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Airsoft MP7

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    MP7 - the submachine gun and its airsoft equivalents

    The MP7 submachine gun is a popular model that differs from other designs of this type by the use of more powerful ammunition - 4.6 millimeter rounds. It’s lightweight design makes it a perfect sidearm and an assault weapon. Uniformed services of various countries have been using it to this day, and it can said that the MP7 submachine gun also became an iconic element of modern pop culture. The weapon can be found in games such as CSGO and Call of Duty Warzone, and its airsoft gun equivalent is very popular among airsoft players.

    Airsoft MP7 Submachine Gun

    The MP7 is a German submachine gun from the well-known Heckler & Koch brand, which fires 4.6 mm ammunition. Its first version was manufactured in 1999, and another prototype was made in 2000. The final model from 2001 was used by a special unit, which was formed from the best soldiers of the Bundeswehr. The next modification of the submachine gun was made in 2004. It was given the designation MP7A1, under which it is still being manufactured. Apart from German soldiers, they are also used by the military from Great Britain.

    What does the MP7 submachine gun look like?

    The MP7 submachine gun is a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) class weapon, which is designed for self-defense in close combat. Therefore, it is very compact which makes it a perfect firearm to use in any condition. It is a mix between a submachine gun and an assault rifle. The MP7 uses more powerful bullets, and its range is greater than in standard submachine guns. The MP7 submachine gun uses ammunition, which has the ability to penetrate bulletproof vests or personal shields. Its stock can be folded, reducing the dimensions of the gun even further, and the magazine can hold 20 or 40 rounds depending on the model.

    The MP7 airsoft submachine gun

    The reputation of the MP7 submachine gun is so widespread that even its airsoft guns enjoy recognition among firearms enthusiasts. They are very often used by airsoft players, because they are universal and work well in a variety of games. Some airsoft guns are licensed by the H&K brand, so they are an ideal for users who appreciate high workmanship and small details or even weapon collectors.

    What do MP7 submachine airsoft guns look like?

    MP7 submachine guns are equipped with an electric or gas drive so that they can imitate the way of operation of their real firearm counterpart. MP7 airsoft guns are manufactured in such a way as to be as similar to original firearms as possible, so they often have the same weight and dimensions, the same materials used and some unique ones. If the MP7 airsoft gun is licensed, it will probably also have original H&K markings. These models also facilitate folding sights and mounting rails, to which we can easily mount additional tactical accessories. Thanks to this, we have the ability to customize the replica to our needs.

    When is it worth choosing the airsoft MP7 submachine gun?

    The MP7 airsoft gun is a fairly universal model that will work in various airsoft games. Thanks to its compact design, we can use it in CQB games, i.e. at close range. However, we must remember to choose a model with the right muzzle velocity - up to 350 FPS. The MP7 will also work well at medium distances, i.e. during outdoor forest skirmishes, after an appropriate modification that increases the range of the airsoft gun. Airsoft guns with smaller dimensions are much more comfortable to operate, store and transport, thanks to the compact PDW design.

    Accessories for the MP7 airsoft submachine gun

    MP7 airsoft submachine guns usually come equipped with several mounting rails, to which additional tactical accessories can be mounted. It's definitely worth getting a red dot sight, which makes aiming much more easier in various conditions. Flashlights can also be useful - for night games or in dark rooms.