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    Amoeba has been supplying the airsoft community with airsoft guns since 2004. Its full name also carries the company's motto: "Amoeba. Just innovation", which reveals what Amoeba focuses on most in design of their airsoft products. Innovations, novel solutions and unprecedented products - this is what the brand aims at in its operations. This benefits not only the customers, but also the entire airsoft industry, as breakthrough and revolutionary solutions fuel its growth and evolution.

    Amoeba airsoft guns

    Amoeba products are greatly appreciated by airsoft fans, because one can always count on their high quality and perfect fit - so important for the performance and comfortable use of every airsoft gun. Thanks to this, they are reliable on the battlefield and, even after many months of use, they work just as well as fresh out of the box. Thanks to the reinforced materials they are extremely durable and, above all, very functional. They feature the modern systems that improve the work of every Amoeba airsoft gun, increase its service life and provide an advantage on the airsoft battlefield.

    The most prominent Amoeba airsoft gun models

    Amoeba’s main field of operation is the manufacture of various types of assault rifles - mostly electric and spring models. If you specialize in sharpshooting, we highly recommend the spring airsoft sniper rifles from the Amoeba Striker line. You can also choose from a wide variety of assault rifles and subcarbines, featuring an electric motor. Although Amoeba does not manufacture other categories of airsoft guns, it provides such a wide selection of various types of models that every shooter is guaranteed to find something fitting.

    The Amoeba Striker series

    Amoeba Striker is the most recognizable line of airsoft guns from Amoeba - mainly because its appearance on the airsoft market marked a true revolution. It features high-quality spring airsoft sniper rifles, including models with distinctive designs and sizes. You can choose between traditional sniper rifles or compact models that will serve well even in CQB scenarios. They are probably the shortest airsoft sniper rifles available on the market - lightweight, with an affordable price and performance similar to full-size models.

    Amoeba assault rifles and subcarbines

    If you prefer electric airsoft guns - no worries, Amoeba’s got you covered. Their offer includes mostly carabiners based on the AR design and come equipped with a quick spring change system, or an integrated EFCS module. The Electronic Firing Control System is a module created by the Amoeba company, which improves the smoothness of the airsoft gun operation while shooting. It minimizes energy consumption and also increases the life of the battery, the electronic system and thus the entire airsoft gun. You can also use it to set fire modes. Thanks to this, your Amoeba airsoft assault rifles will prove themselves on various battlefields and in games of a different nature.

    What are the types of scenarios most suited for the Amoeba airsoft guns?

    Amoeba products are very versatile and suitable for various airsoft engagement scenarios. Compact assault rifles or sniper rifles - one of the most compact models available on the market - will prove themselves both in close quarters and in open or forested spaces. Amoeba products are very utilitarian - perfect for well-rounded players who do not specialize in any specific roles or scenarios. Before making a choice, be sure to check in advance whether the parameters of a given model are within the limits of every airsoft scenario you’re planning to engage in. Of course, you also have a choice of traditional, full-size airsoft sniper rifles that will allow you to shoot accurately at medium and long ranges.

    Other Amoeba products

    Amoeba also supplies airsoft gun parts and accessories. From the smallest elements like the trigger and cylinder head, to gripsmagazines and bipods and internal systems. You can use them to tune your replicas, increase their performance and improve their work. Gain more control over your equipment and give yourself an advantage on the battlefield. Choosing Amoeba airsoft guns, you are guaranteed high-quality products that will serve you for years and will prove themselves in various airsoft-related scenarios.