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Airsoft - how to start? 5 essential items to needed to get into Airsoft

Airsoft, like most hobbies, requires some financial investments at the beginning, in order to complete the necessary equipment and accessories - all the elements indispensable on the airsoft battlefield. It is easy to remember such basic tools as airsoft gunsBBs or safety glasses, but apart from them, you will also need a few other things.

You will probably find out what else is missing in your gear after a few games, but here are some useful hints. Also remember that it is usually worth buying most of the necessary items at once, which will save time and money spent on shipping. Some can be purchased at a later time, when it becomes necessary to maintain your airsoft gun.

Tactical equipment - what to buy besides an airsoft gun?

This text aims to create a list of five things necessary for you in order to get into airsoft. These will be items that will help you organize a home servicing and care station for your airsoft gun. We will also discuss less obvious protective accessories, designed to increase your comfort during airsoft engagements. I need to point out here that this list is purely subjective and its order is completely random. Not all the items mentioned by me are obvious, so I will try to explain why I consider them necessary.

I realize that this article will be most useful especially for the less advanced players. Most likely it will be read mainly by people who are just starting their adventure with airsoft. However, if there are also more experienced airsoft readers in our midst, please leave your list of 5 necessary items, worth having at the beginning of the airsoft adventure, in the comments below. Thanks to this, our less advanced colleagues will be able to get inspired and complete their own necessary tactical and airsoft equipment.

How to start your airsoft adventure? The answer to this question is not that difficult. I’ll tell you right away which accessories you should equip immediately.

Item No. 1. Battery charger

Flux™ Universal Charger

If you are interested in airsoft games, you surely know that airsoft guns constitute the basic equipment. Beginner players most often choose spring airsoft guns or electric airsoft guns (e.g. airsoft rifles from Specna Arms). The latter type of airsoft gun has an electric motor powered by a battery, which requires a charger. Most airsoft guns, even cheap ones, come complete with both the accessories. And while the battery can be used without any problems in the first few airsoft games, the charger would be the first element for to replace - at least in my opinion.

The problem lies in that the chargers that electric airsoft guns are often equipped with are usually very basic accessories. Most often, they don’t feature any lamp or diode that would signal that the package is charged. In addition, seeing as they do not have built-in electronics responsible for controlling the charging process, they usually do not turn off when the battery reaches full power. When we add to that a lack of a balancer needed to charge Li-Po packets, it will turn out that it is probably easier to immediately invest in at least the simplest microprocessor charger.

Which airsoft gun charger should you choose?

You can get even the simplest microprocessor charger, but the more extensive model will serve you for many years and will be compatible with the entire range of batteries. It will facilitate a smooth transition to more efficient energy packages. You will also save yourself potential extra costs, because the better you take care of your battery, the lower the risk of its failure. I know people who are very meticulous about charging (and discharging) their airsoft gun batteries. Thanks to this, their equipment is still powered by several-year-old packages, that accompany them almost from the very beginning of their airsoft adventure.

Item No. 2. Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning your airsoft gun

isopropyl alcohol

The next item on my list is an item that is very hard to find in typically airsoft shops. However, as experience shows, our home workshop would be lacking without it. Those of you who dabble in, for example, building PCs or electronics in general, probably have isopropyl alcohol in your tool cabinet. Other people who are just starting their adventure with airsoft may not know how important this element is in the maintenance of every airsoft gun. I didn't think of it myself when I was a beginner. I think it won’t hurt to draw your attention to some of the properties of this chemical.

Why use alcohol in the maintenance of an airsoft gun?

Isopropyl alcohol will help you keep your new airsoft gun clean. This is an obvious fact, yet often forgotten: clean equipment works more efficiently, and this applies to every machine. Almost every airsoft gun comes complete with a long pull-through, which is very helpful when cleaning the barrel, and the best solution for this is isopropyl alcohol. It is worth taking care of, because a clean barrel has a positive effect on the accuracy of the entire airsoft gun. This agent will additionally facilitate the cleaning of the airsoft gun from the outside, should you happen to get mud or dirt on it during an intense exchange of fire. On the other hand, when you try your hand at assembling the gearbox - alcohol will prove to be invaluable in getting rid of grease residues and other pollutants.

Item No. 3. Knee pads

Knee pads Future black

I remember that one of the first things I wanted to buy for my airsoft gear set were knee pads. I started my adventure with airsoft with a long and heavy airsoft sniper rifle. To help myself with the accuracy of my shots, I would often take a knee, in order to stabilize my rifle while aiming. After a few cases of kneeling on roots or stones, I came to the conclusion that I needed to invest in adequate protection.

What's cool about knee pads is that you don't have to spend a fortune for them to do their job. Virtually every airsoft shop that offers tactical equipment will probably offer both affordable and more expensive models. For my part, I recommend pads that are fastened with buckles, instead of Velcro. I know from experience that they will prove a bit more durable.

Why is it worth buying knee pads?

It seems to me that nowadays the role of knee pads is not as important as in the times when I started my adventure with airsoft. Many manufacturers offer functional uniforms with inserts and reinforcements, as well as thicker fabrics for better protection. The style of play is also more dynamic, and pads could get in the way. However, I still find it worth it to get a pair.

The protective inserts in many trousers end up on the shin instead of on the knee level, failing to fulfill their function. In addition, if you and your crew decide to prepare a styling (e.g. modeled on The Division game, very popular in recent times), you will wear your knee pads with even more "civil" clothes and you will still be able to enjoy the protection they provide.

Item No. 4. Tactical gloves

tactical gloves

If you want to get into airsoft, you will need certain specific equipment. We won’t insult your intelligence with talking about such obvious items as airsoft guns or BBs. We want to touch on the subject of less obvious accessories, which you may not even think about, and which may be very useful to you. This is what our latest post is all about.

Recently, I found my first, truly "airsoft" pair of gloves at the bottom of my closet. I already have a few pairs so those ones have been forgotten, but despite what they've been through and the passage of time, they're still holding up pretty well. Gloves perform a similar function as knee pads - they help us avoid minor injuries during airsoft games. And just like with knee pads, we don't have to spend a fortune on our first pair.

Gloves are basic tactical equipment!

I don't know about the others, but I always get the chills when I see someone without tactical gloves on a Sunday shootout. I understand that it is difficult to perform more precise activities with gloves on. However, the number of times I have avoided cuts or bruises thanks to this protective item is countless. Additionally, there is now such a large selection of different gloves that we can easily choose the ones that we like and are within our budget.

Finally, it is also worth paying attention to the fact that this is an element of equipment that we can easily use in other activities - not only airsoft-related. I like to use tactical gloves on my bike or during a camping trip.

Item No. 5. Set of wrenches with socket bits

set of screwdrivers

Finally, one - in my opinion - cannot do without a set of wrenches which, like isopropyl alcohol, probably won't come as a surprise to home DIY enthusiasts. While I am not a fan of replacing service technicians and I have rather mediocre achievements in the field of airsoft gun repair and tuning, I still think that it is worth learning the most important basics of servicing our airsoft gun. After all, it is not difficult to find instructions on the Internet that will help you deal with the most common faults yourself. Every popular airsoft gun usually has ready-made guides that demonstrate step by step how to face specific problems.

Which set of wrenches should you choose?

If you watch videos about airsoft guns, you have certainly noticed that small screwdriver bits are necessary to take them apart. The instructions usually give the names of the bits you need, but now I can tell you that it is worth hunting down a set with several Torx bits, a flat bit and a Phillips bit, along with small hex wrenches. A set like this should be enough to be able to disassemble most airsoft guns and it does not have to be very expensive. I bought my first mini workshop of this type at a popular discount for a dozen or so zlotys. I still have it to this day and it turned out to be useful in many home repairs - even those not airsoft-related.

Let your airsoft adventure begin!

I hope that the list above will be useful for people who are just starting their airsoft adventure. It is perfectly normal that we usually focus on the basic pieces of our equipment at the very beginning. We do not always know immediately what additional accessories may be necessary. It is also quite obvious that your airsoft gun and additional equipment for it are the things in which you will probably want to invest the most.

Nevertheless, I believe that you should not forget about a few small elements that can significantly improve the comfort of your experience. Decent protective pads and gloves are not too expensive, and they will stay with you for a long time. In turn, a charger, a basic set of screwdrivers and the appropriate cleaning agents for your airsoft gun will be the basis for your future maintenance works. These are perhaps less obvious accessories, but you should keep them in mind.
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