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Specna Arms Core J-series - airsoft gun review


Specna Arms J73 Core airsoft gun

Anyone who has had the opportunity to use Specna Arms Core airsoft guns will surely know that the plastic used in their production is of much better quality than the most basic ABS used in budget replicas from other manufacturers. The material that this company uses is reinforced with nylon fibres. And we can call it a marketing slogan, but I feel that it is really different. In this particular case, the replica is stiff, holds the axle and after several weeks of testing it does not show excessive wear. However, that's not all. The barrel and its cast are made of metal, the cover is made of steel. If we choose a model with a frame stock, it is also made of steel. Some pins, screws and the magazine catch lever are also made of this material. As you can see, talking about the J73 Core that it is a plastic AK is only half the truth. The most important thing, however, is that the construction of the airsoft gun is solid and does not cause any problems.

black airsoft gun sa-j73 specna arms

The airsoft gun is built in the VFC standard. The hop-up chamber is metal. Gearbox v3 is a standard design found in other replicas of a similar style. The barrel is precise with a diameter of 6.03mm. In the box you will find several marketing materials such as stickers or a catalogue. There will also be a hi-cap magazine and a weaker M90 spring. However, there is no battery, so we will have to buy it ourselves. The replica has a mounting rail on the side of the receiver, the so-called dovetail. The ESA 2 quick spring change system is also worth noting. The spring can be replaced very easily. It is enough to fold the stock, disassemble the cover and unscrew the guide with an Allen key, which will allow us to replace the main spring.

specna arms core
specna arms core j
specna arms airsoft gun
airsoft gun specna
airsoft gun core
specna core
sa-j73 asg
specna arms core with s-mag magazine and spring

Performance and inner parts of SA-J73 Core

The airsoft gun easily generates the power values provided by Specna Arms. From the declared 380fps on 0.20g BBs, I achieved even slightly more in my tests, the most common results are between 382 and 384. Importantly, the construction does not have large fluctuations. Usually, the dispersion does not exceed 5fps. And before there are voices that you should no longer measure guns by fps, let me just add that with 0.28g BBs I easily reached about 1.3 J. Some will say that it is not enough. However, this is primarily the value declared by the manufacturer. The replica was built with the assumption of achieving such power. Secondly, it's enough to start playing and eventually get to what we need from our AEG. If we need more, we can easily try to replace the spring to get closer to the desired value. The manufacturer declares that the gearbox will withstand even M140 springs. I would recommend, for example, the M120 for forest games, if we want a bit more range. I took the replica myself for a few games in the factory configuration. Not only did I have fun, but I even managed to score a dozen hits.

When it comes to shooting tests, we can easily hit a target the size of a human body from a distance of 30 and 40 meters. At 50 meters, unfortunately, you can already see that the BBs are unevenly curled, but hits are still possible. We can reach up to 60 meters, but this is not an effective range. This is perfectly acceptable for an airsoft gun in factory configuration. What's more, for ordinary Sunday skirmishes, it's more than enough.

chronograph performance

Now that we know what performance we can expect, let's think about where they come from. As I mentioned earlier, the heart of the airsoft gun is the standard v3 gearbox. It makes a positive impression, even though you won't find a lot of high-quality parts there. In fact, the centre of the airsoft gun's drive system is the Core solutions known from other guns. 8mm bearings hold standard steel gears in place. There is a plastic retarder on the piston wheel. The piston made of plastic has a full steel jaw and is finished with a plastic head with ventilation and one O-ring. The type 0 cylinder is finished with a polymer head with one gasket and a plastic nozzle with a length of about 20mm is mounted on it. The entire pneumatic system in my copy did not fully pass the syringe test. However, I do not consider this a defect of the gun, because despite this, it achieved the declared performance and the deviations of the measurement results were negligible. The hop-up chamber, standard for AK replicas, a regular black bucking with medium hardness and a cylindrical spacer are responsible for making the BB spin.

gearbox on workshop
gearbox orion
sa-j73 core hop-up
core hop-up
specna arms j73 core hop-up

Who should get SA-J73 Core?

Specna Arms J73 Core made a very positive impression on me. So far, I have associated AK airsoft guns with a lack of comfort, heavy weight and difficulty in mounting optics and additional accessories. The gun weighs about 2.5 kg. This is very little even if we compare it with replicas of submachine guns or M4 shorts. For this reason, there is no big problem to operate this construction comfortably even during slightly longer games or in buildings where a foldable stock will be useful. So, it will be an excellent proposition for people who are looking for a handy airsoft gun and are bored with the existing standards such as G36 or AR15-style replica clones.

The replica's gearbox gives you the possibility of tuning if we have such a need and, for example, we want to adapt it better to forest games over longer distances. The external structure will also work for this purpose, remaining quite light and handy. I miss some electronics here. At least a basic MOSFET chip would be a welcome addition that would make the airsoft gun, in my opinion, absolutely no investment required out of the box. However, even without it, using the 11.1V battery, we get a pleasant response to the trigger and an acceptable work culture.

Author: Boreq

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