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Popular WW2 Airsoft guns


World War II was a conflict that undoubtedly shaped the current world order in geopolitical terms. The conflict itself consisted of many battles fought throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. A conflict of this magnitude could not go without an echo in the media. The heroism and sacrifice of the soldiers fighting on the fronts of World War II were the inspiration for thousands of songs, movies, TV series, stories or games. The stories of veterans or the battles depicted on the silver screen have inspired many people to collect and reconstruct troops from that era. So, we can read about World War II participants, we can watch a movie about them, we can play them in a computer game, we can dress alike, but can we feel a sense of the substitute of their service by using a replica of the weapons they used? That's what this article will be about.

Characteristics of WW2 guns

WW2 guns have their own peculiar style and spirit of the mid-19th century. The designers of the time did not have access to computers or CNC machine, the weapons were mainly made of forged, stamped, casted steel and wood. In addition, they are perfectly reminiscent of the military doctrines of the time, where accuracy, durability and the stopping power of the projectile itself mattered more, unlike today.

In the following article, I will introduce the most popular designs of the Second World War and point out their replicas.

Carabiner 98K

Abbreviated to Kar98K or commonly known as "Mauser" because of its ammunition. It is incredibly accurate, superbly made and a reliable workhorse of the German armies in Europe and Africa. Like the German Stalhelm helmet, it is a symbol of the Second World War.

SW-022A Kar98 (Real Wood) Rifle Replica

Shpagin's Submachine Gun

That is, the PPSh-41 or "Pepesha" the symbol of the assault troops of the Red Army and the People's Army of Poland. The submachine gun with its high rate of fire and reliability, along with a drum magazine for 71 rounds, was an excellent weapon for fighting in trenches and urban areas. Together with the T-34/85 tank, it was a symbol of victory over the Third Reich and liberation Eastern Europe.

PPSH submachine gun replica

Colt 1911A1

A perfectly timeless pistol that is still used today in practically unchanged form by sport shooters and US security services officers. THe powerful almost 10mm bullet, reliability and simple design made it the best companion (besides the soldier next door) of American tankers, pilots and officers

KP1911 pistol replica

Machine Gewehr 42

MG42, rechristened "Hitler's Saw" by the Allies because of its staggering rate of fire. A highly accurate, well-thought-out and versatile hand-held machine gun of the Third Reich's armed forces. A design ahead of its time that inspired most of the current LMGs.

MG42 machine gun replica


Luger or Parabellum, a German pistol designed before World War II. Due to the fact that it was mainly assigned to officers and because of its unconventional design, it was an extremely desirable trophy among the Allies.

ASG GBB WE P08 pistol

WW2 Airsoft guns - summary

WW2 airsoft guns are extremely interesting and require a completely different approach than modern designs due to their size, weight, limited ammunition and lack of upgradeability with additional accessories.

Will you take up the challenge to feel like our ancestors?

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