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What is airsoft?


Airsoft is a unique team sport that involves the use of firearm replicas. These replicas closely resemble their real counterparts in appearance but employ mechanisms typical of airsoft products, such as the Blow Back system or the quick spring exchange system. It's important to clarify right away that airsoft is somewhat similar to paintball but, at the same time, differs from it. One significant distinction is the type of ammunition used. Airsoft employs plastic BBs, while paintball involves shooting opponents with paint-filled projectiles. This is a fundamental difference, but not the only one.

Airsoft - meaning

Let's start by explaining what the acronym ASG means. It stands for Air Soft Gun replicas, which can be used in practice, during pre-arranged matches. Participating teams engage in battles following specific rules. Each team prepares its tactical plan, taking into account various factors such as the terrain of the airsoft skirmish. Encounters take place on various battlefields, including closed areas like inactive factories or open spaces in the woods. While specific game rules may vary depending on the event organizer, the main principles are generally the same. During these encounters, only airsoft guns and dedicated pellets are used, and eye protection must be worn.

Player shooting with an airsoft gun

In air soft skirmishes, the primary objective is hitting an opponent, who, upon being struck by a pellet, must temporarily leave the playing field. This creates a more realistic scenario compared to paintball. In airsoft, there's no need to cover the entire face with a mask because the pellets are smaller, reducing associated risks. Airsoft BBs don't leave stains since they don't contain paint. Participants strive to replicate tactical actions similar to real military or law enforcement operations. Consequently, airsoft incorporates various tactical equipment used by the military. The cornerstone, of course, is the airsoft weapon, available in various types.

Types of airsoft guns

Airsoft guns encompass replicas of real firearms on a 1:1 scale that shoot plastic BBs, typically 6 mm in diameter. These can include pistol replicas, machine guns, assault rifles, revolvers, shotguns, or sniper rifles. Each airsoft gun has its parameters influencing the performance and purpose of the weapon. Some airsoft gun models feature lower muzzle velocity, making them suitable for close-quarters combat. In such replicas, the pellet is propelled with lower speed, affecting its range and impact force. For battles in open areas, higher initial velocity and associated performance are preferable.

Airsoft tactical gloves

Since airsoft guns use compressed air or gas, they fall into the category of pneumatic weapons, which do not require permits. They can be made of plastics, metal, steel, aluminum, or various combinations of these materials. Airsoft weapons are divided into three main categories based on the type of power source:

Spring airsoft guns

These airsoft guns use a combination of a cylinder and a spring that propels the piston. The piston compresses the air, allowing the pellet to be fired. Spring-powered models are among the cheapest on the market and the least functional. They require manual reloading after each shot, negatively impacting gameplay smoothness and diminishing the chances of winning, especially when opponents mainly use electric or gas-powered replicas. Spring-powered replicas are mainly used as sniper rifles and shotguns.


Airsoft gun and BBs


Gas airsoft guns

Gas-powered models represent another type of airsoft weapons. Pellets are propelled using CO2 or a gas mixture (green gas), with the container located, for example, in the stock of the weapon. Gas-powered airsoft guns most commonly include short-barreled firearms, such as pistols, and less frequently, revolvers. However, green gas or CO2 is the most expensive solution and performs less effectively in lower temperatures.

Airsoft equipment


Electric airsoft guns

Electric guns are the most popular. This type of power is generally used in automatic firearms replicas like submachine guns or rifles, allowing for a series of shots. Electric airsoft guns feature an electric motor that cocks the spring with the piston and then releases it. The result is the creation of compressed air that propels the BBs.


Airsoft player in an abandoned building

Who is airsoft for?

Airsoft is truly a sport for everyone. Certain limitations may only apply to the minimum age of participants in specific airsoft events, determined by the organizers. Apart from that, there are no other significant constraints. You don't have to incur high costs immediately to start your adventure with airsoft. Although a special airsoft gun is required, you can purchase one for just a few dozen euros. It's advisable to begin with a less advanced model to check if it genuinely piques your interest. Combine this with reliable eye protection, and you're ready to try your hand at airsoft.

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