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Airsoft New Year's resolutions


Rules for playing in our New Year's challenges

Together with Gunfire, we have prepared a list of New Year's challenges. Before I present a full list of them, let's take a moment to define the ground rules of the game. We have ten basic tasks. Depending on what kind of skirmishes we visit most often, they can have different types of difficulties for us. Most should still be easily doable with little effort and resources. We have also prepared three bonus challenges. It is for people who are ambitious and are always an A+ students. These, however, may require more time or financial resources. There is no problem in combining challenges, provided that it is not explicitly forbidden in their description. For example, there is no problem to sign up for a pistol party while playing on a commercial field. Then we have two resolutions done and dusted. The whole challenge is fun and will help us spice up our shooting games next year. I'm curious how you're going. If you want to share your impressions, let me know on Instagram.

Discussion of the rules of play

The full list of challenges:

  • Range Master - Measure the range of the replica with a rangefinder, tape measure or geoportal
  • Hammer Time - Effective elimination of the opponent with a dummy melee weapon
  • Dwarf time - Attach the mascot to the equipment and spend the entire airsoft game with it
  • Pistol party Play a skirmish where only pistol replicas are allowed
  • Arena - Visit an arena or other commercial field and play a game there
  • 8h war - Take part in a shooting game that lasts at least 8 hours
  • I am speed - Take part in a skirmish or training in speedsoft
  • Pistol frag - In a normal shooting game (not a pistol party) hit an opponent with a handgun
  • I need a medic - Refill the first aid kit
  • Repairs needed - Compose an airsoft repair kit
  • BONUS: Oldie but goldie - Buy an ASH replica (historical airsoft)
  • BONUS: Cameraman - Record your gameplay from a skirmish
  • BONUS: Pimp my gun - Tuning the replica, yourself

Let's discuss them in detail.

1. Range Master 

We often think we know the range of our airsoft gun. Unfortunately, humans are rather poorly adapted to judging distances. This challenge will help us verify our assumptions. Suddenly 50 meters (160 ft) will turn out to be much further than we thought. And a replica that hits a man-sized target at 90 meters (295 ft) quickly loses its performance. Personally, I recommend equipping yourself with a tape measure from a home improvement store. It will come in handy not only for this. We set the target, measure the distance and check what is the farthest distance we are able to hit. Alternatively, we can find some landmarks such as roads or buildings and by measuring the distance between them, for example, using Google Maps, we can build a picture of the situation.

2. Hammer Time

If, like me, you like FPS games, you surely know that in some of them we have spectacular animations when we manage to approach the enemy and eliminate them, for example with a knife. Recreating it in the realities of an airsoft game doesn't have to be that easy, but thanks to that it will provide a lot of satisfaction. Armed with a rubber training knife, dummy bayonet or any other kind of improvised melee weapon replica, we eliminate the enemy. It will definitely help us to improve our stealth skills. The only thing we have to remember is to check whether the event organizer allows such mechanics at all.

training knife

3. Dwarf time

We stay on the subject of video games. In one of the DLCs to the game Half Life, we can face the challenge of moving a model of a garden elf throughout the story. Let's try the same thing, but maybe use any mascot to make things easier. Moving a dwarf made of plaster could be quite troublesome. This will help us train attention and, additionally, if we decide on a brightly coloured stuffed animal, we will make the game more difficult by making it easier for opponents to notice.

4. Pistol party

Games where only airsoft pistol are allowed are a completely new quality for people used to assault rifles. On the one hand, we have smaller magazines and range, but also our mobility is increasing. This can be a great workout and a chance to blow the dust off a rarely used pistol.

airsoft pistol

5. Arena

Especially in Western Europe, arenas and other types of commercial airsoft fields are very popular. However, there are still few of them in Poland. Let's give this kind of space a chance. Personally, I have only positive experiences. Arenas are often run by people who are passionate about our sport and it shows in their approach and how they try to spice up the game. If you usually shoot in some commercial field due to habits, proximity or legal conditions in your country, check out a new Arena as part of this challenge. Preferably not necessarily in your close vicinity.

6. 8h war

I am rather a supporter of a quick Sunday skirmish myself. Two short rounds, negative verification of own skills and return home for lunch. However, more complex scenarios for a few hours can provide many interesting, new experiences. Often, fire contacts are less frequent and we have to perform more complex tasks as part of the game. Our equipment needs and what we take to eat and drink will change.

7. I am speed

As in the previous resolution, this is about breaking your habits and trying something new. Training with speedsoft players can show us factors that we might not have noticed in our game at all. Personally, I am very impressed with the attention to detail that each team represents. The desire to improve and a lot of attention devoted to both replicas and tactics are issues that will undoubtedly be useful to everyone and there is a lot of it in speed games.

8. Pistol frag

Few things are as satisfying as successfully eliminating an opponent while playing with a pistol. But let's not cheat. At the Pistol Party from the previous challenge, we will have only short replica frags. In that case, let's agree that at this point we only count the situations that we will play during the classic game, where our basic airsoft gun will be an assault rifle. Creating opportunities to approach an opponent with a pistol will be a challenge worth noting and will sharpen our focus.

airsoft pistol and magazine

9. I need a medic

A first aid kit is not only useful but also necessary in skirmishes. And it doesn't matter if we go for all-day manoeuvres or rather for quick games with friends. Minor injuries can happen to anyone and under different circumstances. Having a well-equipped first aid kit reduces the risk of the situation worsening. If you already use the first-aid kit, check if it is still complete and if the medicines contained in it have not expired. There is a lot of material on the net about the equipment of such a set. Who knows. Maybe even on the Gunfire blog we will discuss this topic someday.

aid kit

10. Repairs needed

Just like us and our replicas, a minor glitch can happen. The basic repair kit will reduce the likelihood of us being eliminated from the game. The topic of the repair kit has already appeared on this blog. However, it is worth remembering about the basics such as insulating tape, a set of hex keys, a Phillips screwdriver or a knife.

repair kit

It's time for bonus challenges. As I mentioned, they may be associated with greater financial and time expenditure. That is why I decided to distinguish them from the previous ten. If you have completed all the tasks so far, but still feel unsatisfied, it is worth taking an interest in the following.

BONUS 1: Oldie but goldie

ASH replicas, i.e., those for historical airsoft, are a growing market segment. They have their own unique character and are often very important for reenactors. As part of our challenge, let's give ourselves a chance to check how such a structure works. My favourite in this category will be the KAR98K airsoft rifles by PPS. After I had the opportunity to test it live, I was positively surprised by the operation of its gas drive.

airsoft kar98k

BONUS 2: Cameraman

I've been recording my skirmishes for a while now. It really gives you a lot to think about. Drawing conclusions from a situation when we have been eliminated becomes much easier if we can trace our actions on the recording. We do not have to immediately publish our recordings on the Web. Let's see if it's for us and if we can draw any conclusions about our own game. Maybe we'll find room for improvement?

gopro for video recording

BONUS 3: Pimp my gun

Entering the path of an airsoft service technician is an undertaking as difficult as it is satisfying. Nowadays, with easy access to knowledge, it is not difficult to learn the basics of repairing replicas on your own. I am an example of this myself. As often happens, however, it is the details that determine the true mastery. In this challenge, however, we are about to break through. Maybe it's time to start a replica-project? Or maybe it's time to bring back to life a piece that has been lying at the bottom of the wardrobe for a long time and waiting for better times? If you are still not sure of your skills, at least try to equip yourself with new accessories such as optics or grips. Something that will help you change the old replica and give it a new face.

specna arms accessories

With such a list of airsoft challenges for the New Year, we will definitely not be bored. We will try something new and broaden our horizons in this hobby. Maybe this will be the beginning of our new interest in this game? Maybe we will discover a talent for stealth, which will be useful later during the regular game? After all, maybe we'll finally convince ourselves to participate in a more extensive scenario? The New Year means new opportunities and a chance to try something new. Let's try it also in our airsoft hobby.

Author: Boreq

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