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How to load a CO2 cartridge?


Gas is one of the three main types of power sources in airsoft guns, accompanied by electricity and springs. Gas BB guns are considered to be more difficult in use than electric or spring airsoft guns. Installing CO2 cartridges also seems to prove troublesome at times. Spring airsoft guns do not need to be charged at all, and in the case of electric airsoft weapons, it is enough to connect the battery to a charger. But how to power a gas airsoft gun? Contrary to appearances, it is very simple, but you do need a little practice - that’s why we’ve prepared this short manual! We will not only guide you through the entire CO2 cartridge installation process, but we will also advise you in what application this type of power supply will work best.

What does a standard CO2 cartridge look like?

CO2 cartridges are small bottles containing compressed carbon dioxide - in liquid form. Their capacity is 12 grams and they fit any gas airsoft gun that is adapted to be powered by this gas. You also have the option of green gas - powered airsoft guns, which are designed a bit differently. Green gas is a mixture of gases that come in larger containers. It is forced directly into the container, located in the magazine; therefore, it is usually not possible to use these two types of gases interchangeably. However, this is not always the case, as there are also weapons available on the airsoft market that run on both CO2 and green gas.

co2 gas cartridge

Which types of airsoft guns use the 12g CO2 cartridges?

Gas - powered airsoft guns are usually short weapons, such as pistols or revolvers, but of course there are also submachine gunsassault rifles or even sniper rifles available on the airsoft market, powered by gas - also by CO2. These types of airsoft guns are very powerful and are used during airsoft games conducted in the open terrain. The higher muzzle velocity makes the BB fly further, making CO2 - powered airsoft guns perfect for long distances.

At the same time, it also means that you will not always be allowed to use this class of equipment during CQB games, when there are restrictions regarding the power of the airsoft guns admissible. In case of CQB, the muzzle velocity cannot exceed 350 FPS, and gas - powered airsoft guns are usually in excess of this limit. Bigger firepower can be an advantage in the case of airsoft sniper rifles, where the greatest possible range is of essence. A BB fired from a gas airsoft sniper rifle will probably travel much farther than in the case of the spring - powered sniper rifle, and maybe even an electric one.

co2 cartridges

Installation of a CO2 cartridge in an airsoft gun

You can easily install a CO2 cartridge in your airsoft gun. Just remember - always observe safety precautions! First of all, prevent accidental discharge and point the barrel in a way that ensures that no one gets hurt. Regardless of whether it is a carbine or an airsoft pistol - CO2 is usually installed in the magazine or under the scales of the pistol grip, so to load the CO2 cartridge you have to:

  • remove the magazine or the grip casing;
  • turn the piercing lever counterclockwise until you feel resistance, in order to loosen it;
  • install the CO2 cartridge with the narrow end pointing upwards;
  • turn the screw under the cartridge until you feel increased resistance - this is done in order to pierce the CO2 cartridge;
  • replace the magazine. Your airsoft gun is now ready to shoot!

If you follow the above instructions, you will easily and safely install a carbon dioxide cartridge in your airsoft gun. Remember, however, that the use of this type of power supply also requires proper maintenance of the equipment and the safe use of the cartridge itself. In this case, it is also worth following a few rules.

CO2 cartridge - instructions of use

CO2 cartridges cannot be exposed to high temperatures (above 48 degrees Celsius), i.e. exposed to sources of fire. Do not store them near a heat source or puncture them, as this can lead to a discharge. Just as you remove BBs from your airsoft when not using it, you should also remove the CO2 cartridge. Thanks to this, the seals in the airsoft gun will last longer. You should also remember to clean the airsoft gun regularly and properly maintain the seals.

cartridge for airsoft gun

Is it worth using airsoft guns with CO2 cartridges?

Each type of motor has its advantages and disadvantages that should be analyzed before you decide on a specific airsoft gun model. Gas supply is more expensive, since it is necessary to refill gas or replace cartridges, which, with frequent shooting, can set you back quite a lot financially. CO2 cartridges themselves are cheap - especially if you buy them in bulk packaging, so their quantity makes the difference. It is estimated that one cartridge lasts about 80 shots, so it goes quite fast.

The advantage of CO2 - powered airsoft guns is that they are very powerful, so if you want high muzzle velocity, you should look for your equipment among gas models. However, keep in mind the decreased CO2 efficiency at low temperatures - airsoft guns powered by gas work best in the spring - summer period. All this makes CO2 a less versatile type of fuel, that is usually chosen for very specific applications, for example as a powerful backup airsoft gun or for sharpshooting, in which case gas consumption is lower.


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