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Airsoft shotguns - characteristics and use

Shotgun, BB-gun, rifle, sawn-off shotgun, double-barreled shotgun or pump action shotgun - these are only some types of the guns using pellet balls. It is no different in airsoft, although replica shotguns do not have the power of their actual counterparts.

Airsoft shotgun characteristics

As with replicas of assault rifles, the shotgun in airsoft can be spring-loaded, gas or electric. A typical airsoft shotgun is a replica of a combat shotgun which has to be reloaded with each shot. Pump-action consists in moving a sliding handguard on the gun's forestock. 

Airsoft shotgun replicas have one or three internal barrels, which means they can shoot one or three bullets at a time. An exception are the six-barrel shotguns which allow you to shoot six bullets at a time, which gives you a great advantage in CQB games. Regardless of the drive type, shotguns are powered by small capacity magazines which do not exceed 20-30 balls. Some of the magazines have the shape of shell-shaped shotgun cartridges. Selected models may be equipped with the Rapid Fire function, which increases the speed of shooting of a given model. To use it, simply pull the trigger and reload and the shot is fired when the handguard reaches its final position in the sliding action. The automatic airsoft shotgun is one of the most unusual features - so far only Tokyo Marui has boasted two electric rifle models that allow continuous fire.

Who are replica shotguns intended for?

Shotguns are recommended first of all for beginners. The prices of the cheapest models start from a few dozen zlotys, however, the range is equal to the cheaper electric replicas. The disadvantage is low speed, but many players who started their adventure with airsoft with this type of weaponry are of the opinion that playing with shotguns taught them the most. After buying an electric replica, a shotgun can serve as a side or emergency replica.

The second group of airsoft players, willing to use shotguns, are the experienced ones, looking for something other than standard AEG. One of the novelties in the airsoft are tactical shotguns, allowing for the installation of accessories such as collimators or vertical grips on the handguard which facilitates reloading. A combat shotgun in capable hands can be a very powerful weapon in CQB games.

The last group of shotgun enthusiasts are the players who use it in LARP games or in role-playing scenarios. They often choose models with natural wood or its imitation and even winchester replicas. The LARPs also often feature sawn-off type models, i.e. shotguns that have been individually modified, hidden under clothing.

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