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A holiday military gifts? Take advantage of the Black Friday special offer!


Black Friday is a special time of year during which we can not only make our previously planned purchases more affordable, but also slowly start preparing to buy Christmas gifts. December is a time when we usually need a lot of them, so instead of leaving it at the last minute, it is better to start the preparations for St. Nicholas' Day and Christmas in advance On the occasion of Black Friday, take advantage of our unique special offers and purchase the best gift for an airsoft, military, shooting or various outdoor activities enthusiast.

Military gift - why should you buy it during Black Friday?

There are certain benefits associated with purchasing Christmas presents in advance. Events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, during which we can buy them much cheaper, can make this task even easier for us. This is a significantly lesser strain on the budget, which is generally additionally burdened with preparations for Christmas and New Years Eve at the end of the year. It is worth spreading such expenses over time, because then we can more efficiently manage them.

a gift with a red ribbon is presented by a man in uniform

If we start buying gifts earlier, they will definitely also be better thought out. We can pick and choose such gadgets, accessories and products that will make our special somebody more happy. When we are in a hurry with our shopping, we usually do not have time to think about it, so the gift may not be all that successful. So it's better to do them calmly, without stress that the gift will not come on time. This is another advantage that speaks in favor of buying gifts during Black Friday. We order them more frequently in online stores, which means that they will most likely be delivered to us by courier or post office, which sometimes may have delays. This happens especially in the pre-holiday season, when there are more much larger number of parcels. If we order the gift one month in advance, we can be sure that it will come on time. We will pack it without any stress and we will calmly wait for the holidays.

Who likes military gadgets best?

A military gift is an interesting and original idea because such gifts are not as often given. Of course, these are not gadgets for everyone, but they will do the trick in many more cases than we may think. But what exactly can we call a military gift? These are all kinds of accessories and gadgets that can be added to tactical equipment. They work well in shooting sports, as well as during outdoor activities - related to both professional work and hobby activities.

It is an excellent gift for someone who is interested in the military, shooting and similar activities. We can pick a typically military gift for such a person, such as a helmet or a tactical vest. Glovesbackpacks or tactical clothing may appeal to a hiking or outdoor sports enthusiast or a close friend who does physical work.

The ideal military gift - what to choose?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a military gift is the standard military equipment and accessories. These include tactical vests that are used to transport equipment on the battlefield. We can offer you two models for the best Christmas gift. The first one is the Sonyks MK3 Chest Rig type vest, which consists of two chambers, a suspended pouch and an elastic AR magazine pouch.

black chest rig type vest

Tactical Chest Rig MK3 type Sonyks

The vest is comfortable and very functional, just like the Laser Chest Rig Thyla. It is a lightweight tactical vest made in Laser Cut technology, which allows you to attach many accessories - without the need for any additional pockets and pouches. It comes equipped with a skeletal harness, which gives a lot of personalization possibilities when it comes to adjusting the vest to the operator's body. Magazines can be carried on it, while the empty ones should best be stored in the Hops dump bag, thanks to which we will not confuse them with filled up ones. It's a cheap but very useful military gift.

olive green chest rig thyla

Laser Chest Rig Thyla

black dump bag

Hops dump bag

A gift for a shooting enthusiast

Military gadgets are also a wide range of accessories used in shooting activities, which will be great a gift for a fan of this type of sport. For IPSC players, it is worth picking up the universal IPSC pistol magazine pouch, which will fit various types of magazines and is easily customizable, as well as the IPSC equipment belt by Primal Gear, thanks to which you can also conveniently and safely carry around other types of shooting accessories. A HP powered replica owner will definitely need a universal HP cylinder pouch. It can house a 1.8 liter cylinder, which will be steadily kept in place thanks to the adjustable straps. The Tiger Type 5.56 + 9mm magazine pouch consists of two pouches that are connected with each other with a Molle buckle. They can house two types of magazines, held together thanks to polymer inserts.

black pistol pouch

Universal pistol IPSC pouch

black IPSC tactical belt

IPSC utility belt

olive green hp tank pouche

HP tank pouche

black tiger type pouche

Tiger type pouche 5.56 + 9mm

Universal military gadgets

A military gift can also be universal, like a Flat Pack 2.0 backpack, which is also compact, specious and functional. Its compact dimensions can be enlarged at any time and thus gain even more packing space. Such a function makes the backpack suitable for a wide range of applications. It is durable and made in the Molle system, which allows it to be attached to other elements of this system. The Element Airsoft tactical pocket knife is always worth having on you when you go out to the field. It's compact and is an invaluable tool when you need to trim or cut something. The Stalker V3 mask from Ultimate Tactical may not exactly be a universal gift, but a small and affordable gift that we can give to an airsoft enthusiast. Part of the mask is made out of a mesh, which prevents the glasses from fogging up. The enlarged surface and the comfortable padding also provide greater comfort.

brown backpack

Backpack Flat Pack 2.0 type

black tactical pocket knife

Tactical pocket knife

black stalker mask with mesh

Stalker V3 type mask

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