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Pistol Magazines

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Pistols in airsoft constitute quite a large category of replicas. They are ideal as a side or backup replicas. However, more and more often you can meet players who use pistols as their main replicas. Regardless of the application, you should remember about the magazines for them. What are their characteristics?

Airsoft pistols and magazines

Airsoft is all about realism when it comes to the appearance and use of replicas. Pistol replicas are therefore often the weapon of choice for the players. They can be divided into two categories according to the type of power supply - there are both electric and gas models available on the market.

The first group of magazines for pistols are therefore intended for the so-called AEPs, which are a container for bullets. The electric motor is responsible for the shot, and for the period of the balls - the spring. Popular gas guns, on the other hand, are powered by green gas or CO2 - the magazines in this case are both a container for the balls and a gas tank. In replicas powered by CO2, the construction of the magazine resembles a basket in which replaceable capsules are placed. Magazines for replicas powered by green gas have a built-in container, which is refilled from the outside.

How many magazines should you take to the game?

The question of how many magazines to take with you to a game should be answered by each player, taking into account whether the replica gun will be used as a main or a side weapon. If the airsoft pistol mainly rests in the holster, then one additional magazine should be enough spare. You should prepare yourself in a completely different way if you are participating in a CQB-type game, where the advantages of a pistol make it the main replica you will use. In this kind of shooting game, it is advisable to have a few magazines with you, following the common saying "the more, the better".

Before buying, it is important to make sure that the chosen magazine fits the replica you own. This is very important, because such mistakes happen, especially to less experienced players. Remember also that airsoft pistols of the same type, but from different manufacturers, often differ in the magazine type they use.


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