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An airsoft game with a Halloween theme


Airsoft Halloween

Like many different occasions or customs, Halloween is a good opportunity to introduce some variety to airsoft games. Probably the best scenario is present for organized arenas, where typically commercial shootings are organized. However, there is no shortage of smaller events. They usually put on some kind of creative disguise, sometimes offering unusual game modes.

Zombie Hunter patch

But do we need Halloween to enjoy the variety of gameplay? Not necessarily. There is usually no compulsion and if we don't want to dress up as Frankenstein for a game, for example, we don't have to. That's the best part. We can play as we like. However, if we are interested in how to use the Halloween theme in airsoft, let's check out a few possibilities.

Airsoft skirmish in disguise

Probably the easiest way to diversify the game in a certain theme is to introduce costumes. This is a very popular way to refer to an event. We observe this in various skirmishes with a historical reconstruction theme around the anniversaries of important events. The same applies to days like Halloween. A holiday that largely involves wearing fancy costumes is probably the perfect occasion.

Black Devil Mask

As the organizer of a shooting game, it is enough to introduce, for example, a division into a side dressed as zombies or other scares and a typically military side. Thanks to this, both teams are satisfied. Anyone who wants to dress up and have fun will wear a costume. Those who are not interested in this and prefer to wear their regular airsoft kit and have fun can also do so.

If we also put some interesting plot background into it, success is almost guaranteed. This is a great opportunity for more casual and humorous stories. The level of complexity of the scenario basically depends on the resources and willingness of the people organizing the game.

Halloween airsoft game scenarios

It is also not difficult to come up with separate game modes that are related to the topic of this article. One of my proposals will be to modify the scenario known as "scalps" or "zombies". This is a game where the eliminated player stands still and can be "taken over" by the previously enemy team. We can assume that it is a fight between two teams. One team would be zombies that bites the enemies and take them over (please don't take it literally). The other side may be army forces equipped with antidotes, which they administer to the captured players (again, please just simulate shots).

Różowa maska Exoskeleton

The familiar terrain defence mode can also easily be transformed into a Halloween-themed game. Let's say one team is the defender of a laboratory and they have to fend off the attacks of the other team of Halloween scares. What they are fighting for and what the exact rules are for dominating the area must be established on the spot. It depends on how large the group is and whether the players are dressed up or not.

Technological airsoft gadgets

Recently on Halloween, we discussed the Virtual Shoot device on the Gunfire Blog. Thanks to it, we could set a dedicated shooting scenario. The application built into the system allows, for example, to repel the attack of virtual zombies. I must admit that it's great fun and an opportunity to practice skills at home. Virtual Shoot is an interesting gadget. Unfortunately, it is not devoid of features that could be considered negative. First of all, it requires us to connect the phone and mount it on the airsoft gun for the duration of use. This may be uncomfortable. Especially if someone calls us while having fun.

Virtual Shoot parts for mounting on airsoft gun

A device that does not require any additional application to operate is the recently described Smart Target. By setting an interactive target and installing a special laser insert in the airsoft gun, we can conduct quite sensible non-shooting training. The modifications we introduce to diversify our fun are limited only by our imagination.

Let's say our goal is to get some exercise in, but we also want to introduce a Halloween theme to our training for fun. So, I suggest buying a pumpkin. Or preferably few of them. Do not kid yourself. These vegetables (or fruits) will appear in many homes. We cut lanterns out of them. It's finally Halloween. And in one of them we place our Smart Target. The pumpkin must have quite large holes for it to make sense. The aim of the training will be to hit the target located in the centre of the cut-out lantern. This will require precision from us, and by introducing the element of time measurement, we will also practice speed. The Smart Target system allows you to measure time, so all we need is some way to record the results and we can train.

Smart Target PRO

Training with Smart Targets takes on a completely different level if we decide to use more than one device. We can, for example, set goals as in the example above and, for example, number the pumpkins and lanterns. Let's say we have goals 1, 2 and 3. We make badges with corresponding numbers. We ask the training partner to mix up the numbers. We choose one at random and we have to hit it as quickly as possible. There are so many possibilities.

Low-tech training

Smart Target or Virtual Shoot are very interesting devices that undoubtedly diversify our training. But what if we don't have access to them? Nothing is lost. You can still do an interesting training session and have fun. All you need to do is buy shooting targets with an appropriate motif. In my opinion, there are no better targets for such an occasion than zombie shooting targets.

Range Solutions zombie shooting target

What to do with them? Well, here everything depends on our imagination. We can arrange a course for practical shooting. Thanks to this, we will test a lot of our skills. One example exercise will require only two targets. We place them next to each other. We can describe one as a "gun" and the other as a "rifle". The task is simple. We have to shoot the rifle target with a long replica. Then switch to the pistol and hit the corresponding target. Return to the rifle replica, change the magazine and shoot at its target again. It seems simple, but doing it correctly and quickly will require concentration.

But what if we don't feel like buying shields? Oh well. Then we wait patiently until Halloween is over and we can use the pumpkins that recently served as lanterns for this occasion as shooting targets. Regardless of what training method we choose, remember about safety rules. Even when using Smart Target, I use protective glasses. Not to mention target shooting. Let's have fun responsibly and practice our skills!


Author: Boreq

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