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    G36 as one of the more frequently used replicas

    Due to the great number of variants available, the G36 is one of the more commonly used replica rifles for airsoft. They work well in CQB-type games as well as in forest encounters characterised by longer distances. The originals, in turn, are part of the basic equipment of many armies such as those of Germany and Spain.

    What makes this particular design so popular?

    History of the G36

    The G36 rifle, which is one of Heckler & Koch's flagship automatic carbines, has been in production since 1996. The project was a response to the need to adapt soldiers' equipment to modern requirements.

    The main change, as far as the originals were concerned, consisted of the replacement of 7.62x51mm ammunition with 5.56x45mm. The G3 rifles (replaced by the G36), using the former caliber, were characterised by a long-range and considerable power, but it was almost impossible to shoot accurately in bursts. Moreover, both the design and the ammunition were simply heavy, which also translated into comfort.

    The G36 carbine was made of composites, which helped to reduce its weight considerably, and lighter ammunition made it possible to carry larger quantities, which played a considerable role when planning tactical operations, including the matters of supply. The fully adaptable design has allowed many models to be released, from automatic carbines to handheld machine guns to DMRs.

    The popularity of the G36 in airsoft

    The wide range of G36 carbine replicas makes this design useful for both novice players and veteran shooters. Every airsoft enthusiast will find the perfect model for themselves, whether they need a replica carbine for close-quarters play or a machine gun for keeping an entire clearing in check, for example. Replicas of this type are characterised by low weight, and their ergonomics is at a high level. Even standard, mechanical sights allow for quick aiming, and it is worth mentioning that there are also versions with an integrated scope or collimator.

    The most popular variants of this type of replica include:

    • The G36 - a classic carbine replica with folding stock and built-in 3x zoom scope;
    • MG36 - a replica of a manual machine gun, which is one of the lightest in this product category;
    • The G36C - a replica of a lightweight assault rifle with a folding stock, which is ideal for CQB-type games.

    Regardless of the type of games, you will be taking part in, the G36 family designs are a great choice for airsoft fans. They allow you to focus on tactics while gaining the necessary shooting skills.