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Airsoft mid-cap magazines

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Mid-cap magazines - what should you know about them

After buying your ideal replica and certified eye protection, it is worth investing in additional accessories. Manufacturers outdo each other in providing players with gadgets that increase the realism of using a replica, but also the effectiveness of the shooter. Magazines are an important piece of equipment. One of the most popular types are mid-cap magazines.

Mid-cap, real-cap, low-cap or hi-cap magazines? 

The vast majority of electric replicas are delivered to the owner together with a hi-cap magazine. Such a magazine, depending on its size, can hold up to 500 balls, which makes it possible to start playing airsoft without additional costs. Not without reason, however, more experienced players call them rattles - the pellets are loosely packed in the chamber, hitting each other and making a distinctive sound. An additional disadvantage is that you have to "wind" the hi-caps with a sprocket located at the bottom of the magazine, every few dozen shots. Mid-cap, low-cap and real-cap magazines are free of these disadvantages. They only differ in capacity. Real-cap magazines correspond to the capacity of the original which they are replicating, low-cap magazines hold twice as many pellets (50-70) and mid-cap magazines from 100 to 200.

Who are the mid-cap magazines for?

Mid-cap magazines are the most sensible compromise between realism and efficiency during gameplay. What is more, there are mid-cap magazines in which we can lock the capacity at 30 pellets, which corresponds to the capacity of the original models. So, when going for a casual Sunday training session, we can use the full capacity of the magazine or adjust it, for example, for the more advanced MilSim games where the emphasis on realism is extremely high.   Airsoft is not only about replicas of carbines and pistols. It's also about equipment, and being on the field, nothing pleases as much as a quick magazine change (the fastest players change the magazine in just a few seconds!).

What should you keep in mind when deciding on a mid-cap magazine?

Mid-cap magazines do not require special care. However, it is important to remember not to leave fully loaded magazines for a longer period of time, as this may cause the spring to compress, which will affect its properties and may contribute to problems with dispensing pellets. Another frequently repeated mistake is excessive lubrication of the magazine with silicone oil. Its excess may contaminate the pellets, which in turn may disrupt the Hop-up system.    

Why a mid-cap?

Mid-cap magazines have a large number of supporters due to their simplicity of use. You do not have to wind them, they do not rattle and they are ready to use immediately after taking them out of the box. Whether you are a casual player or a speedsoft player, mid-cap magazines should be included in your equipment.

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