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Airsoft summary of 2022

Date of addition:
The year 2022 is slowly going down in history. Certainly, in terms of airsoft events, it was a time of a slow return to the level before the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's go back in time together and think about what happened this year that was related to our hobby and what we should remember.

ICS Challenger, a real Game Changer!

Date of addition:
The Challenger Hi-Capa from ICS is an airsoft replica that attracts gamers due in part to the innovative components and proven features used in it. Reading our newest post, you will find out more about its construction and why it is worth purchasing. Enjoy!

Airsoft New Year's resolutions

Date of addition:
It is said that about 70% of New Year's resolutions are not kept. It is difficult to set a good goal for the New Year and stick to it. However, let's try to break this trend and set resolutions, or rather airsoft challenges for the next 365 days. Thanks to them, we will enrich our game, we will have the opportunity to try something new and who knows? Maybe we'll discover a new kind of fun that we didn't know before?
Orders with shipping to Ukraine

Orders with shipping to Ukraine

Date of addition:
You can now shop on the Gunfire website with shipping to Ukraine. We offer full support in the purchasing process, as well as assistance with all formalities. Read the latest post and find out more.

How to prepare for an airsoft skirmish in winter?

Date of addition:
There are people for whom the airsoft season never ends and they shoot in all weather conditions. Admittedly, it requires proper preparation, but it can be extremely rewarding. Games in the area covered with a layer of snow are very atmospheric, have their own specific pace and provide an unforgettable experience. So, let's check how to prepare well for such a game!

Xmas Gifts Ideas

Date of addition:
It's high time to start choosing Xmas gifts, which is why we have prepared a handful of interesting ideas for you. Gifts for airsoft and shooting enthusiasts, but also for people who are not necessarily into it. If you still did not decide on a present for a loved one, then check out our latest post. Welcome!

A gift for her and for him for the holidays - Gunfire

Date of addition:
It is that time of the year again when we need to start deciding on the gifts for the holidays. For those of you who are still looking for ideas, we have prepared a few suggestions for practical and unique gifts. So if you are still wondering about what you can give your loved ones, check out our latest post. Welcome!

Plate carrier - description and characteristics

Date of addition:
The plate carrier is a type of tactical vest enjoying great popularity in the airsoft community. This type of airsoft gear is very functional and provides additional, effective protection of the player's body against pellets. There are many options available on the market, so it's worth knowing which features to pay attention to when making a choice.

What is MOSFET?

Date of addition:
Every user of an airsoft gun begins to wonder at some point how they can improve its operation, increase its functionality or extend its service life. One answer to these considerations is MOSFET, which guarantees all of the above - depending on how advanced a circuit you choose. If you have an electric airsoft gun and you find yourself considering the subject, our latest post should clarify all these issues. Read on!

Airsoft communication with Specna Arms Shortie radio

Date of addition:
Being able to have a conversation with the team has many positive aspects. Not to mention social values, we can exchange vital information about the battlefield. Often skirmishes are won by team communication. Bearing this important issue in mind, we will check how the Shortie-82 radio from Specna Arms is doing.

Airsoft Cyber Monday 2022 at Gunfire

Date of addition:
Cyber Monday is an online shopping celebration with big sales. This year it will be Monday, November 28. Don’t miss out - be the first to check out the opportunities we’ve prepared for you! If you are still wondering whether to spend this day with Gunfire.com - wander no more! Check out our latest post!

A holiday military gifts? Take advantage of the Black Friday special offer!

Date of addition:
The term military gift covers a wide range of tactical equipment and accessories that we can provide to a survival and shooting activities enthusiast. In our most recent entry, we have prepared suggestions of holiday gifts that will be suitable for everybody. It is worth buying them since of Black Friday is just around the corner, as you will see for yourself in just a moment. Welcome!

Airsoft Black Friday 2022 at Gunfire

Date of addition:
Discounts and sales awaken the wild beast in each and every one of us - it’s a scientifically proven fact. Most of us no longer need to hunt game, but we can all hunt for bargains. And the pre-Christmas period is the best time for this, because that's when the biggest sales begin. Black Friday is the first harbinger of those - so, if you’ve been wondering what Gunfire has prepared for you this year, check out our latest post!

B.L.A.S.G. – airsoft shooting in the desert

Date of addition:
When most of our attention is focused on local Sunday skirmishes, there is a good chance that more interesting events pass by unnoticed for us. However, it is worth looking for more complicated scenarios, where the background story is of little less importance than the efficiency of our airsoft gun. One of such events is the next B.L.A.S.G., i.e., the battle for diamonds in the desert.

New pistol holsters from Primal Gear – kydex for everyone

Date of addition:
As we know, often buying an airsoft gun is just the beginning of our expenses. Next in line are additional magazines, tactical accessories such as red-dots, various types of grips and something to carry our equipment. In the case of airsoft pistol, it is no different, and probably the most important additional element that we have to buy is a holster. Fortunately, with the wide Primal Gear offer, we do not have to worry about buying a suitable model adapted to our side replica.

How to pack a military backpack?

Date of addition:
Packing a backpack is an art worth learning. The correct arrangement of things in the backpack allows you to pack everything you need, and at the same time increases the comfort of carrying luggage. If you do not know yet how to pack a backpack, check out our latest post! 

Airsoft units of measure

Date of addition:
In airsoft we have many specific parameters that we measure to determine, for example, the effectiveness of our airsoft guns. Many of the units of measurement we know from physics and mechanics also help us determine the parameters in our hobby. So, let's check what units of measurement we can find in airsoft and explain the most popular of them.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse? Shoot the zombies on Halloween!

Date of addition:
Preparation is key, especially if we take into account our shooting skills. On the occasion of the upcoming Halloween, we will check if the airsoft player has any additional opportunities to train in the event of, for example, a zombie apocalypse. After all, not one movie or computer game talk about it. What if we turned our training into a game?
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