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Airsoft tactical gear – is it worth paying extra?

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Airsoft equipment prices sometimes cover very different ranges. We can buy a tactical vest for about 65 EUR, but we can also easily find one for 320 EUR. So how do you decide where to allocate the bigger budget? As it often happens, a lot depends on our priorities. What we consider to be the most important? In this article, we will check what to consider when choosing the amounts, we want to spend on tactical equipment.

Sight defect and airsoft games

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Airsoft is a sport in which the ability to spot the opponent is crucial. So, what to do when our eyesight deteriorates? Fortunately, this is not a reason to give up airsoft games. In this article, we will check the solutions to help you with this problem.

A gift for Boyfriend's Day 2022

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As every year, we have prepared a variety for best gifts for Boyfriend's Day. Some of them are related to the interests and desires of many guys, and the rest are more universal - so they should also fit the bill. If you have no idea for a gift and are looking for inspiration, you will definitely find it in our latest post. Read on!

Budget range and accuracy tuning for a sniper rifle

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Tuning a sniper rifle is as rewarding as it is difficult. It is impossible not to mention the many hours of work that we have to devote. Fortunately, the good range and proper operation of the replica will reward us. In this article, we will check how to improve the range and focus of our sniper rifle.

How does a gas pistol work?

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Weapons are available in so many types that often a single term can cover completely different models of weapons, with different predetermined applications. Gas pistols are, on the one hand, gas launchers that are used for self-defense, but the term also applies to airsoft pistols that use a gas motor. What are the differences between the two and what is their use? We explain all this in this latest entry.

Airsoft Birmingham

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The area around Birmingham is the perfect place for all airsoft enthusiasts. You could even say that it is an airsoft mecca - there are so many shops and playing areas there. In the latest entry, we find out where they are and suggest what options you have to choose from. Read on!

Used airsoft replica VS new airsoft replica - main pros and cons

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You are planning to buy an airsoft replica, and you do not know whether to choose a new one or a used one. We invite you to read our latest post, in which we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new airsoft replica with buying a second-hand product. We will also suggest what elements may determine the choice. Which of the options to buy an airsoft replica will come out victorious in this fight? See for yourself!

Airsoft camouflage

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Camouflage is one of those military elements that are also eagerly used by airsoft players. It can be part of your tactic to defeat your opponents. Usually you will find it on tactical / survival clothing and accessories, which are also extremely functional and durable. These are further arguments for using camouflage elements. We explain all its benefits and functions in our latest post. Read on!
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