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Specna Arms Core J-series - airsoft gun review

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For a long time, polymer AKs from Cyma have been recommended as replicas for beginners. In recent years, the market has been offering more and more new constructions aimed at this market segment. Although the players' sentiment is currently effectively dominated by constructions imitating other weapons platforms, we are still looking for a good and inexpensive AK. The Specna Arms company is not idle and recently presented its new Core series replicas stylized for this type of armament. Let's check what the Specna Arms J73 Core looks like.

Specna Arms Edge X-series - review

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The airsoft market often follows the trends set by the firearms world. Due to the enduring popularity of carbines using pistol-caliber ammunition, we have the opportunity to meet more and more new designs of replicas of this type. After many months of announcements, we finally have a chance to see what Specna Arms has prepared in this topic. So let's take a closer look at the new X-series using the SA-X02 as an example.

What is a DMR airsoft gun?

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When reviewing the power limits of many airsoft events, we can come across the category of DMR replicas. These are also popular types of structures that players and service technicians boast about on internet forums. This type of replicas is characterized by high power and unparalleled accuracy of the shot. They are an intermediate link between classic assault replicas and sniper rifles. Let's check what DMR constructions are and what we should know about them.

TDC Mod – how to improve your hop-up?

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The TDC Mod is a modification that allows us to significantly increase the precision of our hop-up system. It is used in sniper replicas, but also gas-powered pistols without blowback. Although performing such a modification requires skill and confidence in servicing airsoft replicas, even novice technicians can succeed if they know the basic assumptions.

5 non-obvious airsoft accessories

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Sometimes, when we hear that someone has been playing airsoft for over 10 years, we have the idea that he has probably seen everything. However, even experienced players may encounter solutions that they have never used before, and they will prove to be useful. In this article, we will check a few accessories that a person with many years of experience may have overlooked and may turn out to be very useful.

What is Hop-Up?

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Range, accuracy and repeatability of shots is something that is very important for most airsoft replicas. One of the elements that is of great importance in improving these parameters is the Hop-Up system. Let's check how this element is built and what is important in improving its operation.

Expensive vs cheap airsoft equipment - is it worth paying extra?

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Airsoft equipment prices sometimes cover very different ranges. We can buy a replica for around EUR 120, but we can also easily find one for EUR 1,200. So how do you decide where to allocate the bigger budget? As it often happens, a lot depends on our priorities. What is that we consider the most important. In this article, we will check what to consider when choosing the amounts, we want to spend on replicas and their accessories.

Green Gas or CO2?

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Gas airsoft guns are not the most frequently chosen models, but they have their loyal fans. If you’re planning to buy one, then you are definitely wondering which gas is better: CO2 or Green Gas? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which translate into the functionality and performance of the airsoft gun. In our latest post, we discuss the use of both of these gases and try to answer the question which one is better. Read on!
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