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Electric airsoft guns

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    Electric airsoft pistols - the advantages of AEP

    One of the types of guns used in airsoft are airsoft electric pistols - AEP. These models are currently gaining more and more popularity among airsoft enthusiasts. Airsoft, just like many other disciplines, is evolving - the event organizers keep coming up with increasingly complex scenarios and determining the allowable airsoft gun power. Electric pistols have a lot of advantages over gas airsoft guns.

    Electric airsoft guns - description and characteristics

    Electric airsoft pistols are equipped with an electric motor, powered by a battery. Pressing the trigger activates the motor, which in turn activates the mechanical elements, responsible for producing air pressure, necessary to launch the BBs. Although the mechanism itself is much more elaborate than in gas or electric models, but electric airsoft pistols are known for being reliable and failure-free, earning special appreciation of the airsoft community. All you need to use electric airsoft gun is a charged battery, easily replaced by a fresh one if needed, even in the heat of battle. This makes them very easy to handle, requiring no extra tools.

    Electric airsoft pistol vs the popular gas airsoft gun

    Many airsoft enthusiasts, considering the choice of a backup airsoft gun, faces a dilemma - which gun will serve the best? Choices are usually influenced by individual preferences. In the case of the ever so popular gas airsoft guns, their supporters appreciate such features as: the sound of the shot and the Blow-Back system, providing a more realistic experience. Choosing this type of drive, we should keep in mind the necessity of filling the magazines with green gas or replacing the CO2 capsules. Electric airsoft guns require only a charged battery, reducing the costs of use - you don’t need to buy gas containers.

    Electric airsoft pistols also require much less maintenance. Every gun needs care and attention, but in case of AEPs the mechanism is devoid of elements that would require systematic, thorough cleaning, lubrication and that are less resilient against outdoor conditions. Electric airsoft guns fare much better against dirt, for example sand or dust, which can wreak havoc in the gas airsoft guns mechanisms. They also function more efficiently in low temperatures, making them more reliable during winter battles.

    Who should choose AEP?

    Due to their universal nature, easy handling and minimum maintenance, electric airsoft pistols are recommended for both the beginners and more advanced shooters. Despite offering a less realistic experience, they are the best choice when engaging in airsoft in temperatures below zero.


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