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Tips to avoid steamed up glasses in airsoft


The problem of fogging glasses

It is impossible to imagine airsoft without protective glasses. Although in recent years alternatives such as masks or goggles are becoming more and more popular, the simplest way to protect the eyes from being hit by a BB is still the most commonly used. Ordinary glasses are very flexible. They fit when we use a caphelmet or bonnie hat. We need them when we service airsoft guns. At the same time, they are light enough and do not bother us when, for example, we move around the zone where you can shoot before the game. We can attach elastic straps to the glasses, which makes them stay in place better, and some models allow the use of additional inserts for corrective lenses. Unfortunately, glasses seem to be the most vulnerable to fogging compared to goggles or masks.

tactical glasses

above: Onix Clear Antifog Glasses

Why do my glasses steam up?

A layer of light tarnish forms when warm air comes into contact with the cold surface of the lenses. So, in winter evaporation is stronger because it is easier for our glasses to stay cold. In addition, we use shemaghs, scarves or bandanas that direct the warm air that we exhale upwards towards the eyes and glasses. In the summer, in turn, we often have that our protective glasses steam up rather when we stand still. This is because in higher temperatures we sweat more and the steam from the heated skin is directed back to the lenses of the glasses. Masks and goggles have the advantage that during their design, you can approach the issue of dissipating hot air away from the glasses in a more conscious way. If we have this type of eye protection model, then with a high degree of probability we will notice a lot of ventilation holes. With glasses, the matter is not so simple, because designers have less influence on how we wear them. Going further, we can put the glasses temples on the helmet straps or under them. The stalker mask can be based on the glasses or the glasses can be based on the mask. And so on. Hence, we can encounter a situation when the same model of glasses steams up for a friend and not us. Fogged glasses have a very negative impact on our safety. On the one hand, we have a strong urge to take them off and wipe them off. On the other hand, we may not see the obstacle in our way, which can cause a painful injury.

airsoft glasses

above: Venture 3 Glasses Gray Antifog

How to cope with fogging glasses?

Contrary to appearances and despite the marketing slogans that we are fed by manufacturers, there is unfortunately no way to completely eliminate the problem of fogging glasses in airsoft. However, there are ways to significantly reduce this problem. In addition, at the stage of purchasing our protective glasses, we can choose a model that will minimize the problem. The presented advice focuses on glasses, but without any major obstacles, we will also use them in the case of masks or goggles, although their constructions may, for example, give us less room to improve ventilation. So, let's check how to minimize evaporation.

  • Special glass construction

Some companies producing protective accessories focus on innovative solutions. A few years ago, the Valken brand launched very interesting Zulu glasses with a double pane. After proper adjustment, they actually steamed only to a minimal extent. For some reason, the double pane did not promote fogging on the glasses. When browsing through the offers of eye protection, when we find information about double glazing in the description, we can expect some information about these design advantages. This design is popular for goggles, for example.

airsoft goggles

above: Zulu Protective Goggles

  • Extra protective layers

When looking for information about protective glasses and reading their descriptions in online stores, we often find information that they are equipped with an anti-fog layer. It is a special coating that minimizes the settling of steam on glasses. It can be permanently applied in the factory during the manufacturing process. Alternatively, we can also meet anti-fog in the form of an aerosol, the layer of which we renew ourselves. In fact, it is difficult to point to one method or substance that prevents glasses from fogging up. Manufacturers have their own solutions for this. However, there is no doubt that both the factory-applied anti-fog layer and the one applied externally fulfil their functions and minimize the unfavourable phenomenon of steam settling on the glasses. So where to look for such solutions? As I mentioned, some manufacturers equip their glasses with such technologies already at the factory. An example of such companies is Wiley X or PyramexAerosol anti-fog can be found in optical salons, but also in water equipment stores, where it is often used to protect swimming goggles.

  • Ventilation

As I mentioned earlier in the article. It is the warm air coming into contact with the glasses that causes them to fog up. If we improve the air flow, we will reduce the scale of our problem or eliminate it completely. And here we also have a lot of room for manipulation and improvement of our results. First of all, we can choose models of glasses that offer better ventilation. Personally, I use those that do not fit tightly to the face, I leave them with space, thanks to which the air flow is improved. However, you have to be very careful here. Glasses away from the face pose a danger of getting a BB between the glass and our skin, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. That is why you need to use moderation and glasses that will allow us to keep a small distance, but around the entire perimeter. This effect can often be achieved by adjusting the nose pads on our safety glasses. Another method is to remove the sponges whose task is to ensure that the glasses adhere to the face. It also happens that the elastic straps mounted in place of the temples press the glasses to the face, disturbing the air flow. These items should be removed as much as possible.

airsoft player wearing an airsoft goggles

Another important point is to improve the airflow outside the glasses. Never believe eyeglasses and mask reviews where someone says they don't fog up and they're not wearing a mask. Stalkers, balaclavas, shemaghs and scarves are accessories that we need, but unfortunately, they make steaming easier. Depending on our preferences, we have to test the optimal solution. For me, the stalker mask is usually under the glasses. I wear balaclavas and scarves so that I can breathe downwards. Currently, I mostly use a minimalist mask with a mesh, which facilitates the discharge of air away from the glasses and the problem of fogging has been reduced to a minimum. If you are interested in this solution, check out my Instagram, where I often post photos of this solution.

Author: Boreq

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