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FN Herstal

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    FN Herstal 

    FN Herstal is a Belgian manufacturer of iconic designs such as: SCAR, P90, F2000 or M249 Minimi, which enjoy unflagging popularity among fans of militaria, computer games, as well as airsoft players.

    FN Herstal

    FN Herstal, or rather Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN Herstal, Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre), is a Belgian manufacturer of rifles, carbines, machine guns and military vehicles for the Belgian army as well as for the civilian market. The FN Herstal works has a rich gunsmithing tradition as it has been in continuous operation since 1889, introducing many unique designs.

    Cult designs

    FN Herstal models are unique, often featuring futuristic designs, which by their appearance and operation outclass the competition.

    The FN P90 is a symbol of shooting innovation that has appeared in countless games, films and TV series. The airsoft counterpart is one of the better thought out and refined designs among all replicas. Access to the barrel assembly and HU chamber is gained by pressing the button located under the magazine. To access the gearbox, simply pull off the barrel foot and remove two screws. Thanks to the bullpub system, the replica has a long inner barrel and the gearbox version 6 is extremely robust.  The replica has manipulators adapted to both right- and left-handed shooters.

    For those who want a modern looking replica, the F2000 is certainly the one to get excited about. This model has all the benefits of the P90, yet is powered by standard stanagons like the AR15 designs.

    Another iconic design produced by FN Herstal is the FN SCAR. It will be especially appreciated by those who like the ergonomics of designs such as the M4 and M16, but are looking for something a little newer. Particularly noteworthy are the excellent fit, the fully adjustable side-folding stock and the long RIS rail to accommodate any optics. Also, the double-sided fire selector, which makes the replica easier to operate for left-handed people are an interesting feature.

    The Belgian manufacturer has also made a name for itself by producing the M249 Minimi, the most popular support replica in Airsoft. A special gearbox adapted to shooting long bursts, an electrically-operated 2000-bullet magazine and a folding bipod are just some advantages of this 6 kg replica. There is no Airsoft player who has not at least once wanted to try out a game with this iconic design.

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