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Best BBs for airsoft


Every airsoft gun should be matched with the appropriate airsoft BBs, as this determines the optimal performance of a given weapon. Good ammunition allows for longer-ranged and more accurate shots, very much influencing the results of any skirmish. When choosing your BBs, you have to pay attention to their weight and quality. These are two key elements, but a lot also depends on the construction of your airsoft gun. And so - how do you choose appropriate BBs?

Types of airsoft BBs

Airsoft BBs with a diameter of 6 mm are the common type, although larger sizes are also available, although not used very often. BBs differ mainly in terms of weight. This is the most important parameter of BBs, directly related to the parameters of the given airsoft gun. The weight of the BBs you choose should depend on the power of your ASG. Their weight can vary greatly, ranging from 0.12 g to 0.30 g / 0.36 g, but the standard, most commonly used ammunition weighs 0.25 g.

balls for the gun

BBs can also be made of various materials. Plastic is the most common material, but recently biodegradable BBs are gaining increased popularity. They’re made of natural materials, like cane sugar or corn starch, and their advantage is that they completely dissolve over time. Seamless BBs with a perfectly smooth surface are also a good choice, ensuring smooth travel through the gun barrel. If a battle take place after dark, airsoft tracer BBs come in handy.

Airsoft BBs can also be of better or worse quality, directly related to the precision of workmanship. Quality should also be taken into account when choosing BBs, as it affects the operation of the airsoft gun.

asg balls

How to match ASG BBs to your airsoft gun?

The precision of manufacture affects the proper balance and perfectly round shape of BBs. This is what the more expensive airsoft BBs are usually characterized by, but their advantage also lies in that they don’t jam in the barrel. Better-quality BBs guarantee no empty shots so, in the long term, they might actually save you some money. A well-balanced BB will also always go where you point it and will not suddenly change direction. However, as we have already mentioned, weight is also an important factor. It should be matched to your airsoft gun.

bbs airsoft

Selection of appropriate BBs weigh

The selection of appropriate ammunition depends on the muzzle velocity of the given airsoft gun. The faster it is, the heavier the BBs that you should choose. Many players use airsoft guns with a speed of 400 FPS; ASG ammunition suitable for ASGs with this type of power weighs 0.25 g. Remember, however, that this is only a guideline; a given airsoft gun may cooperate better with BBs of a different mass. Heavier BBs provide better performance also because they’re not so susceptible to obstacles appearing during the flight. Lighter BBs can change their flight path under the influence of wind or a brush by tree leaves.

bbs asg

In order to select the most optimum type out of all the different types of BBs, it is necessary to conduct tests. Even if, according to theory, a given type of ammunition should be the most recommendable, it may turn out that other ASG BBs are much better suited for your airsoft gun - for example, they work better with the hop-up system and fit the barrel better. Finding the optimal BBs may take some time, but it is worth the effort, as it’s one of the most important elements influencing for the performance of your weapon.


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