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What to Buy on Black Friday? Exploring the Best Deals!


Black Friday is the celebration of all bargain hunters, offering reduced prices that are incredibly tempting. It's the time of year when you can score the best deals, fulfill your shopping dreams, and even start stocking up on holiday gifts. So, on Black Friday, you can not only complete your planned purchases but also hunt for super bargains! We've prepared a review of the best deals that you definitely shouldn't miss. While this is just a small portion of what we have planned for this holiday, it will give you an idea of what's worth buying on Black Friday. For the rest of the amazing deals, come visit our store!

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday is a tradition that originated in the United States and is associated with Thanksgiving. It marks the start of the holiday shopping and sales season. Thanksgiving is a movable feast that occurs every fourth Thursday in November, and on the following Friday, people rush to take advantage of promotional sales. In the USA, Black Friday is of such enormous scale that it creates a chaotic environment with heavy traffic, roadblocks, and even occasional altercations. The term 'Black Friday' was first used by the police to describe the chaos that occurred in Philadelphia in 1961. Fortunately, you don't have to endure the traffic jams and confrontationsyou can make your purchases from the comfort of your own home on November 24, which is when Black Friday 2023 falls this year.

illuminated BLACK FRIDAY inscription

What to Buy on Black Friday? The Best Airsoft Deals!

Black Friday is undoubtedly a joyful time for every airsoft enthusiast, survivalist, and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. It's the perfect time to buy the gear and equipment you need at attractive prices or finally fulfill your dreams of acquiring airsoft guns that were previously beyond your budget. On Black Friday, you can afford more because that's when you'll find the best AIRSOFT deals! There are thousands of products available at discounted prices, including a wide variety of models, brands, and specifications. Black Friday is also an excellent opportunity to start your Christmas and holiday shopping because there's only a month left until Christmas. Starting early to organize your gifts will help you avoid the last-minute rush and ensure you have everything in time. While others are frantically scouring online stores for last-minute gifts, you can be enjoying the Christmas spirit with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. If this vision sounds tempting to you, then it's time to start your preparations. So, let's discuss the best deals, so you'll know what's worth buying on Black Friday!

Airsoft Guns  – Black Friday is the Best Time to Get One!

The purchase of airsoft guns typically consumes a significant portion of an airsoft players budget. It's not something that's frequently changed, and the price of a particular model can be a limiting factor. That's why it's even more important to hunt for deals. And for Black Friday, we've prepared a plethora of them!  Let's start with the models that are most favored by players, namely electric powered assault rifle airsoft guns and one of the most beloved brandsSpecna Arms. The SA-J71 CORE™ is an affordable airsoft gun made with high-quality components. Reinforced with nylon polymer, it offers a relatively lightweight build, while critical parts of the airsoft gun are steel and metal. These materials are used for the trigger guard, mechanical sights, safety selector, and gearbox components such as steel gears, spring guide, and tappet plate. This model is perfect for both woodland skirmishes and close-quarters combat, providing excellent maneuverability and easy power adjustment with the ESA2™ quick spring change system.

SA-J71 Core airsoft gun

SA-J71 CORE™ Carbine Replica

For those willing to invest a bit more, the Heckler & Koch HK416 Gen3 airsoft gun by Umarex is a great Black Friday purchase. It's equally lightweight and durable, featuring a V2 gearbox and a MOSFET system. This airsoft gun is officially licensed, a detail that is appreciated by fans of authentic reproductions. For the most discerning players, we recommend the Trident Mk-II M SPR assaultat airsoft rifle from KRYTAC. This top-tier model boasts features like a gearbox with an integrated MOSFET and quick spring change system, a rotary hop-up chamber, functioning bolt catch, and a precise 6.03 mm inner barrel. Its exceptional build quality and fit will be immediately noticeable as soon as you pick it up.

HK416 Gen3 airsoft gun

Heckler&Koch HK416 Gen3 carbine replica

Black Friday Deals on Special Mission Airsoft Guns!

If you enjoy long-range engagements during airsoft battles, you might be interested in the SA-46 CORE™ light machine airsoft gun from Specna Arms. Its robust gearbox allows for a muzzle velocity of around 400 FPS and is ready for further power upgrades. This model excels in maintaining effective fire control while offering good maneuverability and handling, despite its substantial weight. Its quick barrel disassembly system and a folding steel bipod, included in the kit, make handling it more comfortable.

Now, for those who prefer a different style of gameplay, especially in CQB environments or as a backup weapon, the Specna Arms DELUXE Edition SAI BLU airsoft pistol is an excellent choice. Developed in collaboration with the renowned firearm manufacturer Salient Arms International™, it offers superb craftsmanship and a realistic feel. These are further enhanced by the strong Blow-Back system. It's true that this model comes at a higher price, but it's precisely what's worth buying on Black Friday.

Black Friday Deals on Tactical Gear

Reduced prices on airsoft guns aren't the only promotions we've prepared for Black Friday. Tactical gear items are also part of the deals, including the MTEK FLUX helmet replica from PTS. The helmet shell is constructed from ABS reinforced with fiberglass, ensuring durability and strength. It's comfortable and allows for freedom of movement, with the added benefit of being compatible with accessories like communication headsets, tactical lights, and protective goggles.

MTEK - FLUX airsoft helmet

MTEK - FLUX Helmet Replica

During airsoft or paintball games, survival scenarios, or while navigating the crowded aisles of a physical store on Black Friday, a tactical plate carrier like the Plate Carrier Trias from PRIMAL GEAR is essential. It offers comfort, adjustability, and personalization. The carrier can be easily tailored to your body utilizing adjustable straps. It features a wide range of fixed and additional pouches that can be securely attached using the MOLLE/PALS system. Inside, from the shoulder blades to the abdomen, there's a reinforced section with special padding that helps distribute the weight of your gear primarily around the hips. The plate carrier is both lightweight and durable, made from 500D ASPEN material, enhancing comfort during use 

Plate Carrier Trias tactical vest

Tactical vest Plate Carrier Trias PRIMAL GEAR

More Black Friday Promotions to Explore

The Mini Set Primal Gear - G17 x Drop Leg is a kit designed for owners of Glock 17 airsoft pistols. It includes a skeletal holster platform called Stegos, a Kydex holster, and a complete set of mounting components along with a thigh strap. The holster platform is crafted from durable aluminum and is compatible with two-module tactical belts with a width of up to 57 mm, as well as PALS system belts. With this platform, you can adjust the holster according to your preferences at one of three heights and even tilt it 10° forward or backward. This option makes drawing your pistol easier and more efficient.

Primal Gear mini set

Mini Set Primal Gear - G17 x Drop Leg

As we approach the end of our suggestions on what's worth buying on Black Friday, let's now focus on more budget-friendly products with further price reductions. The advanced Rodac duty belt offers a two-point suspension system with extensive adjustability to suit the user. It features a dynamic length adjustment system with a wide range of regulation and includes anti-slip elements. Your comfort is ensured by the 50 mm-wide Comfort Pad made of foam, preventing the belt from digging into your shoulder.

And now, something for those who also care about their appearance on the battlefield. The Stalker V3 type mask from Ultimate Tactical adds an aggressive character to any loadout. While it doesn't offer ballistic protection, it will certainly deter opponents with its imposing design. The mask primarily consists of a flexible metal mesh that allows for a good fit to your face shape and provides proper airflow to prevent fogging of protective glasses. This is an optional accessory that's perfect for spontaneous purchases on Black Friday.

Stalker V3 mask woodland

Stalker V3 type mask

Black Friday 2023 is a day you cannot miss!

We could keep listing more and more products at discounted prices, but you probably already have a good idea of what's worth buying on Black Friday. However, if, by some miracle, your shopping cart is still empty, hundreds of other discounted airsoft guns, equipment items, and accessories are waiting for you on our store pages. Don't let your adversaries on the field (or your teammates) beat you to the best deals. Be the first to seize the greatest bargains!


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