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Airsoft camouflage


Camouflage is an element that, like many other tools, accessories and equipment, was adopted by the airsoft community from military forces. All the armies of the modern world use various types of camouflage, which are very often modified and improved. New solutions and ideas are constantly being brainstormed and developed to make them even more effective. There is an astounding variety of camo patterns that you can also use during airsoft battles.

What is the purpose of military camouflage?

Camouflage patterns are designed to hide us from the enemy's sight. This is extremely important in real warfare, because the success of entire missions, and even human life, often depends on getting by unnoticed. In airsoft, the consequences of a possible exposure to the opposing team are of course not as serious. We simply risk losing a game, but during an ambitious and fierce engagement, it can also be painful. Our pride may suffer first and foremost, so we use various methods to increase the chances of winning - including camouflage.

military camouflage

How does camouflage work in airsoft?

The purpose of camouflage is to hide us from the enemy's sight; to help us blend in with the area where the operations are carried out, which is why it is necessary to reproduce its colors as accurately as possible, including vegetation. This is why shades of white and gray prevail in winter camouflage, and in desert areas - the colors of earth, sand and sun. Camouflage patterns used in areas with varying degrees of forestation or with different thickness of vegetation in general must be even more varied. Particular regions of the world can differ greatly in this respect, so the camouflage pattern will be different in Central Europe than, for example, in the tropical climate zone.

Currently, camouflage patterns are used that combine the features of all types of camouflage. The colors, the size of spots, their arrangement, contrast and the frequency of the pattern repetition are very important. Such camouflages are the most effective.

camouflage uniform

Popular camouflage patterns

There are many camouflage patterns available on the market, printed on uniforms, tactical equipment, and even civilian clothing. Some of them are even adopted by pop culture and become periodic fashion trends. Now let's check what camouflage patterns are popular among Polish airsoft players, or are already iconic designs.

The MAPA camouflage

One of the most modern camouflage patterns in the world, developed by Maciej Dojlitko. It is extremely effective due to the fact that it uses a micro pattern applied to a macro pattern. The Maskpol company is currently responsible for the production of clothing and accessories in the MAPA camouflage. You can buy a backpack, a full uniform or a cap in the MAPA camouflage and benefit from a pattern that is more effective than the one currently used by the Polish army.

MAPA Airsoft

Woodland camouflage

One of the older camouflage patterns, that can already be called iconic. It originates from the American army, and although it has already switched to completely different camouflage patterns, you can still meet airsoft players who like to use Woodland.

What camouflage to choose for airsoft and is it worth it?

Airsoft battles are most often fought in forested areas, where camouflage can give you an advantage over your opponent. If you manage to hide from them and lay in wait, the victory shall almost certainly be yours. Not only is it worth disguising your own body using camouflage, but also your airsoft gun, gear, and even your face. Various types of camouflage patterns are used not only on clothing, but also on backpacks and bags, tents or special foil sheets. You can even buy paints to create your own camouflage. Which pattern you choose depends only on you and your preferences.


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