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Airsoft Barrett

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    Barrett - Airsoft sniper rifles

    Barrett Firearms Manufacturing is an American company that specializes in producing high-quality sniper rifles. They are utilized by American soldiers as well as law enforcement agencies in many other countries around the globe. They are also popular airsoft guns that are used by more experienced airsoft players.

    What are the characteristics of an Airsoft Barrett sniper rifle?

    The Barrett brand is famous for its high-quality rifles, which are continuously improved by the brand. One of the first models was the M82 sniper rifle, which was developed in the early 1980s and its modified versions are still manufactured today. The sniper rifle was primarily used by the US Marines, and the farthest accurate shot recorded was made in Afghanistan and was 2518 meters. The M107 sniper rifle is the next generation weapon that was developed for use by the Army. It is similar to the M82A3 model, differing only in the sights and additional accessories. Both sniper rifles are also available as airsoft guns, and some of them are licensed.

    Who is the Barrett airsoft sniper rifle intended for?

    The Barrett airsoft sniper rifle is a piece of equipment in which great care is taken not only to accurately reproduce the rifles appearance, but also the precision of it’s shots. Especially in the aforementioned licensed models. Licensed models are characterized by high quality of workmanship and the materials used, among which there is not only reinforced plastic, but also metal and steel. In these models, not only a spring drive is used, which is typical for airsoft sniper rifles, but also an electric drive, like in the Barrett M107A airsoft sniper rifle. It comes equipped with a V2 gearbox, which is perfect for future for power tuning.

    Such parts increase the manufacturing cost, so electric powered airsoft guns are usually more expensive than spring powered ones. In this case, it is tailored made for users who are advanced airsoft gun users and who specialize in sniper rifles. The airsoft sniper has a very specific role to fulfill in his team, which rarely involves direct combat, and thus is also less dynamic. If this game style suits you, then the Barrett sniper rifle was made for you.