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CO2 airsoft pistols

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CO2 airsoft guns

CO2 powered airsoft pistols, along with green gas airsoft guns, are an ever-popular group of ASG handguns. Due to their efficiency and usefulness, they make a great fit for people looking for a backup airsoft gun or a primary gun in CQB/CQC encounters. Our extensive offer of CO2 airsoft pistols includes both basic models and 1:1 replicas of actual firearms, equipped with the blow-back system, providing a more realistic experience.

Airsoft pistols - ASG, Airsoft - CO2

The most popular means of power in case of gas airsoft guns are green gas and CO2. ASG CO2-powered handguns use a capsule (cartridge) filled with carbon dioxide, which needs to be replaced after shooting out a certain number of airsoft BBs. This type of capsule can be bought in our store, in the ASG parts and accessories section. The number of magazines emptied using a single cartridge varies between different gun types and models. ASG CO2 pistols, such as green gas-powered ones, can also come equipped with the blow-back feature, providing a much more realistic experience.

CO2 gun

Choosing a backup airsoft gun powered with CO2, attention should be paid to various aspects. First of all, the muzzle velocity. A short barrel and gas power provide high FPS. However, we should keep in mind that not all arenas and CQB objects accept such powerful airsoft guns. Another issue is the type of power supply. Seeing as the number of pellets shot from this type of ASG pistol may vary, we should always remember to carry extra CO2 cartridges. An additional factor that might well limit our use of this type of backup airsoft gun is weather conditions. It might turn out that, due to low temperature, our CO2 pistol will not perform as well as ASG guns with different sources of power. And so, in many cases, during winter months, many ASG fanatics have to put away their CO2 pistols. Last but no least we have the weight factor. Many manufacturers strive for their products to imitate originals, as closely as possible. This also includes the materials used. In many models, locks, frames and other elements of CO2 pistols are made of metal, which results in increased weight. Those with a penchant for realism will be delighted. However, if you’re looking for a lighter option, you might be in trouble.

The best CO2 ASG pistols

It’s hard to state unequivocally which CO2 guns are the best. It all depends on individual sympathies and requirements. One thing is certain - our store offers a rich choice of airsoft pistols, by many renown and popular brands, such as APSWELL or KJ WORKS. You can also check out a wide range of accessories and cartridges, which can be bought separately or as part of a set. This way you can accessorize your ASG pistols with items such as flashlights or laser sights, which can be mounted on the built-in RIS rails.


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