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Beretta airsoft guns

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    Beretta - history, models and airsoft guns

    The Italian Beretta brand has been operating in the firearms industry for hundreds of years. Its offer includes various models of weapons: pistol, submachine guns, rifle and carbines, and one of the company's sub-companies also manufactures airsoft guns.

    Some of Beretta shotguns and pistols are not only very popular among gun afficionados, but have also become icons of modern culture. They are used by action heroes in movies and books, e.g. James Bond (in the books), and everyone who collects weapons wants to have a Beretta in their collection. You can also get a Beretta airsoft gun or rifle, because we offer Beretta airsoft guns without a perimit.

    History of the Beretta brand

    The first mentions of the Beretta family suggest that their activity in the field of firearms production began with the onset of the 16th century. The preserved documents mention the name of Bartholomeo Beretta, who was supposed to supply arquebus barrels. Officially, however, the company was founded in 1680.

    The company has always been successfully run by the Beretta family. However, such an expansive development of the brand would not have been possible if not for some groundbreaking events - both for the company and for the world. The outbreak of World War I significantly accelerated the development of Beretta. It enabled the expansion and modernization of the factory. After the war, Beretta supplied weapons to the Italian army and was one of the largest suppliers of weapons to civilians.

    Another leap forward development of the Beretta company began in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, branches were established in the USA, Greece and France. The company began supplying weapons to the United States Army and created its iconic weapon - the 92 pistol. The following years were spent taking over shares of other companies in the arms industry and producing new models of weapons of world renown. Today, Beretta still produces weapons for soldiers, hunting rifles, and pistols.

    Beretta in airsoft - airsoft pistol and shotgun

    The Beretta weapons are also available in airsoft versions. These are mainly replicas of individual versions of the 92 pistol - mainly the Beretta CO2 or Green Gas models, i.e. gas airsoft guns. Air Soft Guns manufacturers very base their products on the Beretta M9 model.

    Beretta airsoft guns are manufactured by companies such as Umarex or KJW. KJW offers you, for example, the Beretta M9 Vertec model, equipped with a Blow Back system that increases realism of use and is powered by Green Gas. There are also much cheaper Beretta spring airsoft guns, such as the Px4 Storm pistol.

    Selected Beretta products

    The weapons manufactured by the company are used by uniformed forces, hunters and also fans of recreational shooting. Each of these activities has different dedicated types of Beretta weapons. Airsoft also has its own versions of Beretta pistols and shotguns. This brand is therefore very well known in many circles, with certain models enjoying especially great popularity.

    The Beretta 92 pistol and the Beretta 92 FS

    Beretta 92 is the most famous Italian pistol of all time. It was designed in the 1970s, and its modernized versions are still manufactured to this day. One of them was the Beretta 92 FS, which was equipped with a modified hammer axle and slide guides.

    Beretta 92F and Beretta M9

    The Beretta 92F model is equipped with a two-piece firing pin and a chrome-plated barrel. Its license is used in production of the M9 - weapons of the US armed forces, selected in a competition against brands such as Sig Sauer, Colt, Walther, and Smith & Wesson.

    Beretta APX

    Another pistol design that was created in connection with the competition for equipping the US Army. This is the company's first semi-automatic pistol, featuring reduced recoil and high ergonomics.

    Beretta Mod. 1938 submachine gun

    The most famous Beretta submachine gun, used by the Italian army and the Third Reich. Its production ended in 1950.

    Beretta - air rifle using shot and metal pellets

    Beretta replicas also include air guns, which are mainly used in sport and recreational shooting. They also don’t require a gun permit. One such air gun is the Beretta Px4 Storm air rifle, which shoots Diabolo lead shot and metal pellets.

    Additional accessories

    The Beretta company produces not only weapons and weapon accessories, such as the Beretta 92 magazine or pistol holsters, but also offers you tactical clothing, cleaning kits, cases and eyeglasses. So, if you are a fan of the brand, you have many Beretta accessories to choose from. If you aren’t one yet, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with its products. They’re really great!