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Specna Arms TITAN – review of airsoft gun


GATE TITAN system in Specna Arms airsoft guns

I have been of the opinion for some time that the advanced MOSFET system replacing standard trigger assemblies should be a basic modification of most airsoft guns. More and more manufacturers are very good at refining the pneumatics of their guns, even in the lower-end series. However, something that still limits most of the designs are old-fashioned contact assemblies. I understand that the issue of realism is important and that most optical MOSFETs create a situation in which the trigger does not offer any resistance. But in my opinion, most players do not pay so much attention to it and everyone will feel the benefits of assembling the described electronics. In addition, people looking for maximum realism can turn their attention to GBBR replicas, which will certainly meet their needs better than AEG rifles.

This is where Specna Arms and a series of replicas factory equipped with the advanced GATE TITAN system come in. This set is, in my opinion, a very good proposition for people looking for an airsoft gun that does not require any interference and shoots well straight from the box. Thanks to the installed gearbox control system, we also have a good base for further tuning, which will allow us to discover the possibilities offered by TITAN.

Titan Gate

Contents of the box

The airsoft gun that I will use to present the new series will be the SA-B03. It is a representative of the appreciated One series of this manufacturer. In addition to the TITAN system, we have a number of other solutions here that I find interesting. First of all, the SAEC system, which makes it easier for us to replace the spring in the gearbox. It is true that we still have to take it out of the gun, but at least there is no need to struggle with the spring when folding the two halves of the GB shell. In addition, we have a working dummy bolt-catch, steel gears inside, a polymer piston, an aluminium piston head, a metal cylinder head and a sealed nozzle. As a standard, the replica is delivered to us in an aesthetic cardboard box with a foam filling. The set includes a metal hi-cap magazine and an additional, weaker spring. In the version with the TITAN system, we also receive a USB-link adapter, the task of which is to ensure communication between our airsoft gun and a phone or PC for the purpose of programming it.

SA Gate Titan
Specna Arms box
Specna Arms in the box

The TITAN system itself gives us extensive possibilities of adapting the airsoft gun to our needs. It allows us to set the trigger sensitivity or program non-standard fire selector settings. If we use a gun in CQB games, we can, for example, change the setting from automatic fire to single fire, so that even by accident the airsoft gun will not shift. We can also program a burst mode with a different length of the series. TITAN also allows you to track various system parameters such as current consumption during the cycle, battery charge level or ROF.

Gate USB
Gate USB-link

How does it look like in practice?

An unquestionable advantage of the presented airsoft gun is that the TITAN system is factory installed for us. This greatly facilitates the work on the gun by eliminating two potential problems. First of all, we get rid of the trigger assembly and all its accessories, such as a circuit breaker or a physical safety level. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about minor, but irritating defects of those parts of the airsoft gun. In addition, the wiring and the installation of the system is done for us. And while it does not seem bothersome, it can be a strong argument for people who are looking for ready-made solutions.

SA airsoft gun

However, the question does arise. Is it really a box-ready airsoft gun that requires no further refilling? It certainly could be. If we like its appearance and we are looking for a solution that gives hope for reliable operation for a good few thousands of BBs, we will not be disappointed. However, I will risk saying that replicas with factory-installed ASTER system would be better for such people. This slightly simpler, but equally useful system is a bit cheaper and will surely satisfy people looking for a ready replica straight out of the box. The Gunfire store's offer also includes airsoft guns equipped with a ASTER MOSFETs, so all we need is to choose one of the available models.

airsoft gun

So, who will the replicas equipped with GATE TITAN be for? In my opinion, for someone who is looking for a good base for further tuning. It is true that for such a person the argument that the system is already installed may not be strong, but I assume that it is best to use airsoft guns for tuning that require us to change as few parts as possible. And here we do not need to replace the contact cube. In addition, TITAN shows its true capabilities in the case of more advanced tuning. It works with 14.8V batteries, supports ROF up to 100 BBs per second and even allows you to set the system to DSG mode, if you use such a piston gear. Aster does not have such features. Additionally, the TITAN system uses more optical sensors for the trigger and the piston wheel. Thanks to this, we can set the operating parameters of our airsoft gun more precisely, depending on the needs.

Specna Arms ASG
Specna Arms

In the end

Specna Arms is a brand that offers us a lot of different lines and series of their airsoft guns. Their offer includes sniper rifles as well as various types of rifles. But apart from the external form itself, we can also find various options for additional internal equipment. One of such upgrades is the option to order an airsoft gun with the advanced GATE TITAN system installed. I think it is an interesting proposition for people looking for a very good base for further tuning. These types of airsoft guns offer us a very solid foundation inside the gearbox. Robust pneumatics, easy main spring change system and advanced electronics. When adding new parts to increase power or rate of fire, we should not encounter a barrier in the form of the lack of possibilities offered by the electronics of our gun. These features also mean that people who are only interested in a replica that shoots well straight out of the box should not feel disappointed. For this reason, Specna Arms airsoft guns with the GATE TITAN system should definitely attract the attention of people looking for their next airsoft gun.

Author: Boreq

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