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Maintenance of the airsoft replica. How to maintain and care for an airsoft replica?


Maintaining an airsoft replica in good condition for a long time is a rarely discussed topic, or even ignored. Sad story. Therefore, I would like to describe how I take care of my replicas when I am going to put them away for longer. I'll show you how to take care of them "cyclically" and what to do with a new replica to prepare it for operation.

The first replica, the first problems 

We receive the desired airsoft replica, open the box, and... what next? There are several steps to be taken to prepare such a replica for smooth operation.

  • we check if the battery is charged. Often NiMH batteries (especially when used for the first time) are so weakly charged that shooting from the replica is impossible. I recommend that you immediately put this type of battery in one, preferably three, molding cycles in your charger. Well, the charger ...
  • we take the charger out of the set. We're carrying her to the kitchen. We open the door under the sink and put it in the garbage can. Such a charger is practically useless. It cannot be considered a valuable part of the set. It will not allow us to take care of our battery, which will quickly damage it. Therefore, I recommend that you buy a good microprocessor charger right away.
  • we clean the inner barrel. During shipment, manufacturers often leave a good deal of grease in their barrels to preserve the brass during its long voyages after assessments and the seas of this world. How to do it, I will describe in another paragraph of this text.


Replica, I put you down!

The previous paragraph should be seen as a short introduction. Those three simple steps can make our first ASG replica work efficiently. A more important and often overlooked topic is the maintenance of the ASG replica. I noticed that a lot of people treat their airsoft replicas as firearms, and this one requires frequent cleaning, preferably after each shooting. This is quite a mistake. In addition, people are eager to use various types of specifics to lubricate their replicas - no one knows why. Below is a list of activities that should (in my opinion) be performed after a successful (or not) shooting.


DOES NOT LUBRICATE AEG REPLICA! We do not put WD40 on the cloth and do not clean it. Unless we have a steel construction, then if someone cares, you can use a suitable agent such as Brunox or Balistol to maintain the ASG replica. But externally! We do not piss. We do not smear. They will be fine without it.

What am I doing to keep my replicas in good condition? Here is my checklist:

  • I store all LiPo batteries in storage mode. After the shooting, I come, plug them into my well-deserved Imax B6 and fire up this mode. I put such a battery back in its place. It can be stored in this form for a long time. LiPO batteries don't like to be full!
  • I check if the optics are turned off. Collimators, spotting scopes with illumination. I make sure they are turned off.
  • I secure the screws with thread glue, the so-called medium. Additionally, I paint all kinds of markers on the screws. After shooting, I check that everything is in place and does not require tightening.
  • I'm cleaning the barrel. And here is the most important topic. The barrel in an AEG replica has to be cleaned quite often. First of all, I noticed that silicone oil is recommended for these activities. I strongly advise against it. Why? It can get to the HU bucking, which means that the replica will stop working properly. Ethyl alcohol works much better. Besides, I suggest using a cloth that does not leave dust, so all toilet papers and tissues fall off.
  • we check whether we have left the spring under tension. In systems without MOSFETs, 2-3 shots per semi.
  • we check if we have not left the ball in the chamber. I have seen it many times and it is very dangerous in the long run. I also have a hole in the trading floor ;-).

lufa repliki airsoft

  • we clean magazines, especially their inlets. Magazines are the main source of pollution and the way dirt gets to replicas. Here, I recommend a standard "duster" for cleaning electronic equipment.
  • WE TURN THE HU TO ZERO! Thanks to this, we will extend the life of our eraser and save ourselves money. It's worth spending 5 minutes and 30-50 balls ahead of the shooter to get this layout set up.


Maintenance of an airsoft replica after a long use

gearbox konserwacja

If your replica has last its full season, i.e. a full year with all seasons, it should be opened. For this, I recommend sending the replica to a professional service that will do it for you. Of course, everything is individual and depends on the configuration of the replica and its course. However, a peek inside GB once a year is an absolute minimum.



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