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Free airsoft gun upgrades


Airsoft upgrade for free?

Malicious people will say that nothing comes for free. And there's a lot of truth to that. You cannot expect to achieve any improvement with absolutely zero input. And actually. The advice presented here will never be completely free. But take it easy. This does not mean that any additional expenses will be required from us. Let's treat it as improvements that do not require any additional input from us other than the purchase of an airsoft gun, ammunition, and taking care of a working battery.

A conscious approach to even basic issues related to the operation of the replica will help us eliminate some errors that negatively affect its performance. A more optimal selection of components or inventory that we need to stockpile anyway will help avoid some of the handling issues in the future. To this extent, the advice presented here will reduce our costs in a long run.

Remember, however, that it is difficult to provide universally correct advice for everyone. There are many different airsoft replicas. Although the tips described here are simple and mostly universal, we cannot treat them as final. If something is really wrong with the airsoft gun, it is worth contacting the store, if it is still under warranty, or looking for a recommended tech in our area.

Hop-up system mounted on the barrel

Correctly set hop-up

Playing airsoft for several years, I have seen a lot of shooting situations. Sometimes younger players complain about the poor range of their airsoft guns. From experience I now know that it is worth checking with them if they have a well-set hop-up system. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Since we recently got our first replica, how do we know how the BB spin should be set? We can look for videos on this subject on the Web, but in my experience, it is difficult to present it well enough on the recording.

Airsoft hop-up chamber

Most of the time, we don't spin our BBs enough. Even factory-made, most replicas will now spin BBs up to 0.3g without any problems. By the way, hardly anyone buys such heavy BBs at the beginning. They are usually lighter and most of the hop-up systems can handle them. What we fear is jam. And that's a real concern. Especially in factory replicas. Even one unfortunate jam can end up damaging the gearbox. So how do you deal with it? I do it so that in the new replica I start with zero spin and gradually increase it very gently. At some point, the BBs will start flying further. It's important not to stop here and add the spin up until they start to fly sharply up. Then we go back one or two settings and it should be fine. It is important that our changes are gradual and gentle. Then we should avoid problems. Just in case, on the Gunfire blog there is an article about setting up the hop-up system, where you will also find graphics with the correct BB flight path.

Are my optics set?

Another thing is when the airsoft gun shoots well, but we still can't hit anything. Sometimes the problem may be setting, zeroing the optics. This problem arises, especially when we often switch our sights between different airsoft guns. Of course, the best solution is to buy a dedicated red-dot or scope for each of our replicas. But we are not here to look for solutions that require financial outlays.

The sight mounted on airsoft gun

There are several ways to deal with the topic. You can mark on your optics or write down the settings for a specific airsoft gun. However, nothing can replace a good test shot of the replica before the game. Many arenas even have special shooting ranges with shields for this purpose. It is worth remembering that the distance at which we set the airsoft gun should be applicable to the type of game or the power of the replica. I conventionally assumed that I set the CQB replicas at 30 meters and those for forest games at 50 meters. This is not a perfect solution, because the replicas differ in hop-up systems or power, but it is a good starting point. It is important to be sure before the game that our crosshair is set correctly. I will add that this also applies to mechanical sights, if we do not use optics. We should not assume that they are set correctly straight from the factory. Let's do ourselves a favour and check it out thoroughly.

Cleanliness is important

Apparently, the cheapest tuning of an airsoft gun that we can do is to buy good quality BBs. I subscribe to this statement, but I try to be realistic, which is why I have been saying for some time that you should buy the best ammo you can afford. Why does it matter? More expensive BBs are often made with more care and allow for more repeatable shots. In the case of many manufacturers, cheap airsoft ammunition also dirties the barrel faster.

Inner barrel for airsoft gun

Sometimes it happens that players complain that the accuracy and repeatability of their airsoft guns have deteriorated. It often turns out that a dirty inner barrel is to blame for this state of affairs. I shoot relatively rarely and change replicas often, so I can afford to clean the barrel almost before every game. It's often, but thanks to this I have peace of mind and confidence that I can blame my failures during the game only on my skills.

If we shoot often, we must schedule a regular cleaning of the airsoft gun. To put it bluntly, it's not a particularly complicated or expensive process. In most cases, we get a ramrod together with the replica. Add a piece of paper, a substance like isopropyl alcohol and we can act.

Airsoft guns don't have to be complicated at all

An expensive airsoft gun, professionally tuned on expensive parts, is a great pleasure to use. However, it is not necessary to have fun during a skirmish. Sometimes factory replicas can give us a lot of fun. No matter how much money we spent on the purchase of our toy, nothing can replace its proper handling. That's why it's worth knowing these few tricks that cost almost nothing and will help. If you have your suggestions in this spirit, find me on Instagram and send them. Maybe we'll do a second part of these tips.


Author: Boreq

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