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Airsoft tactical gear – is it worth paying extra?


What items of equipment should you pay extra for?

I have mentioned it more than once on the Gunfire blog. The purchase of airsoft equipment can be associated with considerable expenses. We have to buy a replica, eye protection, ammunition. We will also need batteries, as they are rarely added to the replica set. Like the battery and the charger. And where are the uniform, tactical vestbackpack or gun bag in all of this? There is no doubt that the costs of purchasing equipment can easily rise to the level at which we start browsing cash loan offers. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to buy equipment in instalments, many stores offer this option. It makes a lot of sense. We are already playing with our equipment and in the meantime, we pay them back without the laborious putting down. Everything is for people. But what if we have a certain amount and want to use it as rationally as possible? In the previous article in this series, we checked on which replicas and their accessories it is not worth leaving large amounts and this time we will check it for tactical equipment.

airsoft player

This article is sure to be the most attractive for beginners. They are in a situation where, having nothing, they have to buy everything. In addition, emotions probably often work in such a way that you would like to have everything at once. It's totally understandable. Despite many years in airsoft, I often have a new project that absorbs me completely. For starters, I propose to adopt an approach that I also recommend to all new drivers. Buy the first car so that you won't feel sorry for it. Usually, it makes no sense to pack an expensive machine right away, so that it can be easily rubbed in the parking lot due to the lack of experience behind the wheel. It is similar here. I don't see much point in buying expensive gear for people who will not use its potential. Let's not get it wrong. If someone wants and has money for it, the way is free. But such people are probably reading this article for entertainment purposes only, not looking for clues. You can have fun putting spare BBs in one pocket and holding a water bottle in the other. What's more - I know people who remember such simple skirmishes with sentiment. Of course, a good tactical vest or harness with a belt will help us if we carry more equipment, but they are not necessary. However, there is one piece of equipment that I think is worth investing in right away and that is eye protection. This is for several reasons. First, more expensive glasses usually offer better protection. But there is not much difference between the models for 20 EUR and those for 60 EUR. If we invest immediately, we gain an advantage in terms of expanding the set. By adding to better glasses, we can change visiors, buy inserts for corrective lenses, we get better anti-fog coatings or a good quality cover that will help us maintain eye protection in good condition. I'm not talking about paintball masks, which in themselves can be much more expensive than basic glasses. In general, I do not recommend them for beginners, because the glasses are more universal. However, if we decide on them, it is worth paying extra for more expensive models, e.g., from the Dye offer.

What are our expenses on tactical equipment?

After a short introduction, it is worth considering individual categories of products from the equipment to analyse the sense of paying extra for them. As above - I assume that this information will be useful to beginners, who may not necessarily know what they expect, so I assume that it is worth starting with simple things and then making more conscious choices with time and experience.

Uniforms. On the one hand, they significantly affect our comfort. However, I don't think you have to spend a lot of money on them at first. The basic models available, for example, in the Primal Gear offer, offer sufficient protection and camouflage. As a last resort, you can always go to surplus uniforms. Personally, I recommend British uniforms in DPM camouflage. I have used one for many years. There are also supporters of German and, of course, Polish solutions. They can usually be bought cheaper than the new uniforms of typical airsoft brands.

airsoft player holding an airsoft gun

Tactical vests. Here, too, I do not see the need to buy an expensive vest right away. A simple chest rig or Plate Carrier offered by typical airsoft equipment brands will work well. Airsoft magazines are definitely lighter than their real-steel counterparts, so in most cases the weight distribution is not as difficult to master as in a real military. Hence the supporting systems become secondary. To some extent, of course. My point is that even the cheapest vests will do the job. Comfort or preferences are an individual matter. So, I would recommend following what we like.

tactical vest

Protectors. I know people who attach great importance to them and don't leave the house to shoot without a pair of knee pads. They are definitely worth buying, but you don't necessarily have to go straight to branded products. Airsoft equivalents for a fraction of the price will also do the job. The difference will usually be in durability. But on the other hand, even the most expensive knee pads will not help us if they disturb us and leave them at home. So, at the beginning, I recommend buying the cheapest and possibly considering buying more expensive ones in the future.

A cover for a replica. It's worth having it. And here I would advise against buying the cheapest ones. I mean such ordinary cloth bags. It is a good solution as a second cover or as an emergency cover for trips. However, if we are looking for a primary cover, it is worth paying extra for one from the middle range. I personally use the Specna Arms cover and am very satisfied. The cover will help us not only in carrying the replica. Sometimes I can pack it entirely for a less complex game, with a belt, magazines, BBs and a battery there. At the beginning, however, it is not worth paying extra for the suitcase. Paradoxically, it offers less possibilities of carrying equipment other than the replica. Additionally, dedicated suitcases are much more expensive than fabric covers.

aisoft gun and gun bag

Is it worth saving at all?

Is it always worth saving? No. If we have a uniform or a tactical vest that we like, there is nothing wrong with getting it. If we seek to look like a character from a favourite computer game or a military unit and that is important to us, we probably have some specific elements of equipment to complete. Everyone runs with what they like and what they can do. That is why we have equipment in various price ranges so that everyone can find something for themselves.

airsoft player waering uniform

I hope this article will help novice players a bit. With experience, we will know better what we need. Then our basic tactical vest purchased at cost can be given to another player who begins his adventure.


Author: Boreq

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