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Used airsoft replica VS new airsoft replica - main pros and cons


To buy a new gun or used gun? This is the question. It is also one of the hardest choices in the airsoft world. There are a lot of pros and cons of the both of options. This struggle is also very hard for the new players, who don't even know what they want but need all the accessories and parts to be in the package with the lowest possible price. Everyone wants to achieve the best price to performance ratio of airsoft gun. However, the performance and price are not the only aspects, because there is more of the less obvious ones there. Let's begin!

The first option - a brand new airsoft replica

airsoft replica

It's ordered directly from the shop in the original foil with all the accessories that the manufacturer have provided. Inside of the package, there is a user's guide and warranty card, thanks to which we don't have to worry about any mechanical issues of the new toy if something breaks up. The carbine doesn't really perform that outstanding because it's full stock. The hop up bucking is stock, the wiring is strong, there is a fuse inside etc. However, the externals are in ideal shape. There are no scratches, no cracks, each element is sitting properly and is not loosen up from the long usage. The upper and lower receivers are not wobbling. The rifle has shot little to no bb's (if there was no checking of the functionality in a shop) - so the internal parts are in the best shape they could ever be. The most vital parts like piston and piston head, cylinder headspring and the barrel with a hop up bucking are new. There are probably no additional accessories insides and no fancy aftermarket parts.

Summing up:

+ no "mileage"
+ ideal condition of the internals and externals
+ warranty!
+ can be often bough during sales

- a huge loss of the value after the purchase
- the stock configuration don't have to fulfill the one's needs
- price!

The second option - a used airsoft replica

used airsoft replica

After few long nights spend on the WMASG consignment you've finally found "the one" with a cool offer. A few more negotiations about the price and free delivery and you have your "new" toy in the house. The externals are not ideal - someone was using it rough and you can easily spot some minor scratches and even a few dents after mountain climbing. Some of the elements are loosened up due to the usage. The internals is a custom mix of SHS parts. Unfortunately, the main spring doesn't have the power from its better days, the hop up bucking is torn up and the gearbox has seen new grease 3 years ago...

Summing up:

+ a custom configuration
+ low value loose in reselling
+ sometimes you can get a pretty decent gun for almost no money

- unknown "mileage"
- no information about the internals until the service
- sometimes requires some love at start to make it usable
- you can be ripped off

The summary

Of course, these scenarios are a little colorized. Nowadays it is as easy to get ripped off in the consignment, as to buy a brand new and not-working replica. However, everyone knows which situation is easier to resolve. The other thing is that new players tend to buy used guns because they're much cheaper and contain lots of additional accessories. And this can lead them to leave this great hobby if they're screwed up by someone. I wouldn't recommend any experiments with used guns until you are an experienced player and know how to handle most common technical issues by yourself. To other players, I would recommend sticking to the new airsoft guns.

If you need more information on choosing replica check my previous posts about backup guns and pistols.


Paweł "Fishbonee" Napieralski

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