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MAPA Maskpol camouflage


Where did the MAPA camouflage come from?

The camouflage described was developed in 2012 by Dr. Maciej Dojlitko. The license to use this design was purchased by MASKPOL, a company known for producing protective equipment for uniformed services and civilian users. Therefore, we can say that MAPA and MASKPOL are interconnected institutions. It is worth remembering this because thanks to it we know that the described uniforms are made by a company with extensive experience in the production of military equipment.

ROCK airsoft vest on a stand

It is the company from Konieczki that produces uniforms in the described pattern and its representatives present these products at fairs and other events. This also causes uniforms and equipment in MAPA to be developed. New designs and entire products are introduced. Over time, in addition to clothing, the offer also included tactical vests, chest rigs and backpacks. Currently, MAPA is an extensive equipment ecosystem. Nothing stops you from completing all the equipment in this pattern.

What is MAPA camouflage?

We have already briefly mentioned the history of camouflage in the article about the valued Woodland camouflage. MAPA is a representative of modern patterns that are intended not only to blend the human silhouette with the background at longer distances, but also at close range. It can be classified as a deforming camouflage. The shape and arrangement of the spots that make up the described pattern are not accidental. Just like their colours.

Airsoft uniform sweatshirt with plain torso and MAPA sleeves

MAPA is a kind of combination of two concepts. Uniforms in this pattern have a so-called macro pattern that breaks up the human silhouette at further distances. A micro pattern was also used for this purpose. Its task is to mask at close distances. The specific colours of the spots were selected to correspond to the vegetation of Central Europe. Their palette consists of six carefully selected colours. It is also worth noting that modern pixel patterns were used here. Unlike more traditional solutions, MAPA also creates the illusion of three-dimensionality.

Airsoft uniform pants with a MAPA pattern

Above: Uniform Combat Pants CP-01 -MAPA®

The spots of the described camouflage are arranged in a shape resembling lines on MAPAs. This is a very effective pattern, the effects of which can be astonishing. However, I will talk about my impressions of use a little later. What not everyone knows is that the described camouflage comes in several variants. First of all, we have a more contrasting MAPA A pattern. A more subdued MAPA B pattern and a winter pattern in a grey palette.

Clothing and tactical equipment in camouflage MAPA

As I mentioned, the production of MAPA camouflage equipment is the responsibility of a company with extensive experience in the military equipment production industry. This means that we can count on very well-thought-out products using this innovative and effective pattern. It all started with uniform sets. We have trousers with a fairly modern cut, with low-profile cargo pockets and the option of adding protective knee pads. The pants have a wide range of adjustments and the material used is flexible.

T-shirt with a MAPA pattern

Above: Thermal shirt TTM-02 MAPA®

Uniform sweatshirts at MAPA come in two variants. The first is a classic uniform sweatshirt completely covered with camouflage. The second one is a combat shirt where the body is made of technical material that wicks away moisture well and the sleeves are camouflaged. In fact, both of these clothes are very functional and their cut is modern and well-thought-out. They have plenty of pockets, places for protective inserts and other convenient solutions. 

Baseball cap with a MAPA pattern

Above: WH-01 Wood Hat -MAPA®

MAPA also offers headgear, including the classic rogatywka cap (called this way because of its distinctive shape) referring to the rich military tradition. It's also equipment. From minimalist chest rigs to more elaborate plate carrier vests and backpacks. The described pattern can also be applied to short-sleeved T-shirts. We can easily assemble our equipment if we like this camouflage. It is worth mentioning that so far, whenever MASKPOL introduces a new product, whether in the form of a new uniform pattern or tactical vest, it is immediately produced in MAPA. Camouflage is constantly developing and there is no shortage of modern products that use it. The described camouflage is also used by other companies. For example, the WISPORT brand, known for producing excellent backpacks.

MAPA Maskpol - impressions of use

When talking about the impressions you get from using the MAPA camouflage, I think you should divide the statement into two parts. The first one will partly concern the previous part of the text, i.e., the equipment itself. Apart from the fact that the camouflage itself is very modern, it is also applied to clothes and equipment using the latest technologies. The materials used by MASKPOL are flexible, breathe well, and do not absorb excessive moisture. Their uniforms do not suffer from a lack of practical pockets. All fittings are of excellent quality. The same applies to tactical equipment. Backpacks and vests are made carefully, with attention to detail, so that they are solid and functional. Here you can see the manufacturer's experience in the military, shooting and purely civilian markets. This is a company that has been producing good quality military equipment for a long time and it can be seen in their products.

Airsoft vest on a stand with the MAPA logo

When it comes to camouflage itself, there's a lot to hide. He works. I have had the opportunity to see it in action in many different applications. As long as you remember to move appropriately and to camouflage yourself in shaded places rather than in open spaces, you can become almost invisible. Of course, the uniform itself won't work miracles. Personally, I think it's one of the more effective camouflage patterns. The next step for people who want to camouflage themselves is probably to invest in typical ghillie suit camouflage clothing.

After it turned out that the Polish Army had not decided to use uniforms in the described camouflage, it seemed for a while that the Polish, modern pattern of MAPA would be forgotten. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nowadays he is not forgotten at all. It is often seen at airsoft games, shooting competitions and other outdoor activities. The equipment in this camouflage is made by producers of good quality products and its popularity does not seem to be ending.


Author: Boreq

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