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What is plate carrier?

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Plate carrier, plate... in other words, a modern, lightweight version of the combat bulletproof vest that provides great mobility and adaptability to the user's tasks.

Historical airsoft guns

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Many people pay attention to airsoft replicas showcased on storefronts. Some of them are often featured on store shelfs but are a rare occurrence on skirmishes. At least that was my first impression. Nothing could be further from the truth. Historical airsoft guns have their own place on the scene and do not seem to want to move from it.

Airsoft guns from LCT - review

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In our latest post, we review airsoft guns from a well-known manufacturer - LCT! You will learn what distinguishes this brand from other players in the market and choose the best model for yourself.

Airsoft games - rational nutrition during exercise

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For some of us, airsoft is the dominant form of physical activity in life. So, it's worth considering how to replenish the calories burned during the skirmish. In this article, we will present some useful patents that will help you keep your energy, endurance and concentration at a high level during airsoft games.

A red dot sight - how does it work?

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Replica red dot sights for airsoft present an interesting alternative to scopes. Red dot sights are more compact, lighter, and often cheaper. Airsoft enthusiasts appreciate their ease of use and the ability to quickly aim in dynamic situations. As a result, red dot sights are excellent for short to medium distances. In this article, we will briefly describe them and present their advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages of airsoft?

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Sometimes we encounter misunderstanding from our loved ones about our hobby. Shooting plastic BBs at targets may not seem like the best way to spend your free time when you look at it from the side. So, let's look for arguments for people who do not share our enthusiasm.

What is silicone oil and how to use it?

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Maintaining an airsoft gun is an essential part of our hobby. To ensure its efficient operation, it is important to remember about actions such as cleaning and lubricating. For the latter, silicone oil for airsoft guns will prove indispensable. Do you want to find out what to consider when choosing a maintenance product for replicas and how to select the right silicone oil? Read our new post!

How to make your AK airsoft gun tactical?

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Sometimes we can come across the opinion that we don't adapt an AK airsoft gun to ourselves but to it. It is not difficult to find arguments in favor of this claim. However, in this article we will try to check how we can reverse this trend and make the AK replica more comfortable.

Does the material of the Hop-Up bucking matter?

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Hop-up bucking are a very diverse product group in the world of airsoft parts. Most players will encounter those dedicated to AEG or gas airsoft guns. However, apart from the shape, they also have different parameters. Let's check the importance of materials used in the production of these elements.
Market research – an airsoft gun up to 130 EUR?

Market research – an airsoft gun up to 130 EUR?

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The ASG market is thriving, offering a wide range of weapon replica choices. Budget versions are available for those just starting their airsoft adventure, as well as for those looking for a sidearm replica. If you want to know which ones are worth considering within the 130 EUR range, we invite you to read on. 

Valentine's Day gift ideas for her and him

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As every year, we come with a list of interesting and at the same time very useful Valentine's Day gifts. In our latest post, you will find gifts for both her and him. Welcome!

Do you need an airsoft helmet?

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Protection is an essential element during airsoft shoots. A good airsoft helmet is not only a matter of safety, but also functionality. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics and division of helmets, as well as outline the components that make up each airsoft helmet.

First aid kit - what should it contain?

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Discover how first aid kits are becoming a key element of strategy on the airsoft battlefield. Check out a new article that sheds light on the use and importance of first aid kits in airsoft games, highlighting their role in ensuring safety and full tactical readiness.

Best BBs for airsoft

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The performance of an airsoft does not only depend on its power and build quality, but also on the airsoft BBs used with it. Well matched balls will fly further and in the direction you have chosen for them. In our latest post you will learn how quality and weight affect the performance of the replica and the choice of BBs.

What is airsoft?

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Airsoft is a term used to describe a sport or hobby where firearm replicas are the foundation. They are categorized into three main types based on the power source: spring-powered, gas-powered, or electric. Airsoft can be a fascinating pursuit for any enthusiast of firearms and military gear. Airsoft guns can be collected solely for the sake of collecting or utilized in airsoft skirmishes. If you intend to use airsoft weapons on the battlefield, proper preparation is necessary. In our latest post, we present you with general principles related to airsoft, which might spark your interest in this new and engaging sport.

DPM camouflage

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DPM is a type of camouflage that we can often see on the airsoft battlefield. This is certainly influenced by the availability and low price of good quality military surplus uniforms. Its popularity may have been declining in recent years, but it still occupies an important place in the collection of many airsoft players.

Where to get information about shooters?

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There are many sources of information about shooters. Without a doubt, the easiest way is to look for them on the Internet, where there are many groups associating airsoft enthusiasts. Check out where to look to stay up to date with what's going on in the airsoft world. Read our latest post!