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Airsoft guns from games - Stalker


The STALKER series of games is, at the time, a unique open-world RPG from Eastern Europe with a unique atmosphere combining post-socialist architecture, modern weaponry and Science-Fiction elements. The game also belongs to the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre and abounds with many interesting, realistically depicted pieces of actual weaponry.

Stalker – weapons from the game

The plot of the game takes place in the Pripyat and Chernobyl area in 2012, after the second, much worse in its consequences, disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Taking this into account, in the game we mainly encounter weaponry used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and services under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, the Ukrainian Military sent to the area of the second Chernobyl disaster is not the only faction appearing in the game. Into the so-called "Zone" the desire to earn money, escape the law or proclaim their extreme political views was lured many shady characters, who decided to establish their factions, frequently smuggling weapons from NATO countries.

Stalker universe and airsoft

Due to its unique atmosphere and Ukrainian roots, the game has a very sizable fan base in countries throughout Eastern and Central-Eastern Europe. Polish, Czech, Slovak, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian fans of the game make the STALKER universe alive years after the release of the last part. Books, short stories field games, dozens of game modifications and add-ons created by enthusiasts, cosplays, conventions are just a fraction of the thriving universe. LARP events set in the STALKER universe are extremely popular in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Poland. Hundreds of players with carefully prepared cosplays of their favorite factions and props take on the roles of Stalkers, Bandits, Soldiers, etc. Armed with airsoft guns, for several days, more than once from dawn to dusk, they perform tasks, collect artifacts and fight with each other for control of the Zone.

Weapons from the game Stalker and their airsoft counterparts


PMM is nothing more than the good ol’ Soviet Makarov Pistol, or PM for short. In the game, it is the weakest gun and armament of novice stalkers. Replicas of the Makarov pistol are produced by KWC and WE, among others.

The Stalker game's protagonist armed with an airsoft pistol PMM

Novice stalker armed with PMM


A very rare and powerful pistol for experienced Stalkers and faction officers. The Kora-919 was modeled after the Colt 1911A1 pistol. Replicas of these pistols are made by many companies, one of which is KJW.

airsoft pistol kora-919 in game Stalker

A player armed with Kora-919 in front of the "Duty" blokpost.

Black Kite

That is, the Desert Eagle in the STALKER universe. The strongest and most expensive pistol in the game.

Stalker armed with an airsoft pistol Black Kite

Stalker armed with Black Kite

SIP-t M200

A pistol of experienced soldiers of the "Freedom" faction and a secondary weapon of Western mercenaries on contract in the Zone. In creating the SIP-t M200, the developers were inspired by the Sig Sauer P220 pistol.

airsoft pistol SIP-t M200 in Stalker game

SIP-t M200

Viper 5

That is, the only submachine gun in the game. The main armament of bandits and moderately experienced stalkers. The Viper was created through the inspiration of the MP5A5 submachine gun.

Bandit armed with Viper 5

Chaser 13

The most popular shotgun in the game, the armament of bandits, stalkers and even experienced members of the factions "Freedom" and "Duty". Invaluable weapon against mutants and lightly armored opponents at short range. The Chaser is equivalent to an actual Mossberg Maverick 88 shotgun.

airsoft gun Chaser 13 in Stalker game

Player reloading Chaser 13


The most common rifles in the game in all factions. The issued rifle of the soldiers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the fighters of "Duty" and stalkers. Equipped with a PSO-1 sight even found in Western mercenaries. Kalashnikovs in the game are one of the most reliable weapons, with the ability to be equipped with a underbarrel grenade launchersilencer and optical sight.

airsoft gun AKM 74/2 in Stalker game

„Clear Sky” Fighter armed with AKM 74/2

VLA, Vintar BC

Special carbines for 9x39 ammunition. Mostly used by the Specnaz of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the most experienced and military stalkers. Due to the fact that real steel counterparts, i.e. WSS Vintoriez and AS Val, were used mainly by Russian, Belarusian special forces and scouts, as well as few Ukrainian units (min. Unit "Alpha" of the Security Service of Ukraine) the carbines were practically unknown. Thanks to the STALKER series of games, both constructions have practically gained worldwide fame.

The main character of the game STALKER with an airsoft gun Vintar on his back

Major Dekhtiarov of the SBU, the main protagonist of STALKER "Call of Pripyat" with Vintar on his back.

IL 86

Carbine used mainly by fighters of the "Freedom" faction. Very accurate and equipped with a factory optical sight. The combustible equivalent of the IL is the L85.

airsoft gun Il 86 in Stalker game

IL 86 in the hands of player

GP 37

The assault carbine of mercenaries, fighters of the "Monolith" and "Freedom" factions, one of the most expensive and best weapons in the game, also equipped with a factory optical sight. The real world equivalent is the G36.

Stalker armed with airsoft gun GP 37

Experienced stalker armed with GP 37

FT 200M

Undoubtedly the most modern and one of the most desirable weapons in the Zone, often used by "Monolith" fighters. Perfect for long and short range combat thanks to the factory optical sight. The firepower is complemented by the factory underbarrel grenade launcher. The FN 2000 carbine was used as a reference.

Stalker equipped with an exoskeleton and airsoft gun FT 200M

Wealthy stalker equipped with exoskeleton and FT 200M


Stalker for an airsoft player - experiences

Great weapon models are only a fraction of the STALKER universe. Factions with their own history, unique uniforms, equipment and politics. Deadly anomalies, terrifying mutants, precious artifacts. All this encapsulated in the gray, bleak and depressing reality of post-Soviet Chernobyl. The ever-improving STALKER LARP events perfectly capture the atmosphere of the game, practically allow you to move into this world. And escaping with a backpack full of artifacts from a mutant nimbly dodging army patrols and bandits gives you memories for years to come.

Are you ready to defend the world from the horrors of the Zone? Or do you want to get rich by entering deadly anomalies to extract artifacts?

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