Cytac FastDraw 1911 – a review!

If you’re a fan of airsoft handguns you definitely have heard about the Cytac. They’re on the market for not that long and offer holsters and accessories – special mounts, molle adapters etc. They also sell solid, polymer pouches for the magazines and even the dedicated ammo boxes – so even real shooters will find something they desire. Today we’ll talk about one of the Cytac holsters – the FastDraw.

“Fast Draw” – from drawing the gun fast
Theoretically, the non-lock holsters are more intuitive for the user, because they don’t require pressing any buttons that you could forget about, not even talking about sliding the finger on the trigger with the random fire.

Of course, I’m not saying that holsters with buttons are bad. I even use one and I’m fine with it. This kind of holsters is a little bit looser and smoother in use, because of the latch that is holding the gun, not the pressure.

The package
Cytac Fast Draw holster - package

The FastDraw Holster is sent in a plastic bag. There is a QR code printed on it and a sticker with the product name. On the back there is a graphic that shows the wide offer of Cytac products and available accessories and the holster description.

The construction
Cytac Fast Draw holster close-up

Cytac Fast Draw holster close-up 2

As I have said before – the Fast Draw is a holster that works only with the pressure. You simply press it in and pull it out energically.

Cytac Fast Draw materials

The tightness can be regulated with the hex screw that is placed near the trigger guard.

Cytac Fast Draw materials 2

In the back of the construction, there is a paddle with duty belt mount. It is quite big and stabilizes the holster properly, however there is a lack of any rubber material on it, that could be really useful. It is also worth to mention that Fast Draw can be rotated in full 360 degrees.

Cytac Fast Draw mounts

The belt mount is made especially for the 50 mm belts.

Cytac Fast Draw mounts

There is a hex key inside the package, which can be used to detach the mount and paddle. It can be replaced with additional accessories:
– belt lock
– molle adapter
– harness
– leg platform

Cytac Fast Draw usage

Cytac Fast Draw usage 2

The inside of the Fast Draw is slick, which makes the holstering and drawing of the pistol much easier and more fluent. It also decreases the chance of scratching the slide of the gun.

Cytac Fast Draw general look

The holster is made of two thick, plastic halves. The point of their connection is visible from a close distance, but it doesn’t affect the usage of the product in any way.

The usage
The Army 1911 MEU (R27) fits easily into the Fast Draw holster. The drawing process requires a proper amount of force, so there is no place for worries about losing the pistol in the field, during dynamic games.

Cytac Fast Draw general look 2

However, if you’re a user of the other kind of the 1911 pistols that have the built in rails for a flashlight, you’re gonna have a hard time with fitting it into the holster. Because of the thickness of the RIS, holster it the army 1911 Kimber (the r28) is also impossible, because a lot of force is needed and the slide must be additionally secured with the thumb. In this case, the regulation screw that was mentioned before doesn’t make any difference. But don’t think it’s impossible to fix – sanding down the inside of the holster should solve the problem.

Cytac Fast Draw close-up 3

Cytac Fast Draw close-up 4

Cytac Fast Draw close-up 4

The use of a holster that does not have an additional lock is quick and convenient. People who are accustomed to standard constructions may be disturbed by the lack of a characteristic click that accompanies the locking of the holster. it is characteristic for IMI Defense, BlackHawk or Safari holsters.

The Cytac Fast Draw is, in my opinion, a good product and worth its price. The quality of the manufacturing and the materials is satisfying enough for our airsoft needs and seems trustworthy. This is thanks to both the materials and the simplicity of the construction. The huge offer of the aftermarket parts for the holster is also a nice feature that will make it more customizable for the individual user. As I have said before, there is one thing I would improve in the Fast Draw. The paddle should be covered with rubber. However, there is also the second one. One regulation screw is working, but two or three of them would make the construction far more suitable for the user’s different guns, especially the railed ones.
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