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Valentine's Day gift ideas for her and him


Another Valentine's Day is approaching, which means we're coming back to help with gift selection. Although there is no shortage of special gadgets in stores, it's not so easy to buy a perfect gift for your significant other. Fortunately, at Gunfire, we have experts in matters of the heart who know perfectly well what an ideal Valentine's Day gift should look like. Below you will find a list of original and practical gift ideas that are worth giving on Valentine's Day.

When are Valentine's Day and where did Valentine's Day come from?

For those who have forgotten or pretend not to remember, we remind you - Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th. It is not at all an invention of our modern times, although in Poland Valentine's Day became popular only in the 1990s. In Western Europe, it has been celebrated since the Middle Ages - on every anniversary of the death of St. Valentine. He is the patron saint not only of lovers but also of people suffering from serious illnesses - especially mental ones. Valentine is a Catholic patron, but already in ancient times, there were gods of love, such as Eros, Cupid, Pan, or Juno. The holidays associated with the latter two characters were celebrated around mid-February. This is just by way of introduction. If you're curious why you have to wonder again what to give your boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine's Day.

military man with hands arranged in a heart

Valentine's day gift for her

First of all, we'll present a Valentine's Day gift for a girl who isn't afraid of sports and spends her free time actively outdoors. These are all practical gadgets, of high quality and functionality, so they will serve her for a long time. She will surely appreciate such a thoughtful and useful gift.

Warm and comfortable hoodie

Every girl who practices sports outdoors or enjoys hiking knows how important it is to have the right clothing. The SUPER HOODIE sweatshirt is made of warm and durable material, making it perfect for adverse weather conditions. Extended sleeves with thumb holes help warm the hands and provide better comfort. In such a hoodie, you can be active and feel good in any conditions.

red hoodie durabo

Shooting and military-style pants

Tactical pants are another good gift for an active girl. If she's passionate about airsoft, she'll happily accept another comfortable pair in which she'll look great. The Wayfaress X Women's Pants - Onyx Black will ensure a good fit to her silhouette with their anatomical cut. Their classic cut will also work in other nature-related situations, so it's not just a gift for an airsoft fan. Alternatively, the Women's Stretch Pants - MC Black, featuring a camouflage pattern, can be a gift. Their cut is also adapted to the female figure, and they also provide high functionality, including a 6-pocket system.

women's pants black

A connoisseur must have a glass

If after a long day of work and activities you like to enjoy high-quality drinks, the Whisky Lucky Shot - Love glass will be useful. Of course, this is not an ordinary glass, like many on the market. Its lovely, original design fits perfectly as a Valentine's Day gift.

whisky glass

What to give a guy for Valentine's Day?

Let's move on to more universal gifts, some of which will probably be better suited for guys, but some will also be suitable for enthusiastic fans of shooting and the outdoors. Not only will they be useful in difficult terrain, but they can also be used in the urban jungle. These are the kind of gifts we like the most!

Durable backpack or fanny pack

The Small Foldable Dioc Backpack - Olive is a gadget that is worth having with you at all times. It can be folded to the size of a small cover and then stored in another bag or attached to Molle system elements. The backpack is very capacious, yet durable. Its seams have been reinforced, so you can easily carry heavy equipment in it.

tactical backpack in olive color

Equally durable but smaller is the Tactical Cantab Fanny Pack - Multicam®. It can be used to carry personal items while traveling and will also be useful for better organization and storage of smaller accessories on a daily basis.

tactical funny pack multicam

Hoodie for guys

The Combat Shirt Helikon MCDU is a great Valentine's Day gift for a guy who often participates in shooting or spends a lot of time in the forest. The camouflage will make him less visible, and thanks to the breathable construction of this model, wearing it will be exceptionally comfortable. The hoodie is very lightweight, stretchy, and its two side pockets can accommodate essential items.

tactical combat shirt

Valentine's Day gift for shooting enthusiasts

Shooting enthusiasts hold a special place in our hearts, so we also have a few gift ideas just for them. These are gifts that will provide support in battle, greater comfort, and even better results. Many players can't imagine airsoft games without them, so it's worth giving them to your loved one who is also an airsoft fan. If he participates in airsoft games, attends gatherings, and missions, he will surely use them regularly.

Camouflage for woodland games

The SOFTSHELL SPM-01 Jacket - WZ.93 Forest Panther will help you hide from the enemy's view. It features a Polish camouflage pattern that blends perfectly with the colors of our nature, and additionally protects against Polish weather. The three-layer laminate is lined with a PTFE membrane on the inside, providing very good protection against wind, rain, and low temperatures.


A vest worth having on the shooting range

The Tactical Chest Rig Mk4 - Multicam is an equipment item that significantly facilitates actions on the battlefield. It is made of lightweight yet strong Cordura 500D material. The vest's construction itself is lightweight and provides great comfort, but if we need fuller protection during the game, we can always attach it to another vest - a Plate Carrier type. This model can be adjusted to the silhouette and preferences of each user, facilitated by Velcro straps and a set of panels and inserts. This gives us the confidence that our gift will definitely fit.

chest rig MK4 multicam

The best Valentine's Day gift for an airsoft player

An airsoft gun is one of the best gifts you can give to an airsoft enthusiast. The SA-B14 ONE™ KeyMod 12 airsoft rifle - Red Edition" is a versatile tool for combat that will work well at short and medium distances. The quick spring change system allows you to adjust the replica's power to the shooting conditions, providing the ability to participate in various airsoft games.

specna arms airsoft rifle

The Golden Eagle 6859 M-Lok Black airsoft submachine gun is a model that will be most appreciated by players specializing in CQB games. It is very compact and lightweight, so you can maneuver it comfortably even in tight spaces.

airsoft submachine gun Golden Eagle

What to do on Valentine's Day? Proven and original ideas

Buying a gift is not the end of our preparations for Valentine's Day. It's worth giving it in a special, and maybe even romantic atmosphere. The standard idea is candlelit dinner, going to the cinema or theater, but we recommend an airsoft shooting range. Valentine's Day at the shooting range is not an obvious choice, so it will definitely not lack originality, and you will easily take care of romance yourselves. Don't be afraid to try something new. It may turn out to be the most exciting Valentine's Day in your life.


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