HK 417. On the other hand, for people who prefer to stand out on the airsoft battlefield, replicas such as AceVD from WE and all similar constructions may be a good proposition. When choosing such a toy for our games, it is worth being aware of its limitations. They are usually long. And I mean very long. So much so that you have to be very careful not to break them. The mentioned AceVD from WE measure just over 1.2 meters. However, depending on local limitations, we can often use more power in such airsoft guns. Not infrequently, they have the factory-locked automatic firing mode and thanks to the possibility of turning up their power, it gives us the ability to shoot really far and accurately.


Author: Boreq

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