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Airsoft gas magazines

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Gas-powered airsoft replicas are especially popular among players who are focused on realism, as well as those bored with classic AEGs. Before buying a gas replica of your dreams, you should find out what the characteristics of the magazines that feed it are.

Green gas magazines

The construction of green gas-powered magazines significantly differs from the ones used in electric replicas. In addition to the channel, which holds the bullets, gas magazines have a tank, which contains gas, along with two valves - the lower one, through which the gas is loaded, and the upper one, which is responsible for transferring the proper dose of gas to the replica mechanism. Due to the design, most gas magazines for replicas have a capacity not exceeding 50 rounds.

CO2 capsules-magazines

Magazines for replicas powered by CO2 capsules differ only in the way they are fed with gas. Green gas magazines are loaded directly from the bottle, while CO2 magazines use 12g-capsules that are replaced. To do this, you need to insert the capsule into the designated space, and then with a quick and decisive hand movement tighten the screw. Tightening the capsule too slowly or not tight enough can cause a leak, through which all the gas from the capsule will escape.

CO2 magazines are usually interchangeable with green gas magazines. It should be remembered, however, that green gas gives more power, which may result in faster wear of the replica's mechanism.

Maintenance of replicas and gas magazines

Gas replicas are much more susceptible to getting dirty, commonly translating into jamming of the replica. Gas magazines, therefore, require a little more attention during maintenance. The only agent suitable for this purpose is silicone oil, which should be applied in small amounts on the moving parts of the replica mechanism, as well as on the valves in the magazines. It is important to remember that excess lubricant harms the replica as much, and sometimes more, as its absence. If silicone oil gets into the barrel or HU chamber, it may disturb the operation of the Hop-Up system, which translates into a worse range and repeatability of shots.

Accessories for gas magazines

Most magazines loaded with green gas have valved at the bottom of the magazine. To reduce the entry of contaminants, manufacturers often place the nozzle in a recess, which makes it extremely difficult to load the magazine. The remedy for this problem is the gas charging nozzle extension. This inconspicuous gadget, weighing only 5 grams, is nothing more than a properly rolled tube, which will facilitate access to the valves of the magazine.


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