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Skirmishing during the summer - useful tips


The summer is here. It’s the special time of all the journeys, holidays, sunbathing and having drinks on Majorca. It's also a great moment to take your dusty replica out to the field and play some airsoft. However, considering the hot, sunny days it's worth having a few tips in mind, to not come back from “the war zone” with minor injuries.

The hydration

During the current heat waves, every skirmish in which you take part put you at risk of dehydration. Airsoft gun, backpack and the rest of the equipment, plus high intensive game and long exposure to sun… what could possibly go wrong? Many things, if you won’t take an optimal quantity of liquids with you. I have seen and even know a lot of players, who don’t carry water because the game takes only 4 hours and no water or half liter bottle will fulfill their needs. There is nothing further from the truth. These people usually get the help of their buddies and use their supplies of water. However, sometimes it can happen even to us if we’re not aware of our water needs during the biggest heat waves. Headaches, sleepiness, weakness are first signs of dehydration. It's worth taking some electrolytes then and drink some water. (read more about the hydration in airsoft here)

The sun is not always a friend

Almost everyone likes to take a sunbath from time to time. This activity, of course, requires a cream with UV filter, which protects us from painful sunburns. Nevertheless, this cosmetic is very often excluded from the equipment for airsoft skirmishes, which in result can lead to very unpleasant effects.

Short clothing is not a good idea

You may think that your super-tactical shorts are an ultimate solution for the current heat wave and now is the exact moment for putting them on and going out for the tactical catwalk. It's mostly true. You can go out for shooting, to the city or the garden in them. However, I wouldn't recommend taking them for the airsoft skirmish and use classic trousers that cover whole legs. Why? There are a couple of ticks around waiting for your fresh and tasty blood. The second thing is the fact that there are a lot of sharp objects lying on the ground that could easily tear the skin. Any additional layer between the skin and ground is crucial in our sport.

Plate Carrier? Helmet? Consider something lighter.

airsoft plyer in uniform and tactical equipment

On the airsoft catwalk field, everyone wants to look like a real operator. To achieve that, one must wear some heavy equipment – like the plate carrier and helmet. The summer is however not the best time to wear helmets – they lack the air circulation which is needed the most during the heat. Summing up, the long exposure to the sun can lead to dangerous situations. The same situation is with the plate carriers – it is better to choose a light chest rig or a belt kit.

All these tips should make the summer airsofting a lot easier and safer. Some of these aspects may seem to be pretty obvious, but the reality is showing the opposite.


Paweł "Fishbonee" Napieralski

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