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Gun Bag V2 – new bag for airsoft replicas from Specna Arms


The Specna Arms brand can be approached with sympathy or distance, but it is impossible to deny one thing - it has entered the world of airsoft by a real storm and in just a few years has gained the status of an important player on the market. Currently, it's hard to find an airsoft fan from Poland, Europe, the USA, or even distant Asia who has not heard or read about Specna. Several hundred models of replicas divided into several separate series, ranging from the cheapest M4 with a polymer body, through spring sniper rifles, to the very successful, metal AR15 with a license and electronics from the Polish GATE. Until recently, nothing indicated that the Specna can take a quick break in bombarding us with successive generations of its AEG rifles, to present... tactical equipment. And yet, this year, a few novelties from this segment had their premiere, including a solid, hard gun case (we'll tell you more about it another time) as well as three versions of a soft, nylon bag. I got a model called "Gun Bag V2" on which I decided to lean a bit lower and share with you a handful of conclusions from its use. So let's go!

First impression

The first impression is really good. In terms of the materials used and cratsmanship, I can place it a bit higher than the GFC Tactical or Ultimate Tactical products. Nevertheless, due to the use of a fairly standard Nylon, it will not be as durable as the Primal Gear made of Cordura-like Nylon 1000D (such as the Vasak cover), which was the hero of my other article (link)). However, let's agree - such an item of equipment as a cover does not have to be made of extremely strong material. Its main task will be to lie in a wardrobe or the trunk of a car. With the bag, you will not be able to wade through the bushes or scrub the walls in a cramped room. The materials from which the Gun Bag V2 was sewn easily fulfill their role, and in my copy, after a few months of use, nothing has worn or torn off. After all, you must know that I do not spare my bags. I carry in them not only an airsoft replica with a set of accessories, but I also like to stuff the pockets under the tap with spare magazines, bags of BBs (which are never too many on a shooter), water bottles, food. Sometimes I even manage to fit a set of equipment there in the form of a vest, belt, and knee pads. So the seams and zippers had something to do and did their job very well, even stretched to the limit.

pokrowiec na repliki airsoft Gun Bag V2 Specna Arms

Materials and craftsmanship of the Gun Bag V2 

Since we have smoothly moved from the first impression to the quality of sewing, let's move on to the technical topics. As I mentioned, the outside of the Specna Arms Gun Bag is made of good quality Nylon, while the inside is made of smooth, slippery polyester. The zippers are large and have never been jammed. As befits a bag for carrying a replica, you will find soft foam/sponge inserts inside (I did not tear it to check the sponge, excuse me). Their task is to absorb shocks and impacts when, for example, we throw the cover into the trunk of a car, or we accidentally snap it against the floor. This level of protection in a bag of this type is completely sufficient. Players who expect more reliable protection against falls or water should reach a level higher, i.e. look for a rigid rifle case/hard case. As for budget equipment (and the price of the V2 bag is currently below 25 EURO), there is nothing to complain about.

Construction and functions of the bag

Starting from the main chamber - according to the manufacturer, we will carry an airsoft replica with a maximum length of 810mm there, which means that popular replicas such as the medium-length M4, G36 or AUG will easily fit.

komora główna na replikę ASG w pokrowcu Gun Bag V2

An interesting solution is a roll-up sleeve finished with a welt, thanks to which you can insert carbines with a length of up to 1150mm. When using this kind of "extension", the Specna Arms airsoft bag will fit full-size AK74 or M16 replicas.

przedłużka na replikę ASG w pokrowcu Gun Bag V2

The smaller chamber is theoretically dedicated to carrying a smaller spare replica, and although I did not use it, it will certainly be useful to many players. The length of 550mm will allow you to pack a spare MP7 submachine gun or a short MP5 with a folding stock.

główna komora pokrowca Gun Bag V2

On the front of the bag, there are three useful and spacious cargo pockets. Each of them can fit a large bag of BBs, five AK / STANAG magazines, elements of clothing or tactical equipment.

kieszenie cargo na kulki

One of the pockets has special tapes perfect for attaching the pistol inside the replica.

taśmy do mocowania repliki kieszeń zewnętrzna

All additional pockets and the main compartment are fastened with a zipper. Additionally, the whole thing can be compressed using adjustable straps with a fastex buckle.

klamra fastex pokrowiec Specna Arms

Interesting facts - a Velcro panel has been sewn on the middle pocket, in which, probably to raise the prestige of the finished product, the Specna Arms logo has been laser cut! A small thing that can please the eye.

panel rzepowy pokrowiec gun bag V2

On the back, there is a flat pocket that can be used to hide small items or the harness of the carrying system if you do not want to use them at this point.

kieszeń tylna pokrowiec gun bag v2

The backpack harness itself is a very useful patent, allowing you to carry the unpacked rifle cover comfortably on your back on the route home/car /parking/shooting range/assembly point. In addition, we have a classic shoulder strap with a slightly hard, rubberized comfort pad and an even more classic suitcase handle, which I probably used most often.

klamra do paska do przenoszenia

uchwyt walizkowy w pokrowcu Gun Bag V2

The harness and the shoulder strap are attached with a standard metal carabiner to the metal D-ring. Unfortunately, they clank with every movement. Since we are at the smallest detail, we can also note the transparent and useful ID window. The owner of the bag can leave a card with a name or telephone number.

okienko ID w pokrowcu Gun Bag V2


patch specna arms

If I were to match this cover with any of the series of replicas from the Specna Arms catalog, it would be the CORE series. The Gun Bag V2 has everything a replica bag of this class should have. The attractive price means that there is no need to wrap the rifle in a plastic bag or an Arabic scarf. For around 25 EURO, it is better to get a decent quality bag than to struggle with a shopping bag from a market. Especially that this cover fits not only a replica but also a set of equipment necessary for a Sunday airsoft skirmish. A nice addition is the limited Specna Arms patch attached to the set, which will surely please all collectors.


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