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Do you need an airsoft helmet?


"Bucket", "Thought Focuser", „Brain Basket” or simply helmet is an inseparable friend of every warrior since ancient times. During Airsoft skarmishes, the helmet, just like the combat prototype, protects the user's head not only from enemy bullets (in this case, BB’s), but also from other injuries caused by impacts from environmental elements or falls. In addition, modern models not only play a protective role, but also carry additional equipment, such as flashlights, goggles, optoelectronic devices or cameras. In the following article, In following article I will introduce you to the types of helmets according to my classification, as well as the possibilities of their expansion, so as to improve their comfort and enrich them with additional functionality.

Characteristics of airsoft helmets

Every airsoft helmet consists of three basic components:

Shell. That is, the main part that provides protection for the head. Most often made of ballistic or impactproof material.

Liner. The part responsible for keeping the head in the helmet. In modern models, it consists of a set of foam-like inserts attached to the inside of the helmet or tapes made of soft material.

Suspension. A system of straps responsible for fitting the entire structure to the wearer's head. In older helmets, often this role was also performed by the liner.

airsoft player in uniform holds a moro helmet

Airsoft helmet types

Helmets can be divided according to the cut, the material of the helmet's shell and the class of ballistic protection.

Classification by cut:

High Cut - Models with cutouts for headsets. A feature of this design is the reduction of weight and thus greater comfort at the expense of protection. Examples of such helmets are: Ops Core Fast, MICH ACH, LShZ-1+ (High cut), TOR-S and HP-05.

Mid Cut - Helmets with half cutouts for headsets. A combination of a full/ „regular-military" helmet and a high cut helmet.

Examples: MICH 2002, TOR-M.

Low Cut - Helmets with full „ears”, often referred to as "regular-military" helmets that provide a large area of protection. Depending on the shape of the shell, they can be headset compatible.

Examples: Wz. 93, Wz. 2000, Wz. 2005, PASGT, LWH, MICH, IHPS, 6B7-1M, 6b47, TOR-L, LShZ-1+ (low cut).

Assault helmets - Models that provide the largest area of protection, work only with miniature headsets or have a built-in speaker and microphone. Often equipped additionally with a visor.

Examples: TIG, ZSh-1-2M, Rys-T, Altyn, K6-3, Enforce Tac 23 and Zenturio C1300H.

airsoft helmet camo pattern

Ballistic protection:

Ballistic helmets are made of materials with properties of protection against bullets and shrapnel.

The shells of the above are made of:

  • steel,
  • aramid fibers (Kevlar),
  • ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE),
  • titanium.

There are also combined helmets that use two or more materials to make the helmet's shell. For example the SKAT-S4 helmet, it’s shell is made of pressed aramid and several layers of UHMWPE.

Bump helmets - Most common in Airsoft, without ballistic properties they protect the head from injuries caused by falls and bb’s of course.

Bumps are made of aramid fibers without ballistic properties, carbon fibers or fiberglass reinforced with epoxy resin etc.


Tuning and accessories

Modern helmets, like other pieces of equipment, are characterized by great possibilities for personalization and attaching accessories. We can divide all possibilities into:

  1. Practical, increasing the comfort of the user. To make your helmet more comfortable, you can replace the liner or suspension with one that suits the user better.

  2. Accessories that increase functionality. Possible accessories include goggles, masks, additional protective modules, flashlights, optoelectronic devices, cameras or active ear protectors.

  3. Aesthetic accessories, that is, all kinds of patches or Velcro in various shapes.
black airsoft helmet

To install the above accessories, modern helmets are equipped with rails located on the sides of the helmet sides and mounting shrouds for optoelectronic devices.

Such accessories also include covers, which not only play a protective role for the shell, but also help to camouflage it. If optoelectronic devices are used, the helmet can be fitted with a module/ pouch for a counterweight or additional batteries.

Why invest in a helmet for airsoft?

Many people dismiss head protection due to its apparent lack of convenience, but today's helmets, unlike their heavy steel ancestors, are very comfortable, much lighter weight and can fit countless accesories. By choosing the right mind-focuser for your style of gameplay and customizing it to suit you, you not only ensure your safety, but also gain extra room for additional accessories and show-off points.

Heads up!

Author: Dark Helmet

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