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How to survive the zombie apocalypse? Shoot the zombies on Halloween!


Train to survive the zombie apocalypse

A good friend of mine once said that the best training targets are other airsoft enthusiasts on a local airsoft game. It is impossible to disagree with that. However, we do not always have the opportunity to frequently participate in airsoft skirmishes. There may not be a good field in our area where events are held regularly. Maybe we have many other family and work commitments that limit our spare time? Sometimes we just do not feel like long preparations, getting up in the morning, traveling to the place, waiting for the meeting and heading out into the field are for us. This is understandable. However, on the other hand, the lack of regular training may have a negative impact on our game when we go to a skirmish with friends. Look at speedsoft players. After all, they train regularly like footballers or sportsmen in other fields. Often with a trainer and according to a detailed plan. We can see the effects later at competitions such as the well-known Airsoft Team Poland.

airsoft gun

So how do we combine these two contradictions? On the one hand, there is no time, and on the other hand, the desire to train regularly. In my opinion, training at home is a very good solution! Additionally, thanks to technological advances and a few clever ideas, we can make our training sessions fun no worse than a movie or a computer game. What if I told you that you can organize a virtual shooting range at home, where you have access to various targets ranging from bottles to shields or even zombies? Virtual-Shot pistol mount comes in handy here. This product offers us a unique combination of a computer game, shooting range and training tool. It is a special assembly, thanks to which we can connect our phone with an airsoft gun, gel blaster or even a firearm. It allows you to shoot in specially prepared levels or shooting ranges available in the application, which is the second part of the system.

Virtual Shot

Virtual-Shot vs zombie in action

The product we are discussing today comes to us in an aesthetic, black box. We have different versions to choose from. One is a rifle mount V1. It is a sight mounted on the top mounting rail of the carbines with a special rubber element through which we can look at our targets. The second version is an extension arm that is attached to the lower rail of the gun. This element makes the phone screen on which the targets are displayed in front of the barrel and we use the standard sights of our toy. The workmanship is at a high level. There is no problem with the correct mounting of the phone to the holder. Virtual-Shot itself is also easy to mount on the mounting rail in a safe and secure way.

phone attached to airsoft replica

The second piece of the puzzle is a dedicated application. Along with the mount for the phone, we get an instruction and in it a special code that allows us to activate it. In the application itself, we can choose one of the different game modes and scenarios to play. We can shoot static targets such as shields or virtual bottles, but, perhaps most interestingly, we also have the option of playing a slightly more complex scenario. On the occasion of the upcoming Halloween, my attention was drawn to the levels in which we shoot animated zombies. So, with such a gadget, we don’t have to be called Joel and travel with a teenage girl to test ourselves against infected opponents. This type of game will not require us to make morally difficult decisions. It's just about shooting. However, it is very well implemented. Virtual-Shot was created by people with experience in military training. The emphasis was put on a realistic representation of missile ballistics. Thanks to a dozen or so different levels and degrees of difficulty, we can easily adapt the game to our needs and skills.

airsoft gun on the ground
phone attached to airsoft gun

In my tests, the whole system worked best with the AEG replica. It is true that I was able to mount Virtual-Shot on a sniper rifle and even on a GBB pistol, but the fact that you have to reload them after each shot makes the gameplay less smooth. Developers of the application foresaw such an eventuality. At the first launch, we go through the initial settings, where we can choose whether our replica needs to be reloaded or not. Additionally, we choose the method of assembly and configure the sensitivity of the microphone. The system detects sound shots, so in practice the replica we have is no longer relevant. Virtual-Shot will work with both a basic replica made of polymer as well as a heavy KMa replica. Contrary to using the system with gas replicas apart from the battery, we do not need anything else with an AEG replica. We connect the power source; run the application and we can have fun. This minimizes the costs of training and at the same time means that starting the session requires a minimal amount of work from us.

airsoft replica and phone

Is it worth buying Virtual-Shot?

There are people who recognize the living dead only on a computer or TV screen. For them, it is just incredible fairy tales. However, if you are wondering how to survive the zombie apocalypse and at least partially take shooting training for such a scenario seriously, it is worth considering buying a gadget such as Virtual-Shot. Complementing the preparation with a parkour course, we significantly increase our chances of survival.

Of course, if you are only interested in using the described gadget to improve your shooting skills, then you should also be interested. Virtual-Shot allows you to train without the need for ammunition. Both the airsoft and the real-steel ones. Of course, when starting the training, remember about the safety rules. Be sure to check if the replica you are using is definitely unloaded and make sure that there is enough free space in our surroundings. I had a lot of fun with Virtual-Shot. I will definitely use it for training at home, especially since I rarely have the opportunity to go to larger airsoft games. Certainly, when I appear on them, I will be a bit better prepared.


Author: Boreq

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