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Cyber Monday - Deals You Can't Miss!


The end of November marks the start of pre-holiday sales, making it the perfect time for shopping. Various products see significant price reductions during this period, and many eagerly await Cyber Monday. It's a day of exceptional deals in online stores, and we are excited to be a part of it. We've prepared deals that you absolutely cannot miss! Perhaps now is the time to grab your dream airsoft gun or other tactical gear at incredibly attractive prices.

Cyber Monday 2023 - When is it Organized and Why?

Like many new holidays and commercial events, Cyber Monday originated in the United States. Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday kicks off the pre-holiday deals in brick-and-mortar stores, with Cyber Monday adding online stores to the mix. The term was first used in the USA in 2005, and in subsequent years, e-stores in many other countries in Europe, Asia, and South America also began utilizing it. Deals start on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, so Cyber Monday 2023 falls on November 27.

Cyber Monday Deals - Seize the Best Deals!

Cyber Monday deals will help you fulfill your airsoft dreams. If you've had your eye on tactical gear or dreamed of a new airsoft gun, but your budget held you back, now you have much more maneuvering room. We've lowered the prices of many airsoft gun models, shooting accessories, and tactical equipment. Both new products and our biggest bestsellers are part of the deal. So, you can choose proven accessories or try something entirely new. Equip yourself with gear that was previously too heavy on your wallet, and you had to hold off on purchasing. Cyber Monday 2023 at Gunfire is the chance to finally have it!

Cyber Monday Deals on Airsoft Guns in 2023 

We know that airsoft players are primarily interested in airsoft gun deals, so let's start with them. The SW-022A Kar98 sniper rifle airsoft gun with a scope is a model for sharpshooters from the Snow Wolf brand. It's not only solidly crafted but also looks very realistic – every smallest construction detail has been taken care of. The long barrel and the included scope will allow you to achieve accurate shots right out of the box. 

SW-022A Kar98 airsoft rifle with scope

SW-022A Kar98 Airsoft Rifle with scope

On the other hand, the LCK104 NV assault rifle airsoft gun is a model for Kalashnikov enthusiasts. If you're a fan of this Soviet design, you'll surely appreciate the high quality of materials used and the craftsmanship of this airsoft gun. It will provide you with long and efficient performance on the battlefield and will also work well as a base for further tuning.

LCK 104 NV airsoft assault rifle

LCK104 NV airsoft assault rifle

The Perfect Time to Buy Shooting Accessories

Cyber Monday is also the perfect opportunity to equip yourself with essential shooting accessories at a fraction of their usual cost. Optics are crucial for achieving high shot precision, so one of our recommendations is the Open reflex sight replica. It will perform well in both daytime and nighttime operations, and the adjustable reticle will allow you to tailor settings to the requirements of a given action.

black replica of the Open red dot sight

Open Reflex Sight Replica

Owners of airsoft pistols will find the GFC Tactical universal holster very useful. It comes with a magazine pouch that can hold one pistol magazine. The holster can accommodate airsoft guns of various pistol models – including the most iconic ones, such as Colt or Glock.

GFC Tactical universal holster

Universal holster PB8999

Similar in functionality is the modular thigh panel with a holster, also from GFC Tactical. It comes with a holster and a magazine pouch, and an additional useful element is a small 100x900x25mm pouch where you can place additional shooting accessories.

Modular thigh panel with holster GFC Tactical

Drop-Leg Panel with Holster

Cyber Monday Deals on Tactical Equipment

The Plate Carrier TMPMC-03 tactical vest is our suggestion for players who want to ensure better comfort and more realistic experiences on the battlefield. This model is made of incredibly durable Cordura 700 material, produced by the Polish company Maskpol S.A.

Plate Carrier vest Maskpol

TMPMC-03 Plate Carrier

Another recommended vest covered by Cyber Monday deals is the 9039 Basic Plate CarrierGFC Tactical brand. It's made of lightweight and damage-resistant nylon, and on its front panel, three double magazine pouches are attached: 3 Stanag/5.56 magazines and 3 pistol magazines. 

Plate Carrier Basic vest GFC Tactical

Type 9039 Basic Vest

Gloves are an important and widely used tactical equipment, and at the end, we want to recommend two professional models from the Mechanix Wear brand. Mechanix Original™ gloves are characterized by increased mechanical resistance and resistance to water/oils. This makes them suitable for all conditions and tasks. Similarly, the Mechanix M-Pact® 2 gloves are additionally reinforced with EVA foam and thermoplastic rubber, and they also feature D3O® technology. They protect the hand from blunt tool impacts and vibrations, providing even better protection during various tasks and activities.

Mechanix Original gloves coyote brown

Mechanix Original™ gloves

Mechanix M-Pact R2 gloves black
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